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The Cats of Leo ♌😼

Leo cats (July 23 – August 22) are high on the drama. They will be the center of your world, or at least of your attention, whether you want to or not. They are proud and they can be rather stubborn when it comes to proving their prowess and their abilities as hunters. They may be the calmest of the Fire signs, though, as they channel their extra energy on the drama rather than on physical exercise.

Leo cats are dramatic

They’ll throw a huge tantrum whenever they don’t get their way. They can easily become spoiled, so be careful with that. However, they are also really charismatic and tend to be highly photogenic. They’ll make an unforgettable pet you and your friends won’t stop talking about, and you’ll be able to take great pictures of them.

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Stubborn kitties

They can be really stubborn when it comes to proving that they are the alpha of the house. They will not stop until they’re able to bring a suitable offering, such as a dead bird or bug, to the house. They may become frustrated if they’re not able to do this. Consider buying them a realistic toy of a prey, such as the mouse, bird, bug, etc., they may enjoy that. Leo cats are territorial and they may not be a suitable choice in a home where there are also pets that are potentially prey, such as rabbits or parakeets.

Attention seekers

Above all, a Leo cat craves attention from their person. They are the kind of cat who will start desperately crying in the middle of the night, for you to wake up worried that they’re in pain, only to find that they want 3 AM snuggles. If you’re inattentive, they may also make a mess or destroy a thing you like, just to ensure they have your attention. A young or feral Leo cat will give you lots of headaches, but you’ll be rewarded by a warm, friendly presence and great pictures for your social media.

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Leo kitties need their playtime

It’s a good idea to regularly tire your Leo cat out. If they resist leash training, try energetic play inside your apartment. If your Leo cat is entertained, they’ll have less energy for their more annoying stunts. Active play makes them feel like you’re paying attention to them, meeting one of their core needs. Take your time to discover what kind of toys your Leo cat likes and devote at least half an hour a day to mindfully play with them.

Cats born under the Leo sign can communicate well

It’s very easy to communicate with your Leo cat because their body language and their reactions are crystal clear. Even though they can be quite intense and require some extra effort in the form of attention, they can make great cats for first-time cat parents because of this very reason. A smooth communication with a Leo cat in which you can interpret their needs and wants is entirely possible. In that regards, it does make you feel like a cat whisperer sometimes with a Leo kitty.

They’re protectors

Leo cats can also be very protective of their homes and everyone who lives in them. They are very effective when setting boundaries. They can also make great leaders if you have multiple cats, and especially if you plan to adopt kittens in the future. They will adopt the role of an older sibling and protect the kittens from harm.

Versatile cats

Leo cats are a great choice for a large family because they tend to be affectionate towards children and the elderly. They want to get everyone’s attention and they like to cater to everyone’s taste.


In short, Leo cats can be drama queens and require more attention than the average cat. Mindful, active play may be needed to keep them happy. However, they make up for it with their warmth and charisma, and they certainly make great models for your social media, be it Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube! They’re also great cats for large families or even families where there are lots of cats, as they’ll make themselves loved by every member of the family and adopt a big sibling role with the other cats (although they’ll try their best to be the alpha). However, they may not be the smartest choice if you have bunnies or other animals that they may perceive as prey.

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