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Cancer Sign & Dogs ♋🐶

If you picked your puppy from a litter that was born between June 20 and July 21, you chose a little Cancer Crab. Cancer is the first of the Water signs. Its quality is Cardinal, meaning Cancer natives tend to stand out from the pack.

Learning how to interact with your Cancer dog can strengthen the bond between the two of you. In this dog astrology article, you’ll learn a little bit more about your fur kid from the astrological perspective.


Traits of Cancer Dogs ♋🐶 (June 21 – July 22)

As a sensitive water sign, these dogs are all about the feels. They can be quite needy at times, but they also have very nurturing natures. If you get felled by the flu, your canine Crab will be eager to snuggle beside you until you feel a bit better just from their loving presence.

The flip side of this coin is that when you leave the house, their separation anxiety can overwhelm them. Then, they could engage in destructive behaviors like tossing the trash around the kitchen. But they really enjoy gnawing on your shoes or chewing up dirty socks or pairs of underwear.

They are not doing it to be bad, however. But since they can’t have your presence with them, they will settle for surrounding their senses with items with your scent imprinted on them. You can help avert these disasters by keeping your clothes picked up and letting your dog snuggle with a recently worn old T-shirt.

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Dogs with This Sign Desperately Seeks Security

More than all the other Zodiac signs, Cancer dogs need to feel secure in their environment. They readily adapt to family life and seem to intuitively understand their role in the family dynamic. They can be very protective of their fellow pack members. They typically get along with everyone in the pack, and are almost preternaturally patient with youngsters.

If you have young, old or vulnerable pets, they will adapt their rough-and-tumble activities accordingly to prevent them from getting hurt or scared. With a shared food bowl, they will sometimes even let these weaker or smaller pets eat first — a real rarity in the canine world.

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Cancer Puppies’ Relationship with Food

These guys like to eat, although they can go off their feed when stressed. You can motivate them with a pocketful of treats, but don’t go overboard. Too much food coupled with a lack of exercise can cause them to gain weight. That stresses their heart and joints and can shorten their lifespans.

Cancer Dogs Are Drawn to Water

Counteract an otherwise sedentary lifestyle with regular workouts involving water. If you have a backyard pool, make sure that you teach your dog how to swim to the steps. These canine Crabs are drawn to water and love to swim, so make sure they are safe around bodies of water. An easy water workout can include frolicking through a lawn sprinkler while chasing the ball that you throw.

A good example of a typical Cancer dog is a Labrador Retriever. They are happy when curled up on their special bed (or even better, nestled beside you in yours). But they are thrilled with the chance to go hunting with their humans and fetch dropped ducks from the pond or lake. The key element here is the opportunity to spend quality time with their favorite person in the world.

How to Discipline Your Cancer Dog

Whenever punishments must be meted out, keep the Cancer dog’s sensitive nature in mind. Don’t yell or scream at them. You will crush their gentle souls. Instead, cultivate a disapproving tone when reprimanding them for their transgressions. Saying “oh my goodness, look at this terrible mess!” is just as effective as harshly scolding them with “bad dog!”

After a reprimand of any sort, don’t be surprised to see your little Crab hightail it out of the room. They may go hide under a bed or behind the couch until their hurt feelings fade. But their love for you is so strong, you can easily coax them back into the family unit with some kind words and a few loving strokes of their silky fur.

One-Owner Dogs

If you ever have to surrender your Cancer dog, they will grieve this loss terribly. Nobody should adopt dogs they don’t intend to keep for the duration of the pet’s lifetime. When it’s a sensitive Cancer, this is even more important because you never want to break your dog’s gentle spirit.

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