Gemini’s birthstones are unique and powerful. In this article, find out everything you need to know about the gemstones of Gemini: what they are, what do they mean, as well as their symbolism and purported benefits.

gemini birth stone

Above: Tiger’s eye. Photo Credit: lost places @ Flickr.

Gemini’s Birthstones

The Twins sign, Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that governs communication. Perhaps because of this affinity to Mercury, Geminis are intelligent people with enhanced oratorical talents.

They’re also naturally talented in diplomacy and rich in ingenuity. Geminians are charming individuals who get bored easily and prefer change. Although sociable and intelligent, some of the natives can sometimes be seen as little superficial.

If you are born under the sign of Gemini, learning more about the your very own birthstones can be both entertaining and beneficial to you spiritually.

5 Birthstones of Gemini

Below are some gemstones that best represent Gemini as the zodiac sign’s birthstones.

1. Tiger’s Eye – Main Gemini Birthstone

tiger's eye gemini stone

Above: Tiger’s eye – cube cut. Unfortunately this cut doesn’t bring out the chatoyancy of the stone. Photo Credit: Alvin Trusty @ Flickr

To start the list, we have the tiger’s eye. Named for its similarity to the striped apex predator’s eyes, the famous gemstone is a birthstone for both May and June Gemini.

Tiger’s eye (or tiger eye) is a chatoyant gemstone that belongs to the chalcedony family. While it is also found in other colors, its most signature color combination is yellow-brown.

Properly shaped and polished, the gemstone’s chatoyancy gives off a unique band-like reflection pattern when rotated under the light.

The Eye of Tiger is a stone of protection and some astrologers believe that it holds the key to Gemini’s happiness.

It’s been said that ancient Roman soldiers wore tiger’s eyes into battles, for it was believed that the gemstone would offer them protection from physical harm.

The gemstone’s eye-like appearance and protective nature make it an effective charm against the evil eye. This is crucial to Gemini who is known for being the social butterfly of the zodiac and the center of attention at social events.

According to spiritual practitioners, tiger’s eye can also fend off toxic thoughts and negative energies. Without negative thoughts that lead to self-doubt, Gemini can direct her full attention toward her goals.

With the help of this gemstone, Gemini can make use of her intelligence and unleash her creativity without getting held back.

The tiger’s eyes are also in Gemini’s lucky color–yellow.

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2. Emerald – May Gemini Birthstone

gemini gem emerald

Photo: Cut Colombian emeralds. Credit: Mauro Cateb @ Flickr

As one of the most popular gemstones, emerald needs little introduction. To many people, emerald is the green gemstone.

Known as The Jewel of Kings, emerald had been favored by royalties since antiquity. Among emerald’s famous fans was Cleopatra. Legend says that the Egyptian queen loved  emerald jewelry and had her palace decorated with emerald.

As described in the May birthstones article, emerald is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, growth, fertility, immortality, and longevity. The deep green color of emerald represents earth, stability, nature, revitalization, and regeneration.

A symbol of intelligence, emerald is a natural fit for Gemini who is known for their intelligence and quick-wittedness.

The wisdom gemstone serves to remind Gemini the difference between wisdom and cleverness, and that sometimes the best form of communication is non-verbal.

And finally, the earthy emerald provides Gemini a safe harbor… a mental landing pad for when the air sign needs to recharge and reorient themselves.

In Vedic astrology, emerald has an affinity for Mercury, which is the ruling planet of Gemini. Some may see this as mere coincidence. But what is life if not a series of coincidences?

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3. Pearl – June Gemini Birthstone

pearl june gemini gem

Above: pearls of different colors. Credit: Mauro Cateb

Just like Gemini, the pearl is a unique existence on the spectrum of gemstones. Because technically, pearl is not a gemstone at all! Organic in nature, pearl is a gem but not a stone.

Pearl is a birthstone of June, so it represents June Gemini, the Gemini-Cancer cusp, and also June Cancer. But the month of June is not the only reason why pearl is a suitable birthstone for Gemini.

