How to flirt with a Gemini person? Is the Gemini man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Gemini and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

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It is easy to spot the Geminis in every crowd, as they tend to keep their youthful looks long after the rest of their contemporaries start showing signs of aging. Geminis fall under the rulership of planet Mercury, and those Mercurial qualities are apparent in their intrinsically capricious and fickle natures.

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Geminis Flirt, Because They Are.

When it comes to flirting, Gemini wrote the book and played the role in the movie that followed. But seriously, for Geminis of both genders, flirting comes to them as naturally as breathing. They don’t mean anything by it, so jealous paramours or spouses should realize this and not bother fussing with the ones they love. Geminis also don’t set out to hurt their partners by flirting. They truly don’t even mean to do it. But it’s such an ingrained behavior to them that they are not sure how to act when they aren’t flirting.

How to Flirt with Gemini?

Always quick-witted, verbal ripostes roll right off Geminis’ silver tongues. If they ever took it seriously, they could excel at debate. Their nimble minds adapt organically to complex subjects like foreign languages and the study of law. But they are challenged by their inability to get out of their own ways. 

Flirting with a Gemini requires a sharp and agile mind that can deftly shift mental gears and catch all the double entendres, word play, and even puns — yes, the real groaners. Geminis have this vital need to connect with others verbally in order to advance their relationship to its next level.

For some Zodiac signs like oh-so-Fixed Scorpio or dreamy Pisces, Gemini’s need for near-constant expository chatter and ongoing verbal feedback would be torturous. But for a Gemini to finally find a soulmate who can keep up with their mental gymnastics and facile stories, it can be like coming home.

But it takes more than talk to get a relationship off the ground. Geminis simply use their conversational skills to separate the chaff from the wheat so a relationship can reach its growth potential. In the airy realms of these summer-born babes, all that superfluous chatter is more of an audition to see which candidate could be worthy of their continued emotional investment.

Flirting 101 – Know Your Enemy

Gemini is one of the signs that have a duality at the heart of their essential natures. As their sign symbolically implies, twins can represent both elements of good and bad that co-exist inside a single person. It is the evil twin, you see, that causes all the problems for the suave and charming Gemini.

When they aren’t embarking on a Gemini adventure, these folks can use their words and wit to keep away those who would get too close. Then, the Gemini native would be forced to acknowledge that it is their own unique and glorious imperfections that make them so special and well-loved.

Gemini Loyalty & How They Flirt in a Committed Relationship

It might seem as though these mercurial souls are much too glib and superficial to be faithful to a partner or a relationship. While they are oh-so-quick to flirt with and tease the opposite sex, most married Geminis would be downright horrified if someone took them up on their words and expected real action.

With this ever-mutable first Air sign, all the verbal jousting is just another type of smoke and mirrors designed to keep the masses interested in whatever they may be trying to sell. If you really want to know what makes a Gemini stick around for the duration, watch how they move their expressive hands as they share yet another version of a story.

There they are, forever the center of attention for the ensemble cast they know and love. Just as the story reaches its conclusion and the laughter swells around them, notice how their hand snakes out for a brief squeeze of their spouse’s hand. It’s that quick touch woven so seamlessly into the recitation that tells anyone who has been watching what the real deal is.

Geminis use these quick recalibrations with their lovers as wordless touchstones to convey all that remains unsaid but is fully known. That quick caress or squeeze you may not be sure you really saw speaks volumes in the language of love between two partners. Remember, too, that all signs (and even all partners), given the perfect storm of situations, are capable of cruelly cheating on their most beloved ones of all.

So, don’t be fooled by these fast-talking charmers into dismissing an often-superficial Gemini as a mere lightweight when it comes to cherishing their one true love. You don’t ever have to see it for it still to be so real.

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