How to flirt with a Capricorn person? Is the Capricorn man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Capricorn and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

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Capricorn Flirting Guide

The most serious zodiac sign is Capricorn. It is the third and final of the trio of Earth signs, and as the last Cardinal sign, it heralds the coming of winter. Because its ruling planet is Saturn – the planet of authoritarianism and limitations – those born under this sign tend to be quite serious. With that in mind, Cappy natives are not very flirtatious. To them, flirtation is a waste of time when there is so much else that they need to be doing. 

In fact, Capricorns view flirting the way they do so many other of life’s frivolities. It is something they must endure to get what they want. Make no mistake; Capricorn is no ascetic who wants to be alone. They have a strong sex drive and want to marry and have families. So, if they must flirt to accomplish those things, then flirt they will.

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Why Do Capricorns Flirt?

Capricorns are traditionalists. They want an attractive, well-coiffed spouse who believes in the same hardworking values and traditional roles that they do. They are attracted to people who are well-read and educated. This is less for the stimulating intellectual discussions they can share together than it is because educated people tend to get better jobs and go farther in life. 

That is the endgame for the sea-goat. Capricorn’s motto is “the one who dies with the most stuff wins.” Everything they do is about improving their lot in life, and that definitely includes their choice of life partner. They do not seek out the frivolous, the women with blue or pink hair or men with tattoos and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  

Capricorns aren’t much for hanging out in bars. But that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy a local wine-tasting event or kicking back at home on the deck with a tumblerful of good scotch, blowing smoke rings with a Cuban cigar. If you are looking to snag a sea-goat, you might also find them at the Young Republicans table on college campuses or running for the local school board. 

Can You Really Call That Flirting – Or an Interview?

If you accept a date with a sea-goat, you could understandably be confused by their tendency to dominate the conversation by peppering you with questions about your background, your family, and your beliefs. It certainly can feel more like an interview than a casual date. That’s because it is. 

You can be sure that if you don’t “pass” the initial interview/date, there will be no other chance to correct a bad first impression. Why waste their time or yours on a mismatch when there are others out there who also need to be screened? 

Romance As a Commodity

Those who pass the Sea-Goat’s rigorous initial screening process are likely in for a treat. Capricorns place great faith in systems promoting consequences and rewards. Your second and subsequent date(s) are likely to be much nicer than that first nightmare of an interview date. 

Now, they believe in pulling out all the stops. Not only will they dress to impress, but they’ll also make sure that the venue for the date is top-notch. Think Michelin 5-star restaurants, front-row seats at sold-out concerts, opening night premieres and gallery openings. Not only does this give them a chance to impress their date, but it also accomplishes the dual purpose of allowing them to see and be seen by the movers and shakers they want most to impress. 

Tips for Flirting with Capricorn

Are you trying to capture a Capricorn? Here is a tip that is worth its weight in gold: Don’t trifle with their feelings. Unlike some Zodiac signs that might be amused or intrigued watching you flirt with others, this sign will write you off forever without ever giving you a second glance. You’re done. Fini, finito. That simply distills for them the fact that you aren’t serious, and Capricorn doesn’t have time for anyone whom they can’t take seriously. Your word is your bond (or should be), at least in the sea-goat’s world. 

If your actions don’t align with what your words profess, there really isn’t a whole lot more for the two of you to talk about. Cappys are not drama kings or queens. In fact, they hate those overwrought displays of emotional immaturity. Remember, they are promoting their agenda at all times, and drama just doesn’t fit into that scenario. 

When You’re Ready to Settle Down

Once you’ve sown all your wild oats and gotten all your ya-yas out, Capricorns make great mates. They’re solid, steady, and focused on their families. They don’t like to get divorced (it triggers the necessity of flirting and dating), so if there are problems in the marriage, they are the type who are likely to stick around and make it work. 

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