Who Are Leo’s Best Friends in the Zodiac?

According to Astrology, these zodiac signs are more likely to become best friends with Leo: Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. Keep reading for the reasons and their modes of interaction.

Friendship for Leo

Leo is ruled by the Sun. This celestial connection results in individuals that are driven, powerful, and charismatic in nature. Leos are known for their ability to make tons of friends. Although they have many friends and are always eager to make more, they expect wholehearted friendships and loyalty from all of them. In this aspect, Leo is greedy.

But their greediness for friendships is justified for Leos are warm-hearted, adoring, and passionate individuals and appreciate friendship from all their friends. They will always be welcoming and may make new friends at grocery stores and even on the street. Regardless of their easy-going and welcoming nature, getting to know a Leo on a deeper, more intimate level can be challenging.

This is because Lions are proud creatures and do not usually share their emotional feelings with anyone. They are selective and only a few selected people are exposed to Leo’s vulnerable side.

Now, let’s find out which signs of the zodiac have the honor of being innately close to Leos!

Leo’s Best Friends

leo symbol the lion

1. Gemini

The bubbly and witty Gemini makes a great friend for Leo. The sign’s eternally youthful spirit compliments the Lion’s playful spirit. This is a playful and mellow duo that can be found playing childhood games if left alone.

Leo’s grand and proud manner is mainly funny to Gemini, while Gemini’s intellectual conversations keep the Lion hooked. Leos can often be found rolling their eyes at the Twins’ inability to focus on one task. Geminis could care less how their way of switching from topic to topic affects the Lion, but it’s absolutely amusing to the Lion.

Gemini mostly comes off as adorable and funny, and the Lion can never get tired of the game of wits that Geminis offer. As two friends, Leo and Gemini will always have a fun time, laughing for hours on end, finding the next adventures, and actually embarking on the said adventures.

The fire and air signs are curious and adventurous. For the duo, getting into trouble together is positively addicting. The Twins and the Lion also share a deeper level of emotional intelligence together. Combined with their fun friendship, this emotional awareness allows them to depend on and lean on each other.

It may be a fun relationship from the outside, but it’s warm, understanding, and vibrant inside. It’s like a lock and key fit- they may be different, but they click like no other.

2. Aries

Aries is a fire sign like Leo, and when these become best friends you can be sure the bond they make will be fulfilling and warm. Both are passionate individuals and relish life. Lions love Ram’s company and enjoy every moment spent together.

Leos are bold and courageous and warm and affectionate, which totally mirrors Aries. Both fire signs appreciate each other’s passions and love having fun together. There is always a lot of excitement when Leo & Aries are together. Be careful though, the competitive spirit in both signs, plus the innate quality to lead and win, may get out of hand when it comes to competitive activities.

Power struggles are frequent between these two since Leo likes to be the center of attention, and Aries likes to be the first. However, if both signs are mature enough to give way whenever appropriate, they can become powerful friends.

Anyway, when Aries and Leo are having fun together, food just tastes better, jokes seem funnier, and wits seem sharper. The Lion and the Ram are the best at encouraging the best versions of each other together.

3. Leo

For an egoistic and self-centered sign like Leo, it seems appropriate that their best friend sign is likely to be the Leo sign itself.

Many Leos despair never to be truly understood, loved, and needed in all the ways they would like to be. It is not wrong to wonder if your charms, strengths, beauty, and humor will ever be fully seen and heard.

A fellow Lion will see this from the get-go, and all the needs to be felt and heard will be immediately apparent to the Lion. Prepare to be blown away by how proper understanding feels like with a fellow Leo.

It would never take more than a few hours of chatting for these two to be exchanging affectionate hugs, inside jokes, and honest compliments. However, there is always a chance of the two trying each other’s patience with your egoism.

There might be a lot of hurled insults, including accusations of being very selfish- but if the two friends can overcome this, they can overcome anything. Get over the outrageous self-delusions, and the two Lions will enjoy a true friendship.

4. Libra

The Lion is all about glamor and extravagance, but even they stop to admire Libra’s subtle grace and elegance. To Leo, this air sign has a certain mysterious grace that captivates them. Libra’s taste in music and fine arts is impeccable, and a tasteful individual like Leo cannot help but appreciate it. Libra is the friend you unerringly trust for book and movie recommendations.

The admiration between Libra and Leo is mutual, as Libra loves how Leo leads, lives life, and parties in return. For all the good qualities Libra possesses, expect a lot of indecisiveness when you leave a plan up to them, and it may get irritating because they can never make up their mind.

While Libras can spend hours contemplating and still not sticking to one decision, Leos make quick decisions. However, sometimes Leo’s grandeur attitude might be irritating to the Libra. Of course, none of these shakes the foundation of their friendship.

There is a reservoir of positive energy between Libra and Leo. Libra’s sophistication, beauty, and wit are fascinating to the Lion, while Lion’s warmth, generosity, and regality reel Libra in. Both of you are a great match because of no significant contrasting qualities. Expect a lot of fun playing games and having a great time together.

5. Sagittarius

Leo has a big heart and they hold all their friends in high esteem, but they have a sweet spot for Sagittarius. This sentence is going to read weird but the Lion’s affection for the Archer runs more profound than it does for many.

Leo is blown away by Sag’s humor, friendliness, kindness, and enthusiasm. Sag is the friend that makes you laugh the hardest when you’re drowning in sadness. Sagittarius also loves Leo’s snarky comments, catty remarks, and absurd jokes. And they aren’t offended by Leo’s constant need to be in the limelight.

The two fire signs have gifts that the other compliments in beautiful ways. Count on the Archer to expand Leo’s mind even further about new possibilities and unknown concepts. To return the favor, the Lion gently helps the Archer on day-to-day matters like finances, parking, and taxes.

Yes, the Archer may never be on time, even after you’ve thrown tantrums and pleaded, but know that your imperial manner drives them equally crazy.

Being Fire signs, they are bound to be passionate in their relationship. Their adventures are the stuff of stories, and the dynamic between this duo is off the charts. They guard each other with their lives, becoming an unstoppable, invincible pair, but they also let their guard down with each other.

With friendship between them comes emotional commitment. A quiet conversation over a cup of tea is all that it takes to heal each other in times of need.

Friends of Leo

Leos are bold and outspoken individuals and love it when their friends do the same. If you’re friends with a Leo, here’s some advice for you: live your life loud, spend time cultivating your taste in music and your passions and count on the Lion for their support. Also remember that compliments can take you a long way.

Leos are also very generous, and one of their love languages is surprising their friends with spontaneous gifts. They have many friends and are the life of the party, but once you’re their friend, they will never leave you.

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