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Dogs born between January 21 and February 20 fall under the sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. While that might sound like they are Water signs, they most assuredly are not. Aquarius closes the Zodiac chapter on Air signs. Aquarians are Fixed signs, giving their airy nature a touch of gravitas.

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Let’s explore how these factors affect an Aquarian dog’s personality.

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How Aquarius Traits Manifest in Your Dog 🐕

Just as with humans born under this sign, Water Bearer dogs are the humanitarians of the Zodiac. If you ever doubt that animals can be altruistic, consider the many stories of dogs who re-enter burning buildings to rescue other animals and humans.

This quality makes them perfect as service dogs. Their innate intelligence makes teaching them even complex, multi-step tasks a breeze. But here is where their Fixed natures come into play. Your February-born dog must want to do the chore. If not, they can stubbornly refuse to comply and resist all blandishments.

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How to Motivate Your Aquarius Dog

All Aquarians have a quirky, zany side to them, regardless of their species. For them, good timing is everything when training your Aquarius dog to do your bidding. If he’s currently doing zoomies through the house, tongue hanging out, and feet flying, the chances of your coaxing him into his service dog vest for a training session are absolutely nil.

So, work with his doggy nature. Let him get all of his wild Aquarian energy completely out of his system. After he’s calmed down and rested, then approach him with his service vest and begin training him.

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The Best Ways to Bond with a Water Bearer Dog

When you welcome your dog into your world, make sure that you are also open to joining them in their own inner worlds. Find out just what makes them tick, then make sure you provide them with whatever that is.

Maybe they love to chase tossed tennis balls or really love disemboweling stuffed squeaky toys. Giving them a steady supply of the things they love best accomplishes two goals. It shows your dog that you love them and gives you insight into how to encourage these independent canines to behave the way you would like them to.

Aquarian Dogs: Part of the Pack or Solo Flyers?

That same quirky streak can definitely lead to Aquarian doggos taking the road less traveled. They can sometimes appear to be uninterested in other dogs’ behavior and activities. But your little Water Bearer’s independent streak doesn’t mean they can’t become valued members of your existing dog pack.

They just might need to be the one that is in charge. If you already have an Alpha pack member, your Aquarian dog might forego the challenge and bide their time. Aggression is usually not their first response to situations or circumstances. They may decide to go along to get along without ever losing sight of their main goal of doggy supremacy.

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The Aquarius Dog’s Relationship with Food

In the grand scheme of your Water Bearer dog’s life, food is less important to them than it is to almost every other sign. They will eat their fill for sure, but they treat food more like an energy source than a delectable meal. That can keep them down to fighting weight well into their senior years.

But there’s a caveat. Their inquiring minds can lead them to explore the contents of overfilled trash cans or rotting road kills. From an Aquarian dog’s perspective, there could be something very interesting to discover in that bag of chicken bones or putrid raccoon remains. In reality, these forays are more likely to reveal sources of food poisoning that can leave your dog very sick indeed.

How to Discipline Your Aquarius Dog

These dogs are among the smartest signs of the Zodiac. They might fall for trickery once, but they will remember both the trick and the trickster. When they break your household rules, it is better to show them what you want instead of screaming at them for their transgression.

After a potty-training accident, make sure you immediately take them outside to a patch of grass. This lets them know the outdoors is the right place to relieve themselves.

Above all, keep your Aquarian dog’s mind engaged. They crave mental stimulation and will reward you with love and devotion.

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