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Who Are Aquarius’ Best Friends?

According to astrology, people born under these signs have the greatest possibilities to become best friends with Aquarius: Gemini, Libra,

Aquarius the Water Bearer

Aquarius is the second to last astrological sign in the Zodiac. It is believed to be different from all other signs in the Zodiac as it is ruled by Uranus, known for its unique features. What makes Aquarius truly special is their ability to see people without any preconceptions. In the real world, that truly is a super-power!

Among others, Aquarius would rather not be outspoken, which often makes them come off as quiet, shy, and often afraid to show their actual personality. This couldn’t be more different than the truth; an Aquarian’s real friends know to what lengths they can defend their ideas.

Without realizing it, Water-Bearers refrain from showing their emotional side and vulnerable soul. No matter their ability to converse, they need some time to construct familiarity.

They can be selfless because of their considerate nature and often overlook their own needs when helping others with problems. Their creativity and intellectual conversations can be a breath of fresh air for other Zodiac signs.

Best Friends of Aquarius

1. Gemini

Belonging to the Air sign, Gemini accompanies Aquarius and Virgo well. Some fun, outdoor activities would get these two signs smoothly set in a friendship. Their witty conversation and intellectual discourse can run circles around anyone.

Their sentimental sides make them relatable to each other, which results in a stable friendship. In this friendship, it’s all about the deep soul connection, and of course, honesty and loyalty.

Both signs are efficient and practical, which indicates that the tiffs and squabbles are taken lightly.

In nature, Gemini is seen as more rational than Aquarius; they see the reason behind the latter’s decisions. Their understanding is not just superficial, and this is what gravitates Aquarius towards Gemini.

Both signs love exploring new, fun, and creative ideas. Just the right direction of topics could make them talk endlessly, and as their conversation flows, many doors of information and ideas open for them to discuss.

2. Libra

This duo would be harmonious because of their hunger for knowledge and their love for meeting new personalities. Libra and Aquarius, both related to Air signs, are intrigued by exploring the fascinating charms of the world.

It can be a long-distance journey, a party, or even a concert. This couple will never miss an opportunity for anything which strengthens their bond.

The path of their friendship may get bumpy because Aquarius likes daring and risky business. Libras don’t associate with dangerous peers because they might get judged harshly for it. This combination is a blast because of Libra’s power to accept Water-Bearers. Libra wants things to be stabilized, and Aquarius blends with this well (which Libra appreciates).

3. Aries

Nothing is better than two opposite signs being attracted towards each other. Aries being the Fire sign and Aquarius being Air — it’s like they fuel each other, or live off of each other’s energy. Air and Fires’ chemistry is incomprehensibly passionate.

Aries fills Aquarius’ world with passion and energy while the Water-Bearer brings creativity and different ventures into Aries’ world. Both support and appreciate each other’s peculiarities. This dynamic fire and Air-sign couple may look incompatible, but they have much in common.

For example, in the matter of trust, this couple is safe from lies; they don’t feel the need to lie because they have so many fantastical truths to unveil. They are both out-spoken; this trait can be used in a constructive way to understand each other better and nourish the relationship.

Aries, who wants its boundaries to be respected and is sometimes solemn, can often observe others wanting to jump in because this duo can have such exciting conversations. It is normal for these strong-natured personalities to collide, and although they may seem to disagree a lot of the time, they still support each other at the end of the day.

This duo’s gravest mistake would be to stay still and miss out on all the fun!

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarians also belong to the Fire signs, which indicates pretty high compatibility for these two. Sagittarians are also intellectual, lovers of freedom, and always up for fun, so Aquarius is definitely on their friends’ list.

This couple loves a sporty, energetic, and free-flowing life. Having so many mutual interests and values joins them in a deep connection. Creative and flowing with different ideas, Sagittarius can’t keep up with multiple projects.

Sagittarius are the best conversationalists of the Zodiac; as long as they communicate, these two will have a strong relationship. This would be a dynamic couple indeed.

Sagittarius appreciates Aquarius’ intelligence while the latter likes the former’s knack for fun. They both enjoy this mutual admiration.

It all comes down to communication. If they both converse well (which isn’t a problem for Aquarius), this duo can overcome bumps easily.


Aquarius is different from all the Zodiac signs, so their relationship would be an eye-opener just like their own self. They are creative, intellectual, and fun-loving friends. Although there is always room for different scenarios, Aquarius’ open-mindedness is the same.

It must be mentioned that the best aspect of these signs’ friendship with Aquarius is the fact that they can thoroughly blend their energies together and make a wholesome connection.

Moreover, the relationship these signs build with Aquarius must also be emotionally intelligent. They are genuinely invested in each other’s well-being and point of view.

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