Geminis love to chatter it up. They are very versatile and don’t like to stay in one place. Sure enough, you must have a special friend or family member that has the Gemini sun sign and possesses these traits. In this gift guide, you will find out what gifts does Gemini the third sign of the zodiac like — according to Astrology.

15 Gifts Gemini Love

Buying a gift for Gemini can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. That is because you are about to learn about the some good gift ideas that work best for Gemini. Some of these gift suggestions are geared toward men or women, but many of the gift ideas are unisex.

Here is the list of 15 gifts for Gemini — that they’ll love.

1. Journaling Pen Set

Geminis love to journal and to doodle, and this is why this Zebra pen journaling set is a great gift for the special one in your life.

The journaling pet set features 7 midline highlighters and 7 Sarasa clip retractable gel ink pens. The colors are assorted so the Gemini can choose the best colors and it comes in a pack of 14. The Gemini will appreciate this gift. Is she more of a pencil user? Check out these cool pencils with inspirational messages on them.


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2. Celestial Journal Notebook

What the Gemini needs in their lives is a notebook that they can journal their thoughts

…and with this Celestial journal notebook, they can. The bonus is that on the front, it has a cool design with the stars, planets, and the moon and the bookmark it comes with is elegant too. The Gemini can journal and be fascinated at the same time — a win-win.

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3. Nail Polish Set

Gemini rules the fingers and this is why those with this sun sign love to show off their nails.

Why not give them something to show off by getting them this beautiful nail polish set? It features 16 different colors and also a no-wipe base and a topcoat. Your Gemini will love this nail polish gift set.

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4. Nail Art Set

Take nail decoration a step further for your special Gemini

…by giving them with this nail art set. It comes with colored rhinestones, 45 sheets of stickers, as well as a dotting marbleizing pen and more. Your Gemini will thank you for this.

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5. Travel Organizer Set

Geminis like to travel but are not known to take very long trips.

Regardless, they will need to organize their belongings when they go on their trips. On of that, organization and planning aren’t exactly Gemini’s strongest suit. That is why they will love these travel organizer sets. With this gift set, your Gemini is properly equipped to keep her stuff organized.

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6. Magic Gloves

Gemini rules the limbs and fingers…

… Those are going to be the most sensitive areas for the Gemini. That is why these magic gloves are the perfect inexpensive gifts for the typical Gemini. There are 12 in a pack. They are in happy yellow. There are other colors available, but we recommend yellow because it’s a Gemini color. Your Gemini will love these comfortable gloves that protect their hands.

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7. Ultimate Date Planner

Planner is perfect for the Gemini since they are known to be forgetful.

A Gemini’s mind is always busy. They will love this gift because they can write down things that are important. For example, tasks that need to be done and the goals they want to attain. The planner is undated — so it’s never getting outdated. Gemini loves thoughtful gifts like this.

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8. Planters

Gemini rules not only the limbs and fingers but the respiratory system.

It is important for the Gemini to have houseplants in their living space. Plants keep the air fresh. They provide oxygen; they act as natural air filters to keep (certain) pollutants at bay. These cool white and modern ceramic planters are the perfect home for the plants that you’re giving the Gemini. Or if you have a Gemini who’s into gardening, you can just give them the flower pot by itself. I’m sure they know what to do with it.

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9. Law of Attraction Life Planner

Geminis often have lofty goals but they become too distracted from the everyday chatter in their minds.

Help your Gemini friend attain those goals by getting her this life planner. With this thoughtful planner, they can track their goals. This way they can stay focused on what’s important and improve the chance to attain these goals. This is a deep, thoughtful gift that they will love and appreciate.

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10. Art Set With Acrylic Paint And A Canvas

Geminis are naturally expressive

…and with this acrylic paint and canvas set, your favorite Gemini can have the opportunity to express themselves through art. Painting is relaxing and fun. And Geminis love anything that is fun. This is a perfect art gift for the Gemini.

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11. Coffee Notebook Clips

Let your Gemini friend or family member stay organized

…by giving them these golden coffee notebook clips so they can mark off the page where they left off of their journal or planner. There are 12 pieces of these golden clips, and they are quite appealing!

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12. Coffee Cup Holder

Geminis love to drink their java and are constantly on the go.

Coffee helps them stay energized. Let them enjoy cups of coffee without having to do any dishwashing by getting them this metal coffee cup holder tree. They can place several mugs on it… and they can grab a new mug every time they are ready for coffee.

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13. Glow In The Dark Garden Lantern

Does your special Gemini enjoy being outdoors at night?

Some of them really need to keep busy even during nighttime. They will absolutely love this glow in the dark garden lantern to help them see what they are doing. The firefly design on the jar is handpainted.

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14. White Star Paper String Light Decor

Does your Gemini friend or family member enjoy showing off cool home decorations?

Why not surprise them with this white star paper string light decor? It is easy to put up. It will instantly liven up the space — just the way Gemini loves it.

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15. Gemini Bracelet

Your special Gemini will love this sterling silver bracelet.

The bracelet is adjustable, comfortable, and fun to wear. It looks cute and fashionable. Those of you with sharp eyes would have noticed that the bracelet has the Gemini constellation on it. That’s right — wear your Gemini pride where we can see them. The matte finish of the bracelet looks really special.

Do you know any Gemini couples? If yes, check out these cool matching couple bracelets, they don’t have cool Gemini constellation on them like this bracelet, but they are perfect for couples!

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