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Colors of Pisces

Teal, Honey Yellow, and Dark Brown are three special colors for Pisces. In this astrology article, find out why do these colors hold special significance for Pisces and the reasons why.

Pisces ♓

Pisces is the Mutable Water sign. It’s also the last sign in the Zodiac wheel, so it integrates a bit from every single Zodiac sign that precedes it. Traditionally, it was ruled by Jupiter. According to modern astrologers, however, its new ruler is Neptune.

As a Mutable Water sign, Pisces is very emotional. However, they can easily adapt to every new situation that they must go through. This comes in handy as they absorb the emotions around them like a sponge, and they have to adapt to the different vibe of every single place they visit.

Out of all the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) Pisces may be the only one who can forgive and forget. Pisceans are perceptive and able to pinpoint things that may not be easy to perceive. However, they have trouble communicating in a rational and concise manner. They can be rather scatter-brained and easily distracted as well.

Because of Jupiter’s traditional rulership over this sign, Pisceans are known to be generally cheerful and not easily angered. They see the best in people, for better or worse. Neptune’s modern rulership makes Pisces especially compassionate.

Because of this planet’s influence, they also have an imagination that knows no bounds, and they can connect to the pain of the world in an instant. However, Neptune is also the planet of illusion and scammers. Pisces are often gullible because they tend to see only the best in people, and can be easily taken advantage of.

Some Pisceans have a dark side and can become expert scammers and cheaters themselves. Neptune also has to do with victimhood and sacrifice. Because of this influence, Pisceans are known to believe themselves the victim of every bad thing that happens to them, and they have a hard time recognizing when they are the ones who have hurt another.

Pisces Colors

Pisceans tend to avoid black and other dark colors and gravitate to brighter, more cheerful hues instead. Some of these colors, like teal and yellow, can help them work on their assertiveness and self-confidence. They may also wish to venture to the world of dark colors to give dark brown a try. Wearing dark brown can benefit them in many ways.

1. Teal

teal color

Teal is the primary color for Pisces. Given their innate connection to the water element, chances are probably Pisces already likes and wears a lot of teal or blue. As a shade of blue (mixed with some green and perhaps yellow) teal is the color of communication and, within communication, it encourages setting boundaries for oneself. Setting boundaries is one of the things Pisces generally struggles with.

Wearing calming colors like teal will both connect Pisces with their imaginative nature in a productive way and encourage them to assert themselves when it’s necessary and speak up for themselves and others. Teal is also great to soothe one’s emotions when they overflow, something Pisces will also appreciate.

2. Honey Yellow

honey yellow

Honey Yellow is a cheerful color that makes anyone who sees it think about happiness and the radiant sun. Pisces will probably appreciate it because of this reason. Yellow is also the color of self-confidence and one’s personal power. Wearing yellow will help Pisces connect with their own role as protagonists in their own lives instead of getting lost in the emotions of others.

Honey Yellow is darker than Lime Yellow and has a orange tint to it. Some may even categorize it as a yellowish orange. The color resembles that of honey and is used by some artists to represent honey, bee hives, and honeybees. The bees’ work ethics, self-discipline, and team work are inspirational and they might motivate Pisces to become better versions of themselves.

3. Dark Brown

dark brown

Dark brown is more out of the comfort zone of Pisces. However, it will help the fish stay grounded in reality and start to see things and people for what they are instead of idealizing them. As a dark color, dark brown also has protective qualities and will absorb any negativity present in the environment, relieving Pisces of having to deal with this energetic debris themselves.

It will also help Pisces connect to some qualities of the Earth element they may struggle with, such as avoiding their more escapist tendencies, staying present and not neglecting their duties. Dark brown is a great color for a pair of pants or a skirt that they can make more lively with a more colorful top.


In short, Pisces natives are overly sensitive, compassionate, and imaginative. They can also be scatter-brained, gullible, and even master scammers in the worst cases. They have trouble recognizing when they did something wrong and are perpetual victims.

Teal will help Pisces assert themselves while using their imagination for productive purposes. Honey Yellow will enhance Pisceans’ natural tendency towards joy and cheer. It will also encourage them to be more self-confident. Dark brown may not be a color Pisces gravitates towards, however, it is grounding and can help them connect to a side of themselves that they are not used to connecting with.

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