Cats of Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) ♑😼 Overview

Capricorn cats are wise beyond their years, even as kittens. They may not be the most affectionate cats of the bunch, but they’re reliable and solid companions. They do like to spend time alone whenever possible, so perhaps they are not the best options for families who already have loads of pets.

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They are the happiest whenever they get to work. In the case of cats, working takes the shape of hunting, so they may be happier as outdoor cats or with a backyard available. If they live in an apartment, there are still things you can do for them, though. Capricorn cats are very grounded and they stay present in the moment. They like to show you they’re the boss through power plays you may find funny or annoying.

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Capricorn kittens ♑😼 have an innate understanding of how the world works

Capricorn cats are born mature. They know what’s up in the world and what’s required of them, even as kittens. They are very much about accepting their duty and companions and hunters from the get-go. They have a need to be active and they need to hunt a lot, not only to exhaust their energy but to keep their self-esteem at a healthy level. The ideal situation for them would be to have access to a garden or a backyard in a geographical area where there are many eligible critters available. if they live in an apartment, there are still ways for you to stimulate their hunting instinct and scratch that itch for them. For example, you can buy pretty realistic toys that simulate being moving rats or fish or create a labyrinth made up of exciting stimuli.

Cat Capricorns are reliable companions

They aren’t the most affectionate cats out there, but they will step up in times of crisis. They know how to a rock you can rely on. They’re very solid, even when they themselves are upset or nervous. They have this unbelievable wisdom, too. They seem to understand human problems perfectly well and know what to console you when you’re sad. So that definitely makes up in spades for not getting as many snuggles.

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These cats require plenty of me-time

Capricorn cats do like their alone time, so they may not be the best suited to a household that’s full of children and/or pets. If there are other beings that may tire them out, make sure there’s ample space for them to wander off on their own when they need to. They also like to show you they’re boss. They may do so by hanging out on high shelves and the top of furniture, as, for cats, being literally higher in altitude than the other members of the household means that they hold more power than everyone else. If you test their patience, they will remind you that they’re boss by testing yours in a much more annoying way. If they don’t get their way, they will disturb your sleep and even make a mess when you’re not there.

Capricorn cats can give the more anxious among you a lesson on staying present in the moment. They can be great Emotional Support Animals for people who need to learn this specific lesson. You can often see them enjoying the moment, sunbathing in the garden or by a window, or simply enjoying a restful nap.

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In short, Capricorn cats are wise and mature, even as kittens! They are not the most affectionate but they are solid companions when the going gets hard. They do like to be active and they’re particularly fond of hunting, so they’re better suited to houses with gardens and big backyards. They know how to stay in the moment and be present, so they can be a great companion for anxious people. They do like to be by themselves every once in a while, so they don’t mind being left by their own devices for a short period of time.

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