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Leo & Dogs ♌ 🐶

Dogs with birthdays in late summer from July 21 through August 20 fall under the sign of Leo. Symbolized by the Lion, Leo is the second Fire sign and has Fixed qualities that make natives stable and secure.

Just like people born under this Zodiac sign, Leo dogs share many of the same characteristics and traits. They are never going to fade into the background. They adore being the center of attention. But that’s okay because they have Lion-sized personalities and love to mix and mingle with guests.

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Leo Dogs Are Born to Lead

A Leo dog will wind up as pack leader even if it takes a few skirmishes to get to be the top dog. They are brash and bold, but these characteristics are tempered by their big hearts bursting with love.

You will know when a Leo dog is in the house should you visit a friend who owns one. Untrained, they will greet you at the door with leaps and bounds. But Leo dog owners should discourage this type of exuberant behavior because it can overwhelm and scare visitors who are unfamiliar with the dog.

Your Lion likely prefers a house with at least one other dog. Failing that, they will attempt to make friends with the cat. But Leo dogs will always need to be the Alpha dog or pet in your home. While they may have to bide their time when there is already an Alpha pet in residence, they will never be truly comfortable until they are indeed “top dog.”

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What Motivates a Leo Dog?

Your canine Lion thrives on lavish praise, attention, and lots of pets and belly rubs. They will return your affection with licks and their version of hugs. Because of their need to dominate, you may find them hopping up into your favorite recliner when you leave the room.

Teach your Lion a repertoire of tricks so they can show off their skills to others. They crave the praise they get for doing as they are told. In fact, Leo dogs love of attention is so strong that even negative attention is preferable to being ignored. When they are being good dogs, make sure to tell them so effusively.

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Disciplining the Leo Canine

You need to teach your Leo dog that you have the upper hand at all times and are the ultimate pack leader in the home. Don’t let them ever harbor the illusion that they are above you in the pecking order.

If you don’t take control of them when they are pups, they could try to physically dominate you by mounting your leg or sleeping in your space on your bed.

If you have multiple pets in your home, your Leo will often dispense their version of discipline on the younger or Beta pets. This is the way Leos keep the others in line while reinforcing their dominance. Generally, they won’t cross a line and hurt a smaller pet. But if there is a similar-sized dog in your home pack, be vigilant about keeping the two dogs from getting into power struggles, i.e., dog fights.

Leo Puppies’ Relationship with Food

These dogs are chowhounds who expect their dinner on time every evening. If you forget, they might bring you their bowl and drop it dramatically at your feet. Subtlety is not their strong suit.

Don’t take it personally, though. They simply felt they were doing you a favor by reminding you it was time to do your job and feed them. After all, in their mind, you are there to do their bidding.

Give a Dog a Job

If you want your Leo dog to be justifiably proud of himself, teach him how to do a job. It shouldn’t be a mundane job, either. Give them an important task like fetching you a cold one from the refrigerator while you watch the game.

This lets them fulfill a vital role where they can show off their prowess to your guests. Leo dogs are smart and enjoy the challenges you give them.

They Wear It Well

If you are so inclined, feel free to dress them up in doggy apparel. At the least, make sure they sport a fine leather collar. This lets them stand out in the crowd. Acknowledging how special they are makes your Leo a very happy dog.

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