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The Taurus Cat ♉😼 Overview

Taurus cats (April 20 – May 20) love the finer things in life. For cats, that’s food and a comfy chair, couch, or bed. You can bet that your Taurus kitty will manage to find the most luxurious blanket and make it their own, and the most comfortable spot on the couch. They can also be somewhat stubborn. Once they get the idea that they must have something (like wet food being served more frequently), they won’t stop until they get it. They are usually really good-looking cats with very soft fur. Male Taurus cats look regal, while female Taurus cats are simply adorable and very loving.

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Creature of habit of routine

Cats born under the Taurus sign rely on routines in order to feel fulfilled and happy. Taurus cat owners can keep their pets purring and content by doing their best at keeping things predictable on their end. Food must be served at exactly the same time every day, their litter box must be cleaned at a predictable time, and a long et cetera. Taurus cats are mostly chill and affectionate, but they can become grumpy cats if their routines are interrupted.

Taurus kitties love food

Just like their human counterparts, Taurus cats are the foodies of the Zodiac. They will likely either have a taste for variety and want to try everything their human enjoys, or they will stick to their preferred balanced feed. Tips for the owner: watch their weight, they don’t mind overindulging in their favorite snack and they can’t really tell if they’re eating too much. If they show a love for variety in their diet, do some research as to which foods are safe to eat for cats and in what quantities and treat your Taurus cat to the occasional tuna or egg.

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Cats of Taurus and the life of comfort and luxury

Ruled by planet Venus, Taurus cats love comfort and luxury. Save up to buy them the comfiest cat beds and blankets you can. Some cats don’t mind sleeping on old towels, but it’s not the case for Taurus cats. These majestic kitties have standards. They value cloth and materials that feel nice against their fur. If you don’t get them their own nice stuff, they will take ownership of your bed or your nice couch. Don’t be alarmed if they spend a whole day lazing around. They like to be comfortable and surrounded by their favorite things. They are not ones to seek adventure and the unknown.

Feline Taurus doesn’t like surprises

A Taurus cat values predictability. One of the best things you can do to keep them happy is to behave in a predictable way. Set yourself a schedule to look after your furry friend and stick to it. Especially if you haven’t had him for long, sticking to certain times to feed your cat, change their water and clean their litter box will do wonders for your relationship with them. If you already have a good relationship, you can make it even better by sticking to a strict schedule. Another aspect to consider is the kitty’s living environment. They generally prefer to stay within their comfort zone and any drastic changes to their environment, for example, furniture position, scent, new household member, etc., are likely to cause them stress.

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Taurus = majestic cats

As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics, your Taurus cat will be very mindful of their appearance. They may spend hours grooming themselves and get very fussy over how they look. Their emphasis on self-care and appearance is usually noticeable even when they’re just kittens.

As adult cats, they most likely have naturally soft fur, and they are proud to show it off. The long-hair variants are likely to have full, fluffy fur.

Unlike other cats, they’ll rarely play mind games with their humans. They are very calm cats who don’t bother people who leave them alone. The moment you annoy them, though, you’ll know it. Similar to cats of other zodiac signs, Taurus kitties don’t usually hold grudges, but it does take them more time to reconcile if you piss them off.


If you want a drama-free cat and you don’t mind sticking to a strict schedule, a Taurus kitty is just for you. They are chill pets who spend hours lounging around, doing nothing. You have to go the extra mile to watch their weight, though, and budget for their exquisite taste in food and other crucial aspects of feline living.

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