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Dogs of Sagittarius ♐ 🐕

Dogs born between November 21 and December 20 fall under the sign of Sagittarius, the Zodiac Archer. This is the last of the Fire signs and it is Mutable, meaning they adapt well and easily go with the flow.

Let’s examine how these Sagittarian qualities appear in your canine companion.

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All Revved Up and Ready to Go

No matter where or when, your Archer dog can go from zero to 10 in seconds. These doggos are balls of energy and love to be on the go. That makes them the perfect dogs for performing complex tricks and intricate routines.

Many Sagittarian dogs excel as performers and get chosen to act in commercials, TV shows, and movies. They are natural hams who perform with or without an audience. But they aim to please, so reward them when they learn an amusing or useful trick or routine.

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How to Motivate a Sagittarian Dog ♐ 🐕

Let them know what you expect of them, and they will do their best to deliver. They are less food-motivated than many other signs. Lots of praise and applause are often the best rewards for them.

Make sure that you teach your Archer positive doggy behaviors to display, because habits that get ingrained can be nearly impossible to discourage later. Remember, too, that the little bites, nips, and growls that seem cute in a puppy can spiral into problematic behaviors in adult dogs later. “Acting too aggressively” is one of the top reasons listed by people surrendering their dogs to animal shelters with high kill rates.

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The Sagittarius Dog in a Pack

Sagittarian dogs do very well as part of a pack. They typically get along well with their fellow canine pack members and humans in the home. Their goofy tendencies are on full display, and they readily make people laugh with their comical antics.

You can bring your December-born dog into large crowds without them getting intimidated. They like to sport jaunty bandannas and tolerate wearing even elaborate costumes quite well. If they get the proper training and learn their manners, you can dress them up to entertain children in hospitals or the elderly sequestered in nursing homes.

Some independent living communities even have in-house dogs that interact with the residents who seek them out. Sagittarian dogs are ideal in this role because they don’t bond solely with one owner. They are happy to spread their love and affection to all comers.

Beware the Wild Rovers

It is hard to contain a Sagittarian dog that is bent on escaping their bonds. They can leap tall fences and climb up a hurricane fence like it’s a ladder. Once they are over the fence, they’re off on an adventure and are almost impossible to corral and capture.

Your neighbors might not appreciate the appearance of your prancing, muddy Archer dog on their property. You could find yourself having to bail your four-legged buddy out of “doggy jail” on more than one occasion. This can get expensive when the fines add up.

The other problem that sometimes occurs with Sagittarian dogs is that they voluntarily relocate themselves to other homes if their environment is not stimulating enough for their oversize personalities. You can counteract these tendencies by making sure they can romp with the kids to their heart’s content and accompany you on many of your daily errands. Though these trips may be mundane for you, to your Sagittarian dog, it’s another fun adventure to embrace.

Disciplining the Sagittarian Puppy

Perhaps more than with any other sign, it’s vital to start training them early in life to do as they are told. Otherwise, their natural improv tendencies can lead them far astray. Coming home to an obliterated door or torn-up furniture isn’t fun at all. It can result in the dog being given up due to their owner’s frustration.

The upside of this is that Sagittarian dogs are quick learners and love to please their owners. In the depths of their joy-filled hearts, they truly want to be good dogs. They just need a little bit of help learning what that means.

Are You Up for the Challenge?

If you are the athletic, gregarious type who has never met a stranger, you could be a match made in heaven for a Sagittarian dog or puppy. Welcome them into your world with open arms.

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