What are Cancer’s birthstones? What are their meanings and symbolism? What makes them the Cancer gemstones?

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, a planet that governs the emotions and feelings according to astrology. Partly due to the lunar influence, Cancer natives are innocent, sensitive, loyal, and thrifty. They are born with maternal instinct and protective spirit, as well as a strong artistic sense.

Cancer Gemstones & Birthstones

The two main Cancer birthstones are the pearl and the ruby. In addition to these two gems, there are also secondary gemstones that are believed to have incredible influences on Cancer, such as the moonstone, chalcedony, and calcite, among others.

Let’s take a closer look at these marvelous gemstones.

1. Pearl

Photo by Mauro Cateb

Cancers are authentic and pure, which means the pearl, known for being a symbol of purity and sincerity, fits them like a glove.

Coincidentally, the pearl is also the traditional birthstone of the month of June. This means the pearly gem is especially significant to the June Cancers.

Another reason that makes it the perfect Cancer birthstone is that they share the same elemental affinity, water.

Legend says that if you throw away a pearl in flowing water or even a garbage can, you will attract financial luck. Please don’t try this. But the point is it is believed that the pearl attracts good fortune.

A common theme among many gemstones and birthstones are their protective nature. The pearl is also believed to offer protection to its owner. According to legends, the pearl is effective against dangers, demons(!), and fires. It is also known to protect mothers, children, and families.

The pearl is a unique Cancer birthstone as it is the only organic gem on this list.

2. Ruby

Photo: Faceted ruby. Photo Credit: Amila Tennakoon @ Flickr

Known for its red hue, ruby is the most famous red gemstone. It is also the birthstone for July Cancer.

Unlike the pearl which amplifies the Cancer traits, ruby as a birthstone balances and enriches the sign of the Crab. Cancer is a water sign and it is ruled by the Moon. On the other hand, ruby is ruled by the Sun and has a fiery affinity because of its color. This means in addition to looking gorgeous as jewelry, ruby also adds extra dimensions to a Cancer’s personality.

Wearing a ruby is also believed to boost confidence, courage, and promote stronger will.

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3. Chalcedony

Photo Credit: Thomas B. from Pixabay

Chalcedony is a great talisman for Cancers. Chalcedony is the name of a gem family and it is home to several popular gemstones such as agate, sardonyx, and onyx.

However, the chalcedony that is recommended for Cancer is the more common type which is a milky white stone with nice blue inflections, which emphasize the brightness of the white. From its very quintessence, chalcedony radiates calmness.

Many believes that this stone provides protection against evil spirits and negative energies. Or, in case you are going to face an opponent, you can wear it to help you whenever conflict arises. In addition to its protective role, it also brings peace and confidence.

On top of all the benefits of wearing chalcedony, we can also count the fact that it amplifies the effect of other precious and semiprecious stones that you might be wearing. In addition, it has a purifying effect over other gemstones.

4. Calcite

Image by Sergio Cerrato – Italia from Pixabay

Calcite comes in several color variations and different color calcite is believed to bring different benefits. But generally speaking, this semiprecious stone benefits speakers, writers, teachers, and politicians the most. It is a stone that improves interpersonal relationships and communication.

It is believed that calcite makes it easier for Cancer to find the best solutions to their problems. It offers clarity which helps Cancer find the way to reach the heart or mind of the interlocutor. In doing so, it helps the Cancer to communicate effectively and avoid conversational pitfalls.

Calcite is a common stone and can be usually found at an affordable price. This makes it an excellent decorative stone for your home and office. This is also a great gift idea for Cancer if you’re on a budget.

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5. Moonstone

Photo: Moonstone. Photo Credit: Amila Tennakoon

The moonstone is recommended as a birthstone for Cancer for it represents the ruling planet of Cancer – the Moon. It is also an alternative birthstone of June which houses both Gemini and Cancer.

Moonstone’s association with the moon traces back to antiquity. Due to the stone’s moonlike sheen (known as schiller or adularescence), the Romans believed that it was the solid form of the moon ray.

The stone of the Moon confers protection for marriages, families, children, and women. As such, gifting a moonstone to someone who’s getting married is one of the most thoughtful things one can do.

This gemstone is believed to be a sacred stone that brings good luck, hope and ultimately, it fulfills your desires. It protects new beginnings and it helps you when you are going through important life changes.

6. Aquamarine

Photo: Aquamarine. Credit: Amila Tennakoon @ Flickr

Aquamarine is one of the most famous blue gemstones. Where the sapphire’s signature blue color is deep and rich, the aquamarine is known for its teal to sky-blue hues.

Sharing the protective gemstone theme, aquamarine is a gemstone that protects against any kind of negative energy, especially against the kind that emanates from words. More specifically swearing, curses, accusations, and words of hatred and jealousy in nature.

Its effects is believed to work both ways. It helps its wearer to stay positive, silencing thoughts of toxic self-doubt.

If you’re going through a difficult time in life, the aquamarine can bring clarity to your thoughts and boost your self-confidence.


The Cancer sign is blessed with birth stones and gemstones that have amazing properties. Whenever you desire a clearer view, a boost of luck, more self-confidence, or just a beautiful stone to wear, you can just pick from the list of gorgeous Cancer gemstones above.

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