HOW TO FLIRT with an Aquarius person? Is the Aquarius man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Aquarius and flirting ANSWERED below.

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Aquarius Flirting Guide

Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is the last of the Air signs and its quality is Fixed. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet responsible for everything that is a little quirky or downright zany in the world – with Aquarians definitely included in that group.

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How Aquarius Gets Its Flirt On

Prepare yourself for a mental tete-a-tete when you interact with Water-Bearers. It’s not that they don’t want to ravish your body – they will – but it’s your mind they prefer to poke through first. They love using people as sounding boards to bounce some of their crazier ideas off.  

They love computers, so the idea of online dating appeals to many Aquarians. It allows them to eliminate lesser contenders without the mess of actual in-person meets where someone might get all in their feels when Aquarius was just playing around. What may be a bit more problematic for them is the ability to transition those online interactions into face-to-face relationships, replete with all the joys and troubles they entail. 

Their Flirting Might Involve Some Detachment

Understand that although they don’t mean to ever hurt you, that might actually happen regardless. They aren’t cruel, but they can seem callous simply because they don’t show a lot of emotion. Many of the happiest unions involving Aquarians begin as strong friendships that somewhere along the line morph into something more. 

This doesn’t mean that sexual desire and physical attraction are not important to an Aquarian, because they are. It simply means that some of what Aquarius finds to be sexy and/or appealing may be a little less middle of the road than they are with most other Zodiac signs. Put plainly, they don’t care what you like. They are only interested in the traits and qualities they value in their own prospective partners. 

Friendly or Flirting Could Be Difficult to Distinguish

Make no mistake — Water-bearers have plenty of friends. Some have been close pals since childhood, others they’ve picked up along the way, at schools, festivals, jobs, and events. Perhaps some they first encountered in quite unusual ways, like stopping on the highway and giving rides to hitchhikers.  

Aquarians have few fears of others, only an unslakable curiosity about the different lifestyles they may lead. This could even result in Aquarians experiencing gender fluidity and experimenting with different sexual identities before settling into their eventual comfort zones. 

They don’t like prudes and will weed them out early in the dating/flirting process. Many Aquarians count their former lovers among their present-day best friends. They also can cross boundaries between friends and lovers (which can confuse some of their partners) and might dabble in polyamory. If you decide to hitch your wagon to an Aquarian’s star, be prepared for just about anything to go down. 

Flirting with and Attracting Aquarius

If you want to attract the attention of an Aquarius man or woman, be prepared to stand out from the crowd. Attend the rave. Dye your hair shocking pink. Get the sleeve tattoo. Wear a nose ring. Cosplay at the Comic-Con. Read Kerouac. Vote liberal. 

All of the above will make an Aquarius take a second look. They are attracted to interesting people. Interest tops attraction to them. They seek out people who are not traditionally beautiful or classically handsome. Yet, those folks manage to stand out from the crowd and draw in Aquarius, regardless. 

A Spark of Intuition

While Aquarius has none of the deep psychic gifts of Pisces or Scorpio, they do tend to have a certain intuitive spark that allows them to tap into what makes others tick. Aquarius is second only to Scorpio in its need to get to the very core of what motivates those around them. It is even stronger when the person is their romantic partner or love interest. 

If you want to appeal to an Aquarius, cultivate a bit of an air of mystery about you. Take a controversial stance on a topic in hot debate. Just be prepared to defend it heartily unless you want Aquarius to verbally eviscerate you in a war of words. While that approach might not work for all signs, it will pique the interest of most Water-bearers. 

Cultivate a Love of Learning 

Most Aquarians continue learning about any number of topics all their lives. Many are autodidacts with little formal education after secondary school. Yet these are the folks you see well into their late 60s wearing tie-dyed Grateful Dead T-shirts and dreadlocks while they audit free courses at their local community colleges and universities. 

Aquarius is a sign ruled by its intellect (which can be considerable) rather than its heart. They are the inventors, the brainiacs, the visionaries who see much farther than most of us are capable of ever imagining. And they can rock your world.

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