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Tarot and Astrology are both great ways to gain insights into a situation, a person, or someone’s personality. In this article, we’ll be looking at using tarot cards to represent Gemini in terms of their personality, family, friendship, career, and love.

Gemini’s Tarot Cards

The third sign of  the zodiac Gemini (May 21 – June 20) is ruled by the planet Mercury which governs over communication and reasoning. Combining Mercury with Gemini being the mutable air sign and you get the ultimate social butterfly who excels at all things related to social and communication.

Gemini is swift and always on the move. They can be elusive and sometimes hard to define. However, for this article, we’ll combine the knowledge coming from astrology and tarot to find a set of tarot cards that are the most meaningful for Gemini.

1. Personality: The Lovers

personality gemini tarot card

The ruling tarot card for Gemini’s personality is The Lovers. On the surface, The Lovers is a card that symbolizes lovers, soulmates, romance, and desire. But when the card interpreted in terms of personality, the card reflects many of the Gemini’s perks and quirks.

The card depicts a pair of lovers with a benevolent red-winged angel shown in the background. The composition of the illustration suggests a theme of balance. The female on the left is countered by the male on the right. Similarly, there are trees behind their backs. The angel is position in the middle of the card. Think Yin & Yang. Perfectly different yet perfectly balanced.

Gemini is symbolized by the Twins and they’re often described as two different personalities. Gemini folks are at their best when they can balance the two personalities and get them to synergize and work together. This is not unlike The Lovers who are two different individuals but can become something greater than themselves if through love and cooperation.

However, The Lovers card also suggests that this balance is something that a Gemini person needs to achieve consciously, as represented by the watchful angel.

The Lovers aren’t wearing any clothes. This symbolizes Gemini’s honesty. 

The Lovers card also shows that Gemini has the gift of the power of choice. When at their best, they can recognize right from wrong. This superpower allows them to be able to make good decisions in their life.

Keywords used to describe the Lovers and Gemini’s personality:


  • Good decisions
  • Balance
  • Choice


  • Naïve
  • Temptation
  • Disharmony

2. Love: Eight of Swords

gemini love card tarot

The Eight of Swords depicts a lone woman in a long robe surrounded by eight swords. She’s blindfolded and bound. Shallow pools of water are found near her feet. She might be feeling trapped and helpless. Her feelings are valid but the card of eight swords is a card that invites us to get in touch with ourselves and our environment. It implores you to observe.

The first observation you can make is that the binding around her body are loose. She could have unbound herself with little exertion and remove her blindfold after she has freed herself. This is similar to a Gemini person who’s in love. She’s often willing to tone down her social activities in exchange for some quality time with her romantic partner. But if she’s met with a disappointing partner, she will set herself free.

Secondly, she appears to be trapped by the swords at a glance. But the eight swords do not block her movement entirely. She could choose to move forward. The swords can be interpreted as the Gemini person’s past relationships. In some cases, they could be troubled by their own romantic history. This card is telling Gemini they’re being held back by an illusion. And that they should move forward. More often though, Gemini will just figure that on their own. After all, the mutable air sign Gemini is not one that looks back.

The Eight of Swords expresses that Gemini should not feel restricted in love. When they begin to feel as if they are getting imprisoned by their significant other, the love spark can die out quite quickly. Remember, it only works if the Gemini does something willingly–for they’re not a sign that likes to be told what to do.

The Eight of Swords also warns that Gemini will live an unhappy love life if they feel like they are getting silenced. Gemini is perhaps the most talkative sign. The body of a Gemini person houses two personalities and they are sharing one mouth. And when they speak, they like to be heard. Although they’re an air sign, they hate talking to the air. Thus, they despise partners who don’t listen to them. They need the free will to think about what they want and speak their mind at any time.

Keywords used for the Eight of Swords and what Gemini needs in their love life:


  • Freedom
  • Empowered
  • Healing


  • Restricted
  • Imprisoned
  • Silenced

3. Family: Queen of Cups

family gemini tarot

The Queen of Cups (or Queen of Goblets) card depicts a queen sitting on a throne embellished by carvings of angels. Curiously, her throne is positioned on the shore. Her attire is not extravagant but her magnificent crown highlights her status as queen. In her hands, she’s holding a goblet that rivals her crown in magnificence. The queen is shown gazing at the goblet. 

The Queen of Cups card rules over emotion, compassion, and empathy. The body of water and the goblet are connected to the water element. Consequentially, Water is symbolic of emotion and intuition. Since the Queen’s throne is on firm ground and she is holding the cup with both hands, she maintains her mastery over areas represented by these features. 

When dealing with family members, The Queen of Cups implies that Gemini is able to apply their strong social skills to keep everyone in the family happy. The card depicts Gemini as a loyal and empathetic family member. They are always open to listening to their family’s thoughts and concerns.

