Discover jobs that are best-suited for the sign of the lion–Leo. Find out what career paths will Leo men and women succeed in given their strong and prideful astrological traits.

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Best Leo Jobs & Careers

Leo, the King of the zodiac, and it is the fifth sign and a fire sign as well. This sign is associated with passion, creativity, playfulness, entertainment, and the love for being in the spotlight. However, the downside to Leo is that those who have this sign can be prone to being over-dramatic and have the need to always be the center of attention.

And, if you are a Leo, and you are looking for the right career choice for your sign, you are in luck because you will learn about the 7 best job choices for the King or Queen of the zodiac.

1. Advertising Agent

This career is a great choice for Leo, especially if they have some Sagittarius in their horoscopes as well.

Leos are creative, and they can be great marketers, and this is why this career is a great fit. Leo can become very persuasive with their creativity, and they can help drum up business for the company that had hired them to get the word out. With that said, if you are creative, which most Leos are, and if you have a knack for marketing, then this is an excellent career option for you.

2. Acting

There is no surprise that Leos would make great actors or even musicians.

They love being in the spotlight as it was already mentioned, and they absolutely love anything to do with entertainment. With that said, there is no surprise that many actors and actresses have this sun sign. In fact, the proof right there is that many celebrities have this sun sign. Some examples are Jennifer Lopez, Woody Harrelson, Madonna, Daniel Radcliffe, Lisa Kudrow, Sandra Bullock, and Kevin Spacey among many more!

3. DJ

Would this career option for the Leo surprise you? Because as you know, Leos love anything related to entertainment

…and this is another extremely fitting option. They can choose to do their job at nightclubs, weddings, and other celebrations. And, the Leo DJ would keep doing this job until they are literally at the age when they are ready to retire. Remember, Leos are naturally playful and youthful.

4. Graphic Designer

Leos are very creative, and if they have some Virgo or Aquarius in their personal horoscopes, then this would be an extremely fitting career choice.

However, the Leo graphic designer would excel in this job for several reasons. Yes, they are creative, but they are also great at getting their names out there. They can market themselves in a unique way and this will serve them quite well because the graphic design career is incredibly competitive. The Leo would not be overwhelmed by this fact since they are naturally confident as well.

5. Comedian

It is not hard to imagine a Leo being a comedian because they again, love to be the center of attention and love to be in the spotlight.

And, they can be quite funny naturally due to the fact that they have a playful and youthful nature and love to joke around. Especially if they have Gemini as well as Sagittarius in their personal horoscopes. This career choice would be quite fitting for them. Some examples of Leo comedians are Pio D’Antini, Teddy Ray, James Corden, Drew Lynch, and Victor Pope Jr.

6. Landscaper

This particular career choice is good for Leo, however, it is more ideal for Leo that has some Taurus, Cancer, or Virgo in their personal horoscopes as well.

That is because they can use their creativity while they also have an appreciation for the home, and for the earth. They can design properties to the point that their clients will be the center of attention in the neighborhood. Or, if they are hired to do commercial landscaping, then they can make the business property shine too.

7. Broadcaster

It is not a surprise that Leos would excel in broadcasting whether it is through television or radio.

Firstly, they absolutely as you know, enjoy being the center of attention, and they want their voices heard. If they have Gemini or Sagittarius in their natal charts, then this would be even more fitting. That is because these signs would give them a boost with communication. With that said, any Leo that has the gift of the gab would excel in broadcasting whether they are on air or live on television.

Now you know of the 7 best career choices for anyone who has a sun sign of Leo. However, if you are a Leo and you feel that you fell into the best career that is not related to any of the career choices in this list, please share it with us. We would love to know what your career is and why you feel it is the right fit.

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