How to flirt with an Aries person? Is the Aries man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Aries and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

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Aries Flirting Guide

Those born under the fiery first Zodiac sign of Aries are bold, brash, and headstrong. Much like an infant or toddler, they want what they want when they want it.

They have few filters, and the art of subtlety is lost on them. They believe in being upfront and cutting through all the superficial stuff to get right down to business.

Aries natives take a direct approach to flirting with those to whom they are attracted. While there are some gender differences in how they approach their targets, both Aries men and women typically come on strong with their potential paramours. If an Aries native is interested in you, you will be aware of it. 

Someone born either in late March or in April will clearly express their flirtatious intentions. Once you understand what to expect from your chosen Ram, you can learn how to react to keep their interest piqued.

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How Does an Aries Woman Flirt?

Female Aries are born knowing how to attract a man’s attention. In a group of women, the Aries gal stands out from the crowd.

At the club, she is the one wearing bold colors and laughing heartily with her head tossed back. In the workplace, she runs the meeting with an authoritative, take-charge style.

Even if this April-born lady is not your cup of tea, you must admire her confidence and inherent ability to command the respect and admiration of others. 

Be prepared if an Aries female claims your heart as hers. Once she fixes you with that laser gaze, your knees may weaken. Buck up! Aries women need strong partners who are worthy of their ardent attention. Less powerful men might not be capable of holding Aries’ focus long enough to get a relationship past the initial flirting phase.

How Does an Aries Man Flirt?

When a male Aries sets his sights on a romantic partner, it becomes a quest for him. With an Aries man, the pursuit is the point.

Smoother, more sophisticated Aries suitors are reminiscent of the gallant knights of old. From atop their trusty white steeds, they come charging to the rescue of the damsels in distress. They can appear to have or even be the solution to all their ladies’ problems. 

That type of full-court press can be flattering to some love interests, but to others, it can be a bit overwhelming. From the point of view of an Aries, flirtation is a competition – and they don’t like to lose.

The impulsive Aries nature can lead natives to make a series of grand gestures, like sending bouquets of flowers to your workplace after a date or love-bombing you with calls and texts. 

Once they have achieved their goal and gotten their love interest enthralled with them, the Aries guy may quickly lose interest. It can be quite challenging to maintain that level of fervor in a relationship. While the chase is equally exciting and inspiring, the prosaic interactions between two partners can’t compare to the excitement of the pursuit. Without something substantial to hold their interest, the Rams may be poised to dash out of the barn in hot pursuit of their next conquest. 

How to Flirt with Aries and Attract Them

Bring your “A” game if you hope to turn an Aries’ head, male or female. Understand that, for an Aries, the game of love is the ultimate competition. They want to win, of course. But they demand a worthy opponent, so don’t make the conquest too easy for them or they will move on down the line.  

Aries of both sexes like to add notches to their belts or lipstick cases. They tend to validate their own self-worth and attractiveness by seeing how many lovers and broken hearts they can collect as they make their way through life. 

If you run into a Ram worth keeping, you will need to capture their attention. While they must be the initial pursuer in the relationship, they also want a readily responsive mate who knows how to keep them on their toes. Around Aries, never be a shrinking violet or a lackadaisical partner. Bring on the fiery passion to match their own and show them you are worthy of their time, attention, and most importantly – their love.

While they aren’t the most loyal ride-or-die signs of the Zodiac, an Aries Ram can indeed be tamed by the love of a partner who matches their desires and keeps them intrigued.

Aries Can Be Aggressive

Less polished Aries individuals may become physically aggressive in their flirting styles. They might not be willing to take no for an answer if their overtures get rebuffed.

Fortunately, most won’t linger long where their attentions are not wanted. They simply move along to a more receptive audience.

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