How to flirt with a Sagittarius person? Is the Sagittarius man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Sagittarius and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

Sagittarius flirt

Sagittarius Flirting Guide

In a word, the Sagittarian flirting style can be described as playful. After the all-or-nothing, almost life or death struggle with Scorpio natives, what a relief this lightheartedness can be. The sporty Archer likes to have as much fun as possible wherever they go, and it is that energy they bring to their flirtatious interactions with their love interests. 

Because they so love a good game, many of their dates take place against the backdrop of sporting events. From fencing to football, be prepared to attend the match or game and cheer on the home team. These freewheeling antics help show Sag off in the best possible light while giving both parties time to focus on something other than how well the date might be going. 

Sagittarian’s Emotional Detachment

All their playful qualities are designed to keep you skimming along the surface of your Sagittarian’s true personality. Eventually, however, it might drive you crazy when they ask for the fourth time how you take your coffee because they never cared enough to remember in the first place.

But don’t make a big deal out of it. Fighting about daily relationship minutiae like this is anathema to them. You might just as well swing the door wide and toss them out. Because arguing over things like coffee preferences and overdue bills is so not what Sagittarians want to waste time doing. 

You could be well into the relationship before you begin to wonder whether you will always just be a placeholder for them. You try to scratch the surface of their personas and discover that there is precious little “there” there. Just what is going on between you and your Archer after all? 

How Do Sagittarius Decide Who to Flirt With?

Archers innately realize that falling in love can slow them down. They approach life as one big adventure that is ultimately theirs to explore unfettered. Part of winning the Archer’s game involves them not getting caught and losing their hearts.  

While they don’t want to wander the world perennially alone, neither do they much feel the weighted pull of distant home fires burning. Thus, they seek out others who know how to play the game and who don’t mind remaining just as footloose and fancy free. 

Flirting That Leaves You Wanting for More

Sagittarians are full of stories of various meet-cutes they experience as they wend their way through life. Ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter, this sign loves to gamble and play games of chance. They may look at you more as their lucky touchstone than life partner. If you are the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, this can sting a bit while you wait for a relationship to deepen that never seems to quite get off the ground. 

Sagittarius talks a good game about digging water wells in the Peace Corps or riding camels across the desert. But if you try to steer the discussion back to what is going on with “us,” you might suddenly find that your elusive Archer has slipped the net entirely. The next time you hear from them might be a late-night call from Vegas urging you to hop on a plane because they miss their good luck charm. Or they may write you a maudlin, drunken missive just before shipping out to join the fighting forces as a soldier of fortune. 

Female Archers may be less prone to jet off to war zones, but these flighty, flirtatious types can be just as hard to get a bead on in a relationship. They, too, have healthy sexual appetites that they must sate with regular carnal activities. As the last in the trio of Fire signs, Sagittarians have a dramatic flair they bring into their relationships. Never bore them, as that is the death knell of your tryst with the Archer’s sign. 

Take a Shot from Cupid’s Bow

Eventually, even the most intrepid Sagittarian starts to slow their frenetic pace. Their knees begin to give out or their biological clocks start ticking louder and louder. They start to catch the scent of smoke from distant hearth fires, and it begins to call them home. It is then that they look around and realize that their wandering days have finally wound down. 

Now is the time to make your move if you have set your sights on Sagittarius. You now know enough about this sign to realize they abhor clingy, needful partners, so make sure your own life is full on its own merits.

They just aren’t built to complete someone else, but they can complement them nicely. Show the Archer how the two of you make the ultimate winning team. As long as you continue to hold on loosely, they will never want you to let go.

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