The card also serves as a messenger to Gemini. The reality is Gemini or not, no one is perfect in this world, and the Queen can inspire the airy Gemini to be more grounded and learn to listen to her family.

Keywords used to describe the Queen of Cups and what kind of family member Gemini is:


  • Loyal
  • Empathetic
  • Supportive


  • Immature
  • Needy
  • Disorganized

4. Friendship: Nine of Swords

card gemini tarot friendship

The Nine of Swords illustrates a curious person sitting on their bed. They’re holding their head with their hands. It looks like they have just woken up from a nightmare. Nine swords are shown hanging on their bedroom wall. The lower half of her body is covered in a quilt decorated with astrological symbols and some species of red flower, which could be rose or begonia (a Gemini birth flower).

Gemini is said to be a master of the social scene. These social butterflies dance from one flower to another, touching hearts with their wisdom and wittiness. However, their swiftness and confidence in their social skills can sometimes backfire. For example, they could be oblivious to true friendship (covering their own face and eyes).

The Nine of Swords is saying that there are genuine friends within Gemini’s circle through the symbols of nine swords and floral quilt. But Gemini will have to open their mind and slow down to see them.

The Nine of Swords also expresses the tremendous amount of acceptance Gemini has within their friendships. They love and appreciate their friends for who they are without judgment.

The card also suggests a possible scenario some Gemini natives may find themselves in. When friendships turn sour for Gemini, the Nine of Swords indicates Gemini could be captivated by a significant and long-lasting amount of negativity. This negativity may prevent Gemini from having true friends, for they’re either afraid to get hurt or they prefer to not become a burden to their friends.

Keywords describing the Nine of Swords and Gemini’s friendships:


  • Positivity
  • Relief
  • Acceptance


  • Negativity
  • Burden
  • Isolation

5. Career: Knight of Swords

career gemini card tarot

The Knight of Swords belongs to the tarot’s sword suit. Its elemental affinity is air which is  Gemini’s element. The young armor-clad knight is shown riding his trusted steed into battle. He is confident and he’s ready to face the challenges ahead of him. 

The sword card represents Gemini’s capability and confidence in their career. At work, Gemini uses their sharp intellect and logic to complete projects and tasks on time and accurately. They don’t shy away from challenges. Thanks to their superior intelligence and excellent relationship skills, Gemini can often rise through the ranks quickly.

Just like the Knight is fixated on the battlefield, Gemini has the ability to focus on their goals. Now the question is whether they’re able to get both of their personalities to work together and not change jobs every three months.

The Knight of Swords inspires Gemini to improve and grow professionally. They should monitor their impatient tendency and just take it easy if work isn’t moving on as quickly as they would like. They should also avoid going in tactless, without a proper strategy or plan.

The Knight card also serves as a reminder for Gemini not to become too distracted during work. They may begin to lose sight of their work and career goals if something trivial begins to chip away their attention.

In short, Gemini is capable of having a successful career as long as they choose the right career path and they don’t change their job too frequently.

Keywords used to describe the Knight of Swords and Gemini’s career:


  • Direct
  • Intellectual
  • Focused


  • Impatient
  • Tactless
  • Distracted

Gemini and Tarot Cards

When choosing the right tarot cards to represent Gemini, many of the cards from the suit of swords are solid matches. This coincidence can be explained by the fact that both the sword suit and Gemini are connected to the air element. 

In tarot, there are four suits in the Minor Arcana. And each of the suits represent different elements:

  • Wands – Fire
  • Cups – Water
  • Swords – Air
  • Pentacles (coins) – Earth

Here are some keywords associated with Gemini, the suit of swords, and the air element:

  • Creation
  • Thoughts
  • Ideas
  • Perception
  • Communication
  • Logic
  • Awareness
  • Perception


In this article, we’ve discussed a few tarot cards that best represent Gemini. Sometimes they describe the Gemini individual in the present, other times they present a possibility for the Gemini person–the potential that the person has yet to develop.

The Lovers card represents Gemini’s need for balance. It shows their ability to make good decisions in their life. The Eight of Swords represents their need for freedom in their love relationships. They need to have trust from their partner.

The Queen of Cups represents Gemini’s supportiveness with their family members. They are always there to listen to their opinions and problems if they need to vent to someone. The Nine of Swords represents the positivity Gemini can bring to their friends’ lives. They accept people for who they are without judgment of any kind.

The final card, the Knight of Swords, represents Gemini’s use of their intelligence in their careers. Their strong sense of logic and practical thinking makes problem-solving at work a breeze.

Each of the cards mentioned above represents a different area of Gemini’s life. They help describe the smarts, wit, and liveliness of this air sign.

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