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Who Are Gemini’s Best Friends in the Zodiac?

Zodiac signs like Aries, Libra, Leo, Aquarius, and Scorpio have the greatest potential to become Gemini’s lifelong best friends.

Gemini’s Friendship

Geminis are curious, witty, and talkative. They keep their companions entertained and make the best memories with them. If you become friends with a Gemini, all of your fun memories will likely involve them.

Looking for excitement and drama? The Twins promise both of these and more. Honestly, while they may not seem like it, Geminis are loyal creatures. Although they are extroverted and their calendar is packed months out, they will always have time for you (but only if you made it into their inner circle of friends).

But what does a Gemini need in a friend? This is one of the questions we seek to answer in this article.

There are some zodiac signs that Geminis are innately attracted to and with whom they can form lasting bonds. It may take longer for these Gemini to really count you as part of their inner circle, but once they do, there’s no going back!

Let’s find out which lucky Zodiac signs Geminis have the best chemistry with—according to astrology.

Gemini’s Best Friend Signs

1. Aries

aries symbol

As two best friends, Aries and Gemini are a dynamic duo.

Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet named after the Roman god of war, Mars. Aries is a fun, lively, and curious sign that is always up for anything. Geminis are, by nature, inquisitive creatures, and they seem to explore their personality to the fullest with Aries.

The bond between Aries-Gemini besties is more than extraordinary, even miraculous at times. This is an active and lively friendship where both the Twins and the Ram bring their unique energies to the friendship-like fire warms up the air and the air helps the fire to burn bright and strong.

The two are also always eager to have new experiences and play with danger in the name of fun. Count on the Gemini to temper the Aries while Aries give them enough room to explore their adventurous aspects. Would this get out of hand sometimes? Maybe. But it’s all part of a bigger, more epic adventure.

Gemini is usually the more selfless of the two, and the Ram may be the attention-receiver at times, but this doesn’t burden the Twins. Geminis also try the patience of the Ram, especially when the devilish pranks and games start.

Still, the beauty of the friendship between these two remains: they overlook each other’s shortcomings while also calling each other out on any aspect that needs to be worked on. The level of trust and belief between these two is phenomenal, and they work to keep it that way.

Anyone near these two can always pick up the warm and easy-going vibe between the Twins and the Ram. Look forward to a fantastic companion if you are an Ares who is friends with a Gemini.

2. Libra

Libra symbol

The second sign is an air sign just like Gemini. The friendship between Libra and Gemini is a relationship that is light-hearted and fun. Libra adores Gemini’s witty nature and snappy comebacks.

The two of them are well-read and informed on practical matters and enjoy discussing politics, budgets, or even a critical analysis of a movie. Libra is the perfect partner for Gemini to have intellectual discussions with.

Sometimes, things may get complicated because of indecisiveness found in both air signs, like taking hours to decide on a movie to watch. Libra can never make up their mind, and Geminis change theirs every second. But no friendship is perfect and accepting little flaws like this only make the friendship stronger.

Between Gemini and Libra, they’ll find joy in every little thing. Since both signs love to talk and speculate, their friendship is all about quality time and good conversations. As best friends, they are a chill duo who are connected to each other on multiple levels but share a special connection intellectually.

3. Leo

Leo symbol

Of all the signs, there is no doubt that Gemini is most affectionate with Leo. Leo is naturally playful with the Twins, and this mutual playfulness brings the two signs a peace of mind.

Leo and Gemini make a game out of everything: laughing, teasing, and back-and-forth comebacks.

Enthusiasm and pure happiness bubbling over, having discovered true friendship in another person. Leo and Gemini are likely to be active and they enjoy sports and other activities that decimate calories. In other words, these besties help each other stay fit and healthy.

Gemini is not as much of a limelight hogger as Leo, but they don’t get turned off by it either. Both signs love to be among people, so they’ll likely different types of parties and social gatherings.

4. Aquarius

Aquarius symbol

Another sign likely to become best friend with Gemini is Aquarius—an air sign that is often mistaken as a water sign. Unlike Leo, the comradeship between Gemini and Aquarius is one that builds on intellectualism.

Aquarius loves Gemini for their energy, enthusiasm, and relish for life. The two signs are creative and intellectual, this allows them to communicate on the same wavelength. They’ll feel very comfortable reading books together, going on library dates, and brainstorming their next big idea.

Aquarius is a humanitarian and a kind sign. These traits transfer to the Aquarius-Gemini friendship. They don’t poke and pick when Gemini is feeling down or depressed. Instead, they give Gemini space and time to come back from whatever was draining them. However, this could create a misunderstanding where Gemini thinks their best friend Aquarius is ignoring them.

Aquarius also loves socializing and doesn’t mind when Gemini hangs all day with another pal. And like any good friend, an Aquarius will call out Gemini if they overindulge in frivolity or gossip.

In this way, the Water-Bearer Aquarius brings consistency to Gemini’s life while Gemini keeps Aquarius on their toes.

5. Scorpio

Scorpio symbol

As two besties, Scorpio and Gemini share mutual admiration for each other.

Scorpio never fails to pique the Twins’ curiosity. They are quiet and emotional. Gemini is intellectual and often thinks out loud. They like to mingle around among friends and socialize while Scorpio is possessive.

Scorpio is equally in awe of Gemini’s quick wit and sharp mind. They are amazed by each other’s worldview and perspective on life and love. Scorpio’s dark moods may be a bit of a downer and challenging to understand for Gemini, but Scorpio has their fair share of good traits too.

Gemini’s incessant questioning and non-stop talking may also annoy Scorpios often. Gemini can overcome all these difficulties by engaging in activities that both signs mutually enjoy. In the end, Gemini will be a part of an enviable friendship.


Gemini is fun and fearless and encourages all their friends to achieve their dreams and desires. Want to get something checked off your bucket list? Mention it to Gemini and watch as they come up with a plan to execute it.

As culture and art connoisseurs, Gemini always knows which book holds their interest, which movie has that particular topic, and they love to share these nuggets with their friends. If you have a Gemini friend, you already know how easily they can explain pieces of art and culture without sounding overbearing or patronizing.

A Gemini friend will make you break out of your monotonous routine, introduce you to people and expand your social circle.

Geminis love to make people feel valued and validated. They will honestly compliment you on anything: ideas, thoughts, or outfits. When they do compliment you- know that it’s legit. They’re always honest.

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