Cats of Sagittarius Overview ♐😼

If your cat was born between November 23rd and December 21st, you have a Sagittarius cat. Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign of the zodiac and it’s ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. This sign’s uniqueness comes from their passion, curiosity, intensity, and adaptability. Sagittarius is a Fire sign and its colors are blue and purple.

sagittarius black cat

Sagittarius kitties are explorers

Sagittarius cats ♐😼 love to explore, they most certainly will go to where no other cat has gone before. These cats are full of energy and quite cheerful. They can naturally boost your energy and humor just by walking into the room. They are naturally easygoing and will most certainly be the first to welcome your guests and ask for some love from whoever comes to your house.

sagittarius kitty

The wanderlust of feline Sagittarius

Charming, funny, and fun, they will always be looking for a new adventure. Cats have been companions to humans for centuries now, and if you ever read or hear about traveling cats, they probably were Sagittarius kittens. They are the best candidates for travel and even a trip to the vet won’t phase these curious pets. Just make sure their carrier or transport form offers a good view and secure closures. If they are not quite fond of carriers, try a harness that you can clip into the seatbelt.

Cats with the sign of Archer are born hunters

Don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius kitten ever brings you a prey as a gift. Sagittarius cats are natural hunters both indoors and outdoors. So chances are that they’ll bring you a few trophies as a sign of their love to you. Just make sure to praise them for their hunting skills and get them some wand-like toys. Sagittarius cats are also great at learning how to fetch – not only do dogs get to have fun fetching!

If your cat is an indoor-only kind of pet, they probably love bird sightings and watching animal documentaries. Try turning your TV on a bird’s and squirrel program and see if it’s of their interest. You can also place a bird’s feeder outside a window for them to watch from the inside of the house.

the archer symbol

Scorpio cats need their private space

Sagittarius cats are extremely loyal and friendly, you should never doubt their love for their human. But they also like their freedom, like any native of this sign. So don’t suffocate them or they’ll make sure you notice their discontent. They do best with owners who respect their need for freedom and some personal space. If you don’t have some outdoor space or the one that you have is not that safe, consider leash training to satisfy their hunger for exploring, both you and your cat will be thankful for it.

They prefer a larger living area

Just like Gemini cats, Sagittarius kittens don’t do well in small and restrictive spaces. If they are ever in this situation they will probably start pacing and meowing to show their discomfort. Give them plenty of space to run around indoors on multiple surfaces and heights. Include safe vertical space or they might end up knocking some books and other goodies from your bookshelves. Look for some shelves exclusive for them to climb or some sort of tall kitty condo. You can even create one yourself looking for ideas on the internet.

outdoor cat

Extremely curious

Sagittarius cats are very curious pets and this curiosity of theirs might lead them to wander into spaces they shouldn’t such as closets, dryers, dishwashers or even a neighbor’s home. Check drawers and other places before closing the door so you don’t lock them inside by accident. For cats who can’t resist sneaking out the door, teach basic commands of “come, sit and stand.” Because of their outdoorsy tendencies make sure to put them some ID tags for safety and neutering them so they don’t get into territorial fights with other cats.


Sagittarius cats are hard to resist, with their friendly personality and love of exploration. They are the perfect companion for those who love discovering new places and having many adventures as well.

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