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Dogs of Taurus ♉ 🐶

Are you the human companion to a Taurus dog born between April 20 – May 20? If so, you can gain keen insights into their canine mind by examining the characteristics of the Taurus dog.

Learning more about your dog’s astrological sign helps you better understand what drives your dog. You can also learn how to successfully motivate them to do your bidding during training sessions — and beyond.
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The Earthy Sign of Taurus ♉

Taurus is first in the trio of Earth signs, the other two being Virgo and Capricorn. Just like their human counterparts, Taurus dogs tend to revel in their earthy natures. They will find that patch of sunlight and bask in its warmth. Good luck moving them until the patch turns shady and they decide to mosey on up to the porch.

This is a fixed sign, meaning that it can be difficult — if not impossible — to get these folks and doggos to move. That can mean literally moving their physical bodies or changing their minds. Like the Bull that symbolizes their sign, they dig in until they are finally ready to charge.

Motivating Your Taurus Dog

When it comes to being stubborn, these dogs wrote the book. Picture a portly Taurus basset hound on a walk. He may suddenly decide there will be no more walking because it’s now nap time. Then, the embarrassed owner is left holding the leash while their dog snoozes shamelessly on the sidewalk. Taurus dogs may resist all blandishments, but for this sign, food is the ultimate motivator. Bring treats.

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Full Belly, Lazy Back

Taurus dogs will be the first in your dog pack to know when it’s dinner time and the food bowl should be full. Owners must be mindful of Taurus dogs’ tendency to readily pack on the pounds. Make sure to toss them a few tennis balls to chase at least once or twice a day to help them burn off some of the calories they wolf down.

Three culprits that may jeopardize your dog’s health are too many treats, eating table food, and overfilling their food bowl. The spine and hips are especially vulnerable to injury when a dog is overweight, so curb your tendency to give in to those flagrantly begging eyes.

No dog loves a good belly rub as much as your Taurus puppy does. If you want to make him feel totally relaxed and at ease, give him a good belly rub or full-body doggy massage. He’ll be snoring away in no time.

Taurus Puppies Hugs the Homefront Closely

Unlike other canine signs, Taurus dogs have little inclination to roam far from home. Your dog’s breed can influence it otherwise, of course, but as long as your Taurus puppy or dog is loved, fed, and treated well, they rarely run off in search of greener pastures.

Due to their extreme loyalty, many Taurus dogs are wonderful home protectors and guard dogs. Even untrained doggy Bulls can sound quite convincing, although their bark may be worse than their bite.

Taurus dogs don’t have naturally aggressive personalities, however. They are more the type to sit back and watch what’s happening. But if and when it becomes necessary, they are a solid and formidable line of defense of both their humans and their homes.


Life in the Lap of Luxury

The Taurus dog loves a nice, soft bed. If his own isn’t up to his exacting standards, you’ll find yourself haggling with your dog over the real estate in your own bed. Some folks don’t mind co-sleeping with their dogs. But if you are one who does, make sure that you buy your Taurus dog an ultra-comfy bed to curl up in at night.

Both Taurus people and Taurus dogs like “stuff.” While what constitutes “stuff” is quite different for each, the principle remains the same. Instead of collecting fancy watches or luxury sports cars, Taurus dogs might have a colorful collection of squeaky toys.

If you don’t give them enough toys to toss around and tug on, don’t be too surprised to find your May mutt’s collection of dirty socks he’s squirreled away. This is because, just as with human Bulls, the canines born under this sign feel most secure among their treasured possessions.
Above all, give your Taurus dog plenty of pets and praise so he knows he is loved.

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