These zodiac signs are the worst matches for Aquarius: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo. In this astrology article, find out the reasons why are they bad for Aquarius and in what ways.

Their dynamics described in the following sections mainly apply to love, romance, and marriage but can also be interpreted in terms of business, friendship, and other relationships.
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Who Are Aquarius’s Worst-Matched Star Signs?

Aquarians (January 20 – February 18) don’t tend to get lukewarm reactions from possible lovers. They are either instantly loved or immediately despised. They don’t mind being exactly who they are, loudly and proudly, and this can get mixed reactions. They also stand up for what they believe in, sometimes in a way that can be a bit aggressive.

Some people will just love them for who they are, while others will argue with them nonstop in an effort to make things work.

Aquarius’s Worst Marches: Incompatible Zodiac Signs

But how can you know whether you’re a natural fit for Aquarius, or whether you two will just butt heads? Looking at the Zodiac sign of the potential partner can give you lots of data on how they will interact with Aquarius. These are some Zodiac signs that will spend their time with Aquarius arguing:

1. Pisces

pisces incompatible with aquarius

Pisces and Aquarius two are both proud oddballs, but that’s where the similarities end. Pisces is an innate romantic, whereas Aquarius skews more on the platonic side, even when they are in love. It’s very difficult for them to see eye to eye.

Where Pisces will want to spend every single evening with their lover telling each other sweet nothings, Aquarius will find that much time spent together suffocating. Sure, they both love their communities and could spend hours volunteering for the greater good, but Pisces can also be a bit removed from reality, something that Aquarius finds unsettling.

On the other hand, Pisces will find Aquarius too cold and logical over time. With Pisces, their emotions can sometimes overflow, and when that happens they lose the ability to think straight. This is a recipe for disaster with the brainy, rational Aquarius.

Overall, this is a bad pairing to avoid by both parties at all costs. It doesn’t matter if they are considering getting into a romantic relationship or going into business together, anything other than friendship will end up badly for both parties involved. Because of these reasons, Pisces is perhaps the worst match for Aquarius.

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2. Taurus

taurus not a good match

Taurus needs commitment and stability. Aquarius, on the other hand, thrives when there’s space for spontaneity and in relationships without strings attached or without labels. See where the problems start? That’s right—from the very foundation of their personalities.

Taurus and Aquarius are also two stubborn signs. This is something they have in common, as Fixed signs. However, it’s not a pleasant similarity to share. Neither will want to be wrong, ever. They’ll go to surprising lengths to be the one who’s right. Their arguments can go on to last for months. It’s exhausting just to watch from afar, imagine being in that sort of dynamic.

Taurus also prioritizes their careers and their money, whereas Aquarius prioritizes their friends, their ideals, and their communities. Aquarius will grow to think that Taurus is too materialistic over time, whereas Taurus will think that Aquarius is irresponsible and doesn’t prioritize themselves enough. They can quickly lose all the respect they had for each other, and this can turn the relationship sour.

Finally, Taurus has a strong preference for commitment in their romantic relationships, whereas Aquarius treats even their spouse of several years as a friend. This can confuse and even anger Taurus, whereas Aquarius will feel misunderstood. It’s very difficult for these two to last—unless they’re willing to sacrifice happiness.

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3. Cancer

cancer terrible match for aquarius

Cancer is all about spending time at home with their loved one and being in a committed and stable relationship with the person they have fallen for. Aquarius, on the other hand, loves it when every day brings about unexpected things, and they tend to prefer relationships without a label. Even if there is an initial spark, it’s almost impossible that they’ll make it over the long haul.

Their idea of fun is also vastly different. Cancer, as we have said, are big homebodies that tend to stick to what they know. Aquarians are gregarious. They love to go out and make new friends. This makes it hard for them to agree to have a fun night together. Imagine all the necessary compromises that you need to make in a relationship to make it last.

Speaking about compromise, whereas Cancer is more than ready and willing to do it, Aquarius doesn’t seem to understand the concept. Cancer will require it in spades, so it’s very difficult for these two to make it in any capacity, be it as lovers, business associates, or even friends.

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4. Virgo


Even though these two greatly prize logic and rationality, it’s an uphill battle to get them to see eye to eye in anything else. Virgo requires certain stability to soothe their nerves, sometimes to the point that surprises, even pleasant ones, can cause them to have a bit of a breakdown. Are you starting to see how they may be incompatible with Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprises and innovation?

Aquarius can also find Virgo overly critical. Virgo, on the other hand, can find Aquarius careless and disorganized. Aquarius is the type of person who doesn’t mind being late if it means they get to do something for one of the causes they hold near and dear to their hearts. This can, over time, drive a wedge between them.

Virgos are overall great communicators. Even though Aquarius is by no means poor communication, they do thrive in ambiguity and things that can have many meanings. Virgo, on the other hand, needs to compartmentalize everything in their lives. Virgo can be driven crazy by Aquarius’s tendency to treat their partners as lovers, among many other misunderstandings that can naturally emerge when these two try to build a bond.

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Conclusion: Aquarius & Zodiac Compatibility

When some people meet Aquarius, they may be instantly attracted to them. However, that doesn’t mean that they should pursue a relationship with this sign.

Aquarius requires a lot of room for freedom, spontaneity, and authenticity. Some Zodiac signs that need a bit more structure in their relationships can find this challenging.

Other signs need commitment. Aquarius struggles to provide this, which can spell trouble for the relationship. Others may struggle with Aquarius’ more disorganized side that seeks to be authentic no matter what.

Are you an Aquarius? Do you have any Aquarians in your life? Did we get this right or were we wrong about one of these pairings? Did we forget about a particularly explosive match?

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