How to Flirt with a Scorpio person? Is the Scorpio man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Scorpio and flirting ANSWERED below.

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Scorpio Flirting Guide

The first thing to know about Scorpio is that there is no middle ground with them. They are either hot to trot or cold as ice. As a fixed sign, they are not likely to change positions on any issues or their feelings. However, if they do a 180 on any stance they have previously taken, it will be completely on their own terms and not subject to influences of or beguilement by others. 

Scorpio Personality Recap

You will notice their intensity immediately. Whether it is the way they always look directly into your eyes when speaking with you or the way they almost hypnotize you with their words, this sign connects with your very soul. This sustained intensity can be too much for many people, and that’s fine. It’s better for Scorpio to separate the chaff from the wheat early on because the ride is just going to get wilder. 

Anatomy of a Scorpio Flirtation 

Scorpio men like to be the pursuers in any flirtations or relationships. They can be blatant about their intentions, even crude, if it’s just about the conquest and they have no feelings invested in that person. 

But Scorpios of both sexes can also be incredibly subtle when they make their moves. So subtle that the object of their affections may be left confused, thinking, “was s/he just flirting with me?”  

Yes. Yes, they definitely were. It might even have been nonverbal, holding your hand a beat or two longer than necessary when they shook it. They may have brushed past you in the crowd and pressed their hand gently but noticeably against the small of your back. Maybe they reached out and touched your face very gently across the table and said something about a crumb being caught up in your moustache.

If you know, you know. They were checking to see whether you did. 

Their Own Passion Play

Why the mystery and subterfuge? That’s just how they like it. Scorpios love to figure things out, and people are just an extension of that. Just as Scorpios make excellent surgeons and detectives because they excel at getting to the root of the problem or the heart of the matter, they want to see what you don’t show them. If you have a secret, they will ferret it out. They pick up on every clue you carelessly drop. They file it away in their mental vault to examine later for context and meaning. 

Don’t bother lying to them, either. Whether it’s a big whopper or a little white lie you hardly even realize you told them, they will know. They might not even know how they know you’re lying, just that you are. And then they have to figure out why it was that you lied. 

What Happens When You Flirt with A Scorpio (Successfully)

You might be thinking that flirting with a Scorpio is just too much work with not enough payoff to bother. But you could then miss out on some of the most fun and passionate experiences of your life to date. 

That’s because Scorpio makes sure that all the work they put into the flirtatious build-up is well worth the effort when they win the prize, and that prize, of course, is you.

This sign knows just how to push all your erotic buttons (and even ones you never knew you had). It is never just a roll in the hay with them. It is important to the Scorpio lover to give you all they have to give. When it’s over (and with Scorpio, it may never be really over), you will wonder why you ever put up a fight. 

The Other Side of the Scorpion 

You should understand that as good as it can be with your Scorpio – it can also be so bad. Most Scorpio break-ups will be on their terms because that’s just how they roll. The same one who took you to the highest highs is equally capable of dragging you to the lowest lows. They steal hearts on the regular, discarding you and your love as they move on down the line. 

Why do they do this? If you ask them, they might not even know. Most of the time, it is an inner fear of letting someone get too close to them, get under their skin, and steal their heart away. So, they will cut and run before they ever let themselves get hurt. 

But if they are in it for the long haul, if they decide you are indeed “the one,” you will never find a lover as loyal as a Scorpio in love. They are your ride-or-die for life. Your destiny is linked with theirs until the last breath — and maybe even in the Great Beyond. 

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