Cats of Pisces Overview ♓😼

If your cat was born between February 19th and March 20th, congrats, you have a Pisces cat. Pisces cats are known for being big dreamers. Pisces is the last of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, that’s why Pisceans are considered wise old souls. The Pisces symbol is two fish, the element is Water, and they are ruled by Neptune, the planet of imagination, delusion, deception, and spiritual growth.

cyan cat and fish bowl

Feline Pisceans ♓😼 are independent

These cats march to the beat of their own unique paw prints and might even seem a little bit contradictory. Just like other Water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) Pisces cats are extremely intuitive. Don’t be surprised if your cat knows exactly what you are thinking about even before you really come up with the said idea. This also means they are quite perceptive about your feelings and will certainly do their best to always make you feel good. Pisces cats can also be a little bit clingy and have some separation anxiety issues. So make sure they feel taken care of, otherwise, they might end up throwing pity parties when things don’t go their way.

cyan pisces kitty

Piscean cats and mood swings

Pisces kitties are really sweet and a little bit eccentric. One moment they may crave all your affection and the next thing you know they are hopping off your lap. They have a rather intense play session and suddenly get bored. One week they may love the new food you bought for them to then lose all interest in it the next week.

Moody and mystical, they’re hard to resist no matter what their mood is at the moment. But don’t be fooled by their lazy and indolent appearance. While you think they’re dreaming of gamboling in a meadow, chasing mice, their imagination is far more Machiavellian.

Affectionate cats

Pisces cats are very affectionate with all members of their family and they tend to get along pretty well with other cats. If you have a Pisces cat and are considering adopting a new kitten you will probably have little to no problems. Pisces cats are homebodies who love serene and safe homes. Make sure they have a nice space of their own or at least a special spot in your bed.

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Being independent doesn’t mean Pisces kitties don’t get lonely

If you are making a long trip, make sure someone will go to your home and check on your Pisces cat regularly. Pisces cats don’t do well with travel or staying away from their family. So try to make sure they don’t get too lonely while you are gone.

Cat Pisces like to keep themselves clean

Because it’s a Water sign, Pisces cats tend to enjoy baths very much. They don’t like the cold, so if you do bathe them, use a warm soft towel. Long-haired Pisceans enjoy the warm dryers at the groomers. If they are not fans of the whole bathing situation, they’ll at least be interested in water fountains or playing with the griffin, just be careful you don’t end up with all your house wet.

All Piscean cats like to look good, there’s just a little bit of vanity in them, although they are definitely not as vain as Leo or Libra cats. Try flattering your cat a little and see how happy they get.

giving cat a massage


If you are a creative person and want a sweet companion to get cozy with, Piscean cats may be your ideal type of cat. Just make sure they have a nice place to relax and plenty of new interesting things to catch their attention, and remember to not freak out when their moods swings quickly, they simply can’t help it.

Pro tip: if you are thinking about making some special space for your cat to spend their time in, I suggest using colors in the spectrum of blues to greens, especially those shades that remind you of the ocean.

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