Like Gemini, the pearl is sophisticated and elegant. Underneath levels of complexity, however, is the Gemini’s pure heart that the Gemini would only reveal to those who are sincere and are willing to dwell. This purity and innocence is best represented by the pearl for it is the champion for these qualities.

In addition to purity and elegance, pearl is also a symbol of the moon, loyalty, serenity, humility, femininity, and abundance.

Pearls are mostly used in jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. So if you’re looking for a jewelry piece for yourself or a June Gemini, you should definitely check out this gem.

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4. Moss Agate – Gemini Gemstone with Deepest Meaning

moss agate gemstone

Above: Moss Agate Earrings. Photo Credit: Allison Giguere @ Flickr

Another Gemini birthstone is the moss agate. Agate is a type of chalcedony, a diverse group of minerals. Among the different types of agate is the moss agate.

Moss agate is agate that has mineral inclusions in it that give it specks of green making it look moss-like. The main body of the stone can range from transparent, milky white, to dark green. The most signature look is probably the green moss-like pattern on a milky white body.

At a glance, it may seem like moss agate and Gemini has nothing in common. The Gemini color is yellow, moss agate is green. Gemini is an air sign, but moss agate pattern is moss-like or, in some cases, wave-like. To understand moss agate’s connection to Gemini, let’s take a deeper look.

Moss can grow between a rock and hard place. It can expand its territory in ways that defy gravity. This is a sign of uncompromising growth, flexibility, and strong survival instinct. Geminis are born survivors because of their intelligence and pragmatism. This is not unlike moss and the Stone of Moss itself.

Similar to the tiger’s eye, moss agate too can ward off negative energies. Where the Eye of Tiger blocks and perhaps reflects negative energies, the Stone of Moss purifies them.

Ancient Egyptians believed that moss agate increases inspiration and creativity. Perhaps that belief was true. Psychologically, that can help Gemini become more confident and mute the voice of self-doubt.

For Geminis who pursue professions in communication and human resources, this stone makes it easier for them to present their thoughts and ideas.

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5. Calcite – Enhancer Crystal for Gemini

calcite gemstone

Above: Orange Calcite. Photo Credit: Anders Sandberg @ Flickr.

To end the list, let’s take a look at an often overlooked semiprecious stone: calcite.

Calcite isn’t a Gemini birthstone per se, but its spiritual benefits for Gemini and affordability make it an excellent crystal to use as décor and gift to your Gemini friends.

Calcite’s affordable price is partly because of its abundance on Earth. While gem-quality calcite is rare and captivating to look at, calcite is often appreciated for its usefulness in spirituality, agriculture, and construction.

In terms of spirituality, calcite is believed to be an active crystal. It is purported to enhance your self-confidence, courage, and willpower. While Gemini excels at social communication, these are some areas where Gemini could use some help.

As you’re aware, Gemini is all about speed and changes. In communicating and interacting with other people, Gemini’s effectiveness and swiftness can sometimes be seen as superficial and apathetic.

Calcite could help to soften Gemini’s sharp social edges by improving the Twins’ empathy skills. Some spiritual experts believe that this empathy skill can even be applied to your own self.

That means a Gemini individual would be able to connect with their true nature and higher self. The crystal is also said to bring balance to the rational thoughts and emotions. It also has the ability to instantly calm the nervous mind and absorb toxic emotions.

Calcite is found a variety of colors. Each color is believed to bring different benefits and effects. If you’re interested in this topic, I encourage you to read more on this topic.

What Is Your Favorite Gemini Stone?

In this article, we’ve discussed five distinct Gemini gemstones.

Tiger’s Eye is the main Gemini birthstone. In addition to Tiger’s Eye, May Gemini is also blessed with the green gemstone emerald; June Gemini with pearl. Moss agate is another birthstone of Gemini and calcite which is our recommended spiritual crystal for the Twins.

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