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Aquarius & Colors

Persian Blue, White, and Turquoise are three special colors recommended for Aquarius. Keep reading to find out why.


As the Fixed Air sign, Aquarius has a natural gift for coming up with new ideas, seeking the truth, innovating, and sharing its talents with the community. It’s a common mistake to believe that this is a Water sign, but keep in mind that its symbol is the water bearer, somebody who pours all their knowledge in the river that will spread that wisdom throughout the village, so everyone can hear what Aquarius has to say.

Those born under Aquarius are great communicators and have a thirst for intellectual stimuli. They have a natural gift for visualizing plans for the future and are effective innovators. Aside from being visionaries, Aquarians are also known for being humanitarians, they are fascinated by Anthropology and thrive on looking for ways to make society an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves.

The natives of this sign are characterized and sometimes chastised for being the different. They’re the black sheep, the odd one out. They are all about freedom and embracing uniqueness, you’ll never see two Aquarians alike. They reject conventions and will fight with teeth and fangs the belief of a world where every human being can simply be and not worry about stereotypes and social morale.

Even though this is a positive trait, it may come across as negative to other signs, given that Aquarians —as a Fixed sign— can be quite strong-willed when defending their viewpoint. Sometimes they may even disagree in an argument for the sake of going against the masses.

They don’t have an ounce of malice in themselves, they only want others to be as unaffected by popular opinion as they are. Moreover, they are not at all judgmental for the same reason.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet that represents revolution, change, and awakening, Aquarius embodies the break from restriction. Uranus is like a lightning bolt, its changing nature strikes when you least expect it. Ironically enough, as it is a Fixed sign, Aquarius is quite reluctant to go with the flow when it comes to unexpected changes. Yet, this Air sign is more attuned with Uranus when it comes to its more humanitarian side, given that this planet also symbolizes society and general welfare, and Aquarius thrives in being of service to others. In a way, they’re the good Samaritans.

Thanks to Aquarius’ ability to use their creativity and come up with new ideas, other signs can benefit from them when experiencing a creative block. And likewise, Aquarius can benefit from interacting with Fire or Earth signs, as they’ll provide the spark to put a project in motion and the formula to make sure it’ll come to fruition and be successful, respectively.

Recommended Colors for Aquarius

The colors we chose for Aquarius represent its energy and will also help uplift it.

1. Persian Blue

persian blue

Being the water bearer, blue is the color that best represents this Zodiac sign. Specifically, Aquarians should check out Persian Blue. It is the color of the deep ocean and lapis lazuli–a semi-precious stone known for its rich blue color. Blue also stands for knowledge and intuitive wisdom. It is associated with peace of mind and creativity. This is also the color of Uranus, and as such, it will provide the wearer with powerful and soothing energy to enhance their mind with purpose.

2. White


White goes a long way with Aquarians, as this zodiac sign can be very intuitive and white helps boost this trait even more. Moreover, it aids in mental clarity by purifying negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt, giving the natives of Aquarius confidence and a sense of assertiveness.

3. Turquoise

turquoise aquarius color

In the spectrum of color between blue and green, there’s turquoise. This color provides a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, which is much needed for Aquarians since they are constantly breezing and rarely stop to rest.

Turquoise is said to help release stress and bring stability, given that it promotes balance and self-awareness. As Aquarius is always looking after others and often forgets about its own selves. Therefore, they could benefit from wearing this color, since it also aids in meditation and spiritual introspection.

Aquarius vs Neutral Colors

The natives of this zodiac sign should avoid neutral colors, such as brown and green, as they are more attuned with the Earth element, so an Air sign like Aquarius wouldn’t be amped up by them. Brown can suggest dullness and a structured and pragmatic mind. For Aquarians, brown could also bring down their creative essence. These traits are not aligned with Aquarius’ nature and wearing them may not carry the best effects.


All in all, Aquarians are innovative, outgoing, and humanitarian souls. They are the creative minds behind projects, as they have a gift for coming up with new ideas. They are activists when it comes to open-mindedness and breaking out of the mold.

Aquarius is the type to share its talents with others, and they’re always concerned about the greater good. So much so, that oftentimes they forget to look after themselves. The most suitable colors for Aquarius are blue, turquoise, and white, as they are better aligned with this sign’s traits and likewise represent creativity, mental clarity, and peace.

Earthy colors like brown and green are not a good match for Aquarians, as they are associated with the Air element and the energy of those colors are likely to bring bad luck for those born under this sign, and thus should be avoided.

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