The Cats of Aquarius

Aquarius kitties (January 20 – February 18) are very interesting cats. They are unique and eccentric and they can certainly give you a laugh for sure. They love experiments–they’ll try different things and try to understand how the world works with their little feline brains. They are the kind of cats who are very drawn to objects they have never seen before or new elements in their environment.

yellow cat

Alongside Gemini cats, they are among the most curious. Aquarius cats tend to have a fondness for technology and will show interest in your tablet and your smart TV. They love to have fun and they treat everyone, human and nonhuman, as equals. They can be rather detached and not be too keen on physical contact.

aquarius cat

Aquarius kitties are full of surprises

No single day is the same when your cat is an Aquarius. They are always coming up with the most ridiculous antics and they will always manage to surprise you. They tend to have unique, eccentric quirks, such as only being able to fall asleep to YouTube videos of fish. They are also very curious. Everything is an adventure for them, from bubble wrap to spoons, so be really careful with any valuable or fragile objects in your home! They will attempt to play with everything and anything until they find some unexpected favorites to stick to. They never cease to explore their environment, and they will end up climbing the most interesting objects and pieces of furniture to gain new vantage points.

Aquarius cats are very smart and they will surprise you with their wit and their craftiness.

Technology = ❤️ for Aquarius cats

They tend to be very fond of technology. Some cats pay no attention to tablets, phones, and computers, but this is rarely the case for Aquarius cats. They are fascinated by technology. If you use it to play them music or play them videos, they will interact in a much healthier and respectful way. Do beware of cable plugs and electricity, as their curiosity could generate an accident, especially when they are younger. It’s important for you as the owner to tell them off the moment they start biting cables.

aqaurius water bearer

Feline Aquarius’s preferred mode of interaction

Aquarius cats are not the most affectionate. They tend to dislike physical touch and snuggles. They make up for it with the fun they will provide for you and by treating everyone in the household as an equal. They do like to play, sometimes even rough play. A good way for you to interact with your Aquarius cat is to engage in play with them. They are social with other pets and treat their siblings like their equals. They’re mostly uninterested in establishing that they are the alpha of the home. They’re great to have around children if you educate your children to respect their boundaries.

Mutual acceptance

Aquarius cats are great at accepting everyone exactly as they are, so one of the best things you can do for them is to accept their boundaries and their quirks as a way to return this kindness. If you have self-esteem issues, your Aquarius cat will never make you feel like you’re not good enough. They will accept you exactly as you are, which makes you feel amazing, and can also help you on the path towards self-acceptance.

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These cats might be picky eaters

Aquarius cats may also have odd food preferences. They may be really fond of cucumbers or a really obscure type of fish. You’re more than encouraged to research which foods are safe for cats and see which one is your cat’s favorite if you have an Aquarius feline. This will also satisfy their need for surprise and novelty and keep them cognitively engaged.


In short, Aquarius cats can be eccentric and definitely unique. They are unpredictable and you’ll never have a boring day when you have an Aquarius kitty in your house. They’re social and accept everyone around them as they are. In return, these kitties are asking you to accept them as they are even if they are not big on cuddling. They may have weird food preferences and they’re endlessly curious.

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