How to flirt with a Cancer person? Is the Cancer man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Cancer and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

Cancer Flirting Guide

The Crab represents the sign of Cancer, and like crabs on the beach, they scuttle sideways as they move. While crabs can move both forward and backward directly, it’s easier for them to move from side-to-side.

When a Cancer flirts, they will often approach you from the sidelines. Rather than the full-court-press of an Aries or the Chatty Cathy approach of a Gemini, a Cancer is the type to sidle up to you and gently nudge your elbow “accidentally.” That will usually be enough to initiate a brief conversation, during which the intuitive Crab’s antennae scan their target for signs of acceptance or rejection.

That discernment is particularly important for those born in late June or most of July. They never want to send out signals that are not well-received. If they don’t pick up on immediate signs of reciprocal interest, they will withdraw into their shells until they find someone they believe will be more responsive.

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Where to Flirt with a Cancer

Cancers love their homes, and if it is possible to meet and flirt with their love matches from the comforts of their homes, they prefer to do so. Since online dating has made that possible, many Cancers do avail themselves of the free and paid dating apps to meet their potential mates.

One place that it is rare to find a Cancer mate is in a crowded bar. Oh, they like a good strong drink, but Crabs are more likely to have their special seat or booth in a cozy neighborhood bar, much like the set of Cheers, where “everybody knows your name.” There, they can relax and come out of their shells because their neighborhood bar is the next best thing to their own living room.

At the bar, if they are interested in you, they will likely buy you a drink or have the bartender send you a shot of your favorite liquor. When you receive the drink, you might get a slow smile and a wink of acknowledgement. That would be your cue to approach them in person and strike up a conversation.

Cancers Flirt… Traditionally

Crabs are comfortable flirting in ways that are tried and true. In fact, they are a bit of a throwback to an older time when gender roles and expectations were clearly defined and followed. That doesn’t mean that they are incapable of embracing different roles or defying gender stereotypes, because they are. It just might take them a little bit longer to arrive at that point.

Male Cancers often act chivalrously toward the objects of their attention. They might insist on opening and closing doors for you and handling an unwieldy package.

Female Cancers often show their affections by bringing their love interests home-baked goodies or inviting them over for a full-course meal they’ve prepared from scratch. They understand that the way to someone’s heart is often through their satisfied stomach.

Moods Drive Cancer’s Flirting Style

If you find yourself dating a Crab, be prepared for their mood swings. This sign is ruled by the Moon, and just as the Moon plays a role in the gravitational pull of the tides, it has an effect on the Cancer natives’ moods as well.

You will learn, to your chagrin, amusement, