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Dogs of Capricorn ♑ 🐕

Litters of Christmas puppies are always Capricorns, since the dates for this sign extend from December 21 to January 20. Capricorn is the last of the trilogy of Earth signs, and their quality is Cardinal. That means they are born to be the boss and are never really comfortable in another role.

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How Capricorn Traits Manifest in Your Dog🐕

Capricorn dogs tend to be serious and purposeful, just like humans born under the sign of the Goat. If you have ever seen a mountain goat perched precariously upon a high peak, you might wonder how on earth they ascended to such dizzying heights.

The answer, of course, is one sure-footed step at a time. That is just how it is for your Cappy dog. These dogs are natural workers with a methodical approach to getting the job done. They learn easily and don’t tend to forget the tasks that they are supposed to do.

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Is a Capricorn Dog Good with Other Pack Members?

Absolutely! They love to work in groups (think of a team of Huskies pulling a sled across the Tundra) but will always seek the top-dog role in any pack. Their ascension to the Alpha role is less a result of any belligerence than their quiet campaign to outsmart their competitors.

Within their human pack, Cappy dogs do best when their roles are clearly defined. They understand the pecking order and will settle in comfortably with any family grouping. They can be trusted to keep a keen eye on the kids and will step in and run interference between your children and any dangers that threaten their well-being.

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How You Can Motivate a Capricorn Pup

Capricorns have an innate understanding of the carrot-and-stick philosophy. Of course, the stick is not a literal reference to committing animal abuse. It’s merely a metaphor for the corrective measures you employ when training your dog. Still, your Capricorn dog much prefers to be rewarded for their good deeds than scolded for any mistakes.

These pups possess a lot of doggy common sense. They will sit back and observe the goings-on and refrain from participating in the melee. This sober nature is often present even in young puppies. By the time a Cappy dog reaches his middle or senior years, he’s usually learned to relax a bit.

Then, you might be astonished to witness him cutting up and cavorting freely. Don’t be too startled. He finally figured out that having a bit of fun is worth any admonishment he may get from you for his antics.

Capricorn Dogs and Their Relationship with Food

Weight gain can plague sedentary Capricorn dogs. They will eat almost any brand of dog food and love to be rewarded with delicious treats. Keeping them on low-calorie kibble can reduce the likelihood of their gaining too much weight. Their joints are vulnerable to injuries caused by excess poundage, and that can reduce both the length and quality of their lives.

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Who Makes an Ideal Owner for Capricorn Canine?

Since Capricorns are known as “the thinking man’s dog,” they do well with owners who are also very goal-oriented and successful. These types of owners frequently choose expensive dogs as a sign of the owner’s elevated status. If you choose a pedigreed Capricorn dog or puppy, make sure it is healthy and wasn’t bred in a puppy mill.

Since Capricorn dogs are Earth signs, they love the outdoors and going on long hikes with their owners. They are quite adept at navigating even rough terrain. Put them to work carrying supplies in a well-fitted saddle vest. Just be careful not to overburden them with heavy items.

How to Put Your Capricorn Dog at Ease

Consider the innate abilities built into their breed. For instance, if you have a border collie living in an apartment, understand they will attempt to herd the cats, the kids, and anyone else they encounter. They cannot be blamed for doing what centuries of breeding compels them to do.

Canine Goats do best when your expectations of them are very clear. Since they like to work, give them tasks they can easily complete. At the end of the day, make sure they have a comfortable bed for sleeping. Capricorn dogs are excellent companion animals. They are smart, good-natured, and love to please their favorite people in the world.

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