Dogs of Pisces ♓🐕

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac. Its symbol is a double fish. Traditional astrology teaches these Mutable Water signs comprise all the knowledge of the other signs, making them truly wise old souls.

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Practically speaking, Pisces natives have a duality within them like Gemini Twins do. But with Pisces, this duality is innermost, whereas with Gemini, it can often seem like you are dealing with two distinct personalities.

Let’s delve into the depths of your Pisces dog’s psyche.

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What Personality Traits Are Present in Your Pisces Dog ♓🐕?

Pisces dogs (and people too!) are the most sensitive of all the 12 Zodiac signs. They are intuitive and natural empaths. Your little Fish is an expert at reading the vibe of the room, often before you can even suss it out. Because they can’t help but feel what remains unseen to others, pay particular attention to how your Pisces dog reacts to different people you encounter.

Even if your new best friend or partner seems to be an absolutely wonderful person, if your dog withdraws from the person’s attempts to befriend them — or worse, bares their teeth — something could be quite amiss. This is valuable information you may need to protect yourself from heartbreak, betrayal or something far worse.

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How to Motivate Your Pisces Pup

The innate sensitivity in your Pisces dog should never be exploited. Native Pisces dogs are often timid creatures that are only completely at ease when by the side of their chosen person. The best motivation in their world is to spend as much time as possible with you. They are happiest when they are physically touching your body, whether it’s a teacup chihuahua perched on your shoulder or a huge Mastiff sleeping on your feet while you watch Netflix and chill.

If you want your Pisces dog to do something, let them know that you will accompany them every step of the way. This works in situations as disparate as loading up in the car for a trip to the vet’s or their boarding a plane wearing a yellow service dog vest.

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Do Pisces Dogs Make Good Pack Members?

Since their world revolves solely around yours like a satellite moon, they are far less concerned with the pecking order of a dog pack than they are with their status of treasured companion to their human. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be integrated into a multi-pet home.

If that is what you require from them, their eagerness to please makes them rise to the occasion. Just understand that for your Pisces pet, the dog pack will never be a priority. You remain their only priority as long as they live.

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The Bond Between Owners and Pisces Dogs

If ever there was a one-person dog, it is the Pisces canine. They will tolerate affection and accept food from others living in the household, but those folks are merely stand-ins for their number one human.

Not everyone appreciates the slavish devotion of a Pisces dog. Their neediness and obvious co-dependency can be a turn-off for some pet owners. But for those who acknowledge and appreciate the very special relationship between dogs and people, it can be an unbreakable bond.

Please note that if you ever have to surrender your Pisces dog, he will grieve for you until the day he dies. He may wind up living with and even loving another owner, but no one will ever replace you in their hearts.

Food and the Pisces Canine

Many Pisces dogs lead rather sedentary lives. They tend to gain weight unless their food access is tightly controlled. Alternatively, if you have multiple dogs, a timid Pisces may not get its fill when eating from a common bowl. Give them their kibble in a separate bowl and remove the bowl when they finish to prevent that.

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How to Discipline Your Pisces Dog

Gently. Don’t break their spirits by yelling at them. If you must chide them for repetitive mistakes, don’t raise your voice. Calmly, in few words, explain that they made a mistake and not to do it again. Dogs understand far more than most people realize, especially if you make a habit of talking to them.

A dog’s love is the purest love of all. It is unconditional and forever, so make sure it is returned in kind.

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