What Are Cancer’s Best Friend Zodiac Signs?

According to Astrology, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo have the greatest potential to become best friends with people born under the Cancer sign.

Cancer’s Friendship

Making friends with a Cancer individual is a tedious thing to do (sorry, Cancer folks). Similar to their symbolic animal, the Crab, people belonging to this sign has a thick outer shell that is their outer façade. With the exception of a few, no one is allowed into their inner sanctum.

Simply put, befriending a Cancer takes time and patience. However, once you manage to break through their defense, Cancer will stay with you as a loyal friend, buddy, and comrade till the end of time. Some of their notable qualities as friends include trustworthiness, nurturing, and loyalty.

Cancer’s Best Friend Star Signs

In Cancer, you’ve got a friend for life. However, the entire process of befriending them isn’t something many are up for. Then again, some prevail. Here’s a list of zodiac signs who are more likely to become best friends with Cancer than others because of their compatibility in lifestyle and personalities.

1. Pisces

As water signs, Pisces and Cancerians share an emotional connection with one another that seems to make their communication and understanding of each other almost clairvoyant. Both Zodiac signs just get each other’s need to be heard and understood. Emotionally, Pisces and Cancers are also bound by their acute sense of empathy.

However, having so much in common is only one reason why their friendship flourishes. In fact, Pisces and Cancers relish the fact that they can depend on one another in places where the other is lacking.

For example, the Fish travels in school but the Crab prefers to stay alone. Pisces can draw out Cancers from their shells. Together, the two of them can go on memorable adventures! Additionally, Pisces tends to be sympathetic towards Cancers’ need to reflect and recollect after a particular adventure. A friendship between the two doesn’t overwhelm one or the other because it’s built on mutual understanding.

All in all, a friendship between these two water signs draws out the best in each other while also allowing both of them to retain their sense of individuality.

2. Scorpio

At first glance, a friendship between a Scorpio and a Cancer might seem impossible. On one hand, you have the shy and emotional Crab finding comfort in their shells. On the other, you have the fiery and hot-tempered Scorpion ready to sting. Ironically, a friendship between these zodiac signs is one of the strongest ones there could be.

Scorpios tend to make Cancerians feel needed and wanted because the fire sign tends to get possessive of their friends. This possessiveness, however, rarely crosses through to a point of concern or contention. For the most part, it’s enough to make them feel like they’re needed.

On the other hand, a Cancer’s loving nature can make a Scorpio feel just as needed too. Cancer natives are able to get through to Scorpios who initially seem unwelcoming. In Cancer, a Scorpio finds someone they can trust to stick by them no matter what.

Sure, Scorpio’s sharp tongue and crude comments might sometimes make a Cancer retreat back into their shell. However, a Scorpio isn’t known for being one to bail on a friend.

For these reasons, Scorpio has a great potential to become Cancer’s best friend and comrade for life.

3. Gemini

What do you get when two worlds collide? The sort of friendship that’ll last you a lifetime. Given how shy they are, Cancerians aren’t looking for someone who’ll share their social deprivation. Instead, they yearn for someone who’s sympathetic towards their need to recollect but also be adventurous enough to open up their world.

All of this sounds befitting to the sign of the Twins, Gemini. A Gemini native will call a Cancerian up for a late-night rendezvous and then have them home by the time their social battery runs out.

Gemini encourages Cancer out of their shell and is their trusted company in exploring new places and things the latter would have felt uncomfortable with on their own. For their part, a Cancerian will allow a Gemini to recompose themselves and provide the emotional assistance that the latter never really allowed themselves to have.

The friendship between Gemini and Cancer is one that resembles the Yin and the Yang. They keep each other’s balance.

4. Taurus

In more ways than some, Taurus completes Cancer. Their friendship just makes sense judging by their astrological traits. We have the Raging Bull and the emotional Crab, their friendship is built upon a strong foundation. For example, a Taurus individual understands that Cancerians need to reflect and rant about their day. They understand that emotions tend to build up within them and Cancerians need an outlet for those emotions.

When conversing with a Taurus, a Cancer will never feel as if they’re going overtime. Nor would they feel unheard. Taurus listen patiently and diligently, in fact they’re having fun doing it. So if you’re a Cancer and your friend is a Taurus, you can go on and on and they won’t be turned off by it.

For their part, a Cancerian is able to calm down a Taurus. More often than not, a Taurus might react irrationally to a situation because of their tendency to dig the heels in. Cancers aren’t fazed by this because they know Taurus for who they are. In fact, they’re able to talk senses into the Bull when they have to because of Cancer’s innate empathetic abilities.

5. Virgo

You know the old saying, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Well, this holds true for a friendship between a Virgo and a Cancerian. Both star signs are similar in two ways: they show affection in the sweetest ways possible and both of them feel like they’re undeserving of the same amount of love that they put in.

Earth sign Virgo is generally known to be affectionate and compassionate individuals who put their all into their friendships. The same goes for Cancer. A Virgo will listen attentively to what a Cancerian has to say. Not only that, but they’ll make a note of all the little details: favorite food, favorite color, and favorite places.

Expect a birthday bash like you’ve never had when your best friend is a Virgo. Both signs complement each other in areas where the other felt they were alone.

Friends of Cancer Sign

Befriending a Cancerian is less of a conversation and more of a journey. The Crab isn’t one to come out of its shell for just about anyone. It takes time to build a rapport with them, to make them feel safe and secure, and to allow them the comfort to take things at their own pace.

However, once you manage to get through to them, Cancerians make for a loyal and empathetic friend – two qualities necessary for a lasting and meaningful friendship.

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