The Aries♈ Cat😼

Cats born between March 21st and April 19th are Aries♈ natives. They tend to have lots of energy and vitality and need a lot of exercise.

an orange aries cat
These cats are natural leaders of the pack who don’t mind rough play with the other pets of the house to show them who’s boss. They show they care about you by playing with you or trying to hunt for prey to bring their fair share to the household. They may want to go out and have adventures and experience the outside world. If you want to help them do just this safely, you can leash train them as soon as possible.

Aries kitties 😼 have explosive tempers

They may get very angry all of a sudden and then quickly get over it – after having a huge tantrum and taking it out on a toilet paper roll, of course. Their emotions are very easy to read and they tend to get over them rather quickly. They can be pretty easy to anger, so beware of not doing anything you know they find annoying. However, these kitties are not the type to keep grudges and they’ll be back to their purring and cuddly selves in no time.

They are the happiest when they get to explore the world and have adventures. If they could have their way, no two days would be the same. Their temper is noticeable when they’re kittens and peaks during adolescence. Usually, the Aries cat’s temper mellows as they age but that is not a given.

Feline Aries are independent kitties

Aries cats know what they want and what they don’t want, and they’ll make sure they get it. They can be very happy and cuddly when you give them exactly what they want, but they can also get really irritated with you when you do something that they have let you know multiple times is annoying. Their moods don’t change without reason as a Pisces or a Gemini cat might. When they go from purry to cranky, there’s always a logical explanation – cat logic, that is.

cat in sheep skin

Cats of Aries are blessed with boundless energy

Aries cats have a lot of stamina and need more exercise than the average cat. If you live in a small apartment, consider investing in a cat tree to make use of the vertical space. You can also have some shelves installed so they can jump around. Aries cats certainly do love heights! You can also leash train them and go for walks with them. We’ll talk about this in detail when we discuss their need for adventure.

Born leaders of the litter

Like human Aries, Feline Aries are also natural leaders. If you have multiple cats or even multiple pets, you’ll sometimes see your Aries cats try to establish that they are the alpha. Their attempts don’t always succeed but they make pretty good leaders when they do. These cats of Aries are loving (but tough) big brothers and big sisters to smaller kittens. They’ll work hard to establish their authority, but they’ll also keep a constant eye on them and teach them some great things.

the ram

Leash train early

An Aries cat has a great need for adventure. Getting them leash trained and collar trained ensures that they can safely enjoy their surroundings and even some hikes and road trips. Aries cats are not ones to stay home and relax. They need the thrill of the outside world. Leash training can for sure be a challenge, especially with such a moody cat as an Aries cat, but the rewards will be abundant for both yourself and your cat. Your cat will be happier because they will satisfy their need for adventure and exploration, as well as their endless need for exercise. You, in turn, will benefit from nights full of rest as your highly energetic cat sleeps through the night, exhausted and processing all that happened during their adventure.


An Aries cat is perfect for you if you’re a cat person but don’t want to miss out on some of the benefits of having a dog, especially those that have to do with leading a more active lifestyle. They will require patience for leash training and some investment on cat trees and shelves so they can exercise, even in a small space. They are very easy to read and easy to please if you give them exactly what they want when they want it. Overall, Aries cats are great cats for people who want to try out having a cat for the first time but have only had dogs up to this point. They may be challenging for long-time cat owners who are used to their pets wanting to stay home and relax.

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