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What are Gemini Cats like? ♊😼

With Gemini (May 21 – June 20) cats, “curiosity killed the cat” has never been truer, only, of course, they always end up alive. No matter how risky their actions – Gemini cats are crafty and cunning little kitties! Even though they are unpredictable, they are smart and entertaining like no other cats. They do need more intellectual stimulation than the average cats, and they’ll get themselves in all sorts of trouble when trying to discover the world around them.

Geminis top the most intelligent kitties chart

Gemini cats are among the smartest cats you’ll ever meet. These kitties also have great personalities — they are mostly always cheerful and have a knack for making their humans laugh. Gemini kitties are little feline scientists, as they love to discover new things and do little experiments to see how the world around them works. This tendency is especially prevalent when they’re kittens or teenagers. So don’t be too surprised if they break your decorations in their quest to prove that gravity does indeed apply to all objects equally. They have very active minds that need stimulation. They make up for their annoying antics by making you laugh and doing the last thing you expect them to do.

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They can be difficult to read because they change fast and often

Cats born under the Gemini sign are said to be unpredictable. These kitties can and will change their tastes and preferences with no previous warning. He can be happy eating balanced feed for weeks, only to start rejecting it out of nowhere and demanding chicken or tuna instead. The moment you think you’ve got your Gemini cat all figured out, he changes completely overnight, and you have to get to know them all over again.

Gemini kitties care guide: how to care for these active felines

Gemini cats need more intellectual stimulation than the average cat. Without that, they can get antsy and impatient. Try buying them puzzles and toys that simulate the hunt–the most intellectually challenging pursuit for the cat. You can also try things like wrapping small quantities of balanced feed or whatever treat your cat likes in old newspapers and having your cat figure out how to unwrap them. With Gemini cats, get creative! Making life unpredictable for them makes them feel happy and satisfied. However, this is not to suggest that you should make drastic changes to their established routines. Gemini or not, cats are creatures of routine and too many changes will stress them out.

Leash train is not practically mandatory as is the case with Aries or Sagittarius cats, but they can grow to enjoy it. Gemini cats are very curious about the world around them. If they don’t take well to their leashes, you can always set up a nice space for them to sit by a window or carry them around in a backpack. Snooping around gives them great pleasure.

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Cats of Gemini are excellent verbal communicators

Gemini cats can also be very vocal. If you adopt a Gemini cat, get ready for some meowing actions. Gemini cats love to communicate with their humans. You better listen to what they have to say! You may be surprised or amused. A happy Gemini cat is a cat that feels like their opinion is being listened to, even if it changes every second. Whenever they meow at you, ask them to show you what they want or need. Don’t be afraid to talk to them and answer their meows with your own words.

If you want to be humored, get a Gemini cat

Gemini cats can make you laugh without even meaning to do it. Have your camera ready to catch their epic moments first-hand. However, you must also ensure that your home is safe enough for their antics and mischiefs. Make sure he’s not left unsupervised for long if you can’t minimize the dangers that your home poses for cats. Gemini cats are very prone to escaping and falling off windows and balconies, so cat-proofing should be a priority if you find out your cat is a Gemini or if the cat you fell in love with at the shelter happens to be a Gemini. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


Gemini cats are great for both first-time cat owners and seasoned cat lovers alike. They make for a fun cat that can tell you in quite a clear way how to make them happy. They do have a lot of intellectual stamina and never-ending curiosity, but it’s not something a person can’t manage.

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