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Gemini & Dogs ♊ 🐶

Did you buy a puppy or adopt a dog born between May 21 and June 20? If so, your canine buddy is a Gemini ♊. But what does that mean for your dog?

To grasp how your dog’s astrological sign affects their personality, you have to understand some astrology basics.

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What Does Being Gemini ♊ Mean?

Gemini is the first of the three Air signs, with Libra and Aquarius rounding out the trio. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and its quality is Mutable. Geminis integrate well into groups and aren’t fazed by changes like many dogs are.

Their symbol is the Twins, implying a duality in their essential natures. They can be both Good Dogs and Bad Dogs. When applying these astrological terms to your dog, below are some of the ways Gemini characteristics can manifest.

Gemini Canine Dispositions

These pups are naturally genial and do well as part of a pack, whether it’s made up of humans or other household pets. They shun aggression, but their natural nervous energy is triggered easily by loud noise like fireworks and thunder. Those can cause some Twin dogs to become nervous biters. Enrolling them in some sessions with a professional dog trainer can rid them of bad habits.

Owners, too, can learn how to reinforce the behaviors they want to encourage in their Gemini dogs while discouraging any bad habits they’ve developed.

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Gemini Puppies Are Talkative

Geminis are born with silver tongues and are the communicators of the Zodiac. A Gemini dog is likely to bark a lot and even “talk” to their owner. If your Gemini pup is a yapper, this could at least be part of the reason why.

Gemini dogs aren’t just limited to communicating with barks and whines. These guys are full-body communicators. They will paw at you to get your attention, wag their tails with unbridled enthusiasm and do shimmies that involve the entire dog from nose to tail.

When they have their guard up, you can read it in the tail positions of Gemini dogs the way swimmers can tell the intensity of the surf by the colored flags on the beach. Pay attention to what your Gemini doggo is telling you. It might be important.

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Is Your Gemini Dog an Escape Artist?

It’s hard to keep a Gemini dog within the boundaries you set. These “Houndinis” love to squirm through even the smallest holes in fences or doors. But if that won’t work, their keen minds will soon arrive at Plan B: Digging under the fence. With paws moving so fast they’re a blur, they make short work of digging. Freed at last, they’re off on an adventure.

Gemini Dogs Possess Dexterity and Grace

If you have ever watched videos of dogs navigating canine obstacle courses, it’s a good bet that many are born under the sign of Gemini. In fact, teaching your Gemini dog how to run an obstacle course is an excellent way to let them burn off some nervous energy.

Don’t allow them to mark up your doors with incessant scratching or wreak other havoc in your home. Teaching them to run a canine obstacle course gives Gemini dogs a worthwhile goal to accomplish.

Exercising together is good for both you and your Gemini dog. Exercise can include anything from jogging together, going for a swim or even taking long walks around the neighborhood. Just don’t be surprised if your dog hasn’t already met a few of the neighbors when he was on one of his unchained escapades.

How to Motivate a Gemini Dog

Give your Twin pup lots of feedback — both good and bad — during training and in your daily interactions. This can help them stay on the Good Dog track and avoid the pitfalls associated with the dreaded Bad Dog status.

Gemini pups are less food-motivated than many other signs but enjoy being rewarded with their favorite treats. These dogs can be fussy eaters and may require special diets for optimum health.

The key to inspiring good behavior in Gemini dogs is avoiding boredom at all costs. When leaving them alone for extended periods, fill up a Kong toys with some tasty kibble. Then, let them figure out how to get to it. They can stay busy playing with their toy until it’s time to enthusiastically welcome you home once again.

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