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Many of the traits of the zodiac that are manifested in humans can also be seen in their canine companions. Knowing under which sign your dog was born can help you better relate to them and understand the doggy traits they embody.

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It helps to first understand the zodiac signs as they relate to humans. For instance, those born under the sign of Aries (March 21 – April 19) are the infants of the zodiac. Much like newborn babes, everything is new and shiny to them. They tend to lack patience, to act first and let the chips fall as they will. Aries folks are the ones who live by the tenet that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

When it comes to real-life situations, Aries is often the first out of the gate, leading the charge. But they can soon lose interest when something new and enticing lures them astray.

Such can also be said for your rambunctious Ram doggo. In any dog pack, the canine Aries will be the one to lead the others down the garden path, after first successfully bumping the gate wide open with their ram-like head-banging.

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Aries Dogs Have a Lot to Learn

Some dogs seem to be born with an innate sense of “dog manners.” They are easily trained and seem to effortlessly slide into their role within their canine and human pack families. Not so with an Aries puppy. Their instincts are to run roughshod and willy-nilly, forever ready to make a move even if it’s wrong.

But don’t underestimate the Aries dog’s intelligence. If they can’t unlatch the gate, they will learn to shinny up the fence or burrow busily beneath it to get free to roam. Since running amok is a negative behavior for any dog that can lead to deadly catastrophes and trips to “doggy jail,” you will have to work with your little Aries pup to get them to understand that it’s you who controls their boundaries and not them.

What Is the Temperament of the Aries Dog?

Although your dog’s breed, of course, must be taken into consideration, Aries canines are typically aggressive and full of dog-swagger. Think of Dobermans on patrol or a snarling pit bull at the end of his master’s tightly held leash. While in many cases, an Aries dog’s bark is far worse than its bite, it is always prudent to exercise great caution around any unfamiliar dog, particularly those exhibiting signs of aggression.

But the counterpoint to an Aries dog’s aggression is its unbridled enthusiasm. Picture the endless ball-retrieving efforts of a lively Jack Russell or the swift blur of a greyhound dashing after a mechanical rabbit on a racetrack and you have a better understanding of what motivates most Aries dogs — the thrill of the chase.

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How to Best Integrate Your Aries Dog into Your Household

With an Aries doggo, you always want to keep the upper hand. Make sure that your Aries dog knows full well who is the pack leader at all times. Otherwise, you could run into problems stemming from your dog’s unchecked aggressive tendencies. It is a good idea to invest in obedience training for your Aries pup or adult dog.

It is a myth that an older dog cannot learn new “tricks.” With patience and repetition, dogs of almost any age can learn new behaviors to replace their bad habits.

How to Know If an Aries Dog Is Right for You

Aries dogs need a dominant pack leader to follow. If you are a strong leader who can keep pace with an energetic and often headstrong dog of any breed, you might want to choose a pup from an April litter.

But don’t forget the older Aries dogs that may be languishing in your local animal shelter. These dogs desperately need someone to recognize their positive canine characteristics.

While their exact birthdates may be impossible to discern, simply spending some time observing the dogs and their interactions with other canines and humans can give you a good idea of their zodiac sign and personality. Then, you can make the best choice for the ideal canine companion to enhance your life. Your new best friend awaits you!

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