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The Cancer Cat ♋😼

If your cat is particularly skittish, emotional or even a little clingy you might have a Cancer Cat. Cats born between June 21st and July 22nd are Cancer natives. Cancer is often associated with the home, one’s roots, and emotions. Cancer is also associated with beginnings and origins. This sign is all about growth, nourishment, and comfort. Cancer cats are especially known for being affectionate pets; they love cuddling and make the perfect lap cats. As kittens, they tend to require extra attention, more so than kittens of other zodiac signs. This is especially true if they were separated from their mom too early.

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Cancer cats are caring and motherly

Influenced by their star sign, these kitties love to take care of those around them. They will often show their love in the form of kisses, forehead licks, and extra close snuggling, you might end up with your kitty all over you very often. However, when they feel like their love is not reciprocated, they might become distant and uncommunicative.

These kitties are feline empaths

Creatures of the night, they love lurking and meowing under a moonlit night sky or sitting by the window to see the moon and stars. All cats have a mystical side to them but a Cancer knows what you’re thinking before you do. Whether you are thinking about making a trip or going to the vet, Cancer cats will know about your plans quickly and they will make sure you know what they think about your plans.

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Nature’s anti-depressant

If you struggle with anxiety or depression a Cancer cat might be a great pet for you. They are natural caretakers and are extremely intuitive and empathetic. These kitties can effortlessly pick up on the energies in a room. So they will most certainly understand whenever you are feeling not so great and do their best to comfort you. They also make great nap companions and will stay with you as long as they feel that you need them around.

Cancer kitties’ sociability

Despite, or maybe because of, their empathetic superiority, Cancer felines are not the most sociable. Cancer cats love their routines and dislike unexpected guests, so don’t be surprised if your little furball runs and hides when someone new enters the home or hisses if a stranger dares to pet them. That said, they do enjoy the company of those they’re familiar and comfortable with. So if you are away from home quite often, make sure to have some animal toys for your Cancer cat to hang out with. Some Cancer cats are sociable enough to accept other animals into the family, but don’t be shocked if they are not so happy with the idea. They may be born under the motherly Cancer sign, but they’re still cats.

With their owner, they might also get a bit demanding and clingy. They love to spend time with their humans and are very fond of physical contact.

These kitties are the protector of the family

Cancer cats love their family and are really protective of them so don’t be surprised if your cat keeps following you everywhere around your house. If your cat follows you to the bathroom at 3 AM and guards the door, he might be a Cancer native.

Cats of Cancer are also great at adapting to the family rhythm, soon enough your cat will not only feel like part of the family but might even be the most important and beloved member of said family.

They need a calm environment to thrive

As a result of combining both Cancer and feline needs, Cancer cats need some me-time almost every day to recharge. During this time, they require peace and quietness and might hide under your bed or even inside a closet. Cancer kittens prefer a serene environment, and noise rattles their nerves, so make sure they have a comfortable environment. There’s nothing to worry about, they’ll be back to their lovely cuddly selves as soon as their paw-sitivity batteries are fully charged.

Changes don’t spark joy for these kitties

Cancer cats are not big fans of change. Cancer’s symbol is the crab, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can get testy if something is changed in their world, whether it’s finding a new kind of litter in their box or switching their usual brand of food. They hate moving houses and can even wander back to their old home, so be particularly careful if you ever move with a Cancer pet.


Cancer kitties are usually very sweet and good-natured, they tend to avoid conflict as much as they can. They can be a little bit clingy and will retreat into their shells if not treated well, but they are very loyal companions. If you are looking for an affectionate and loyal pet, this might be one of the best options.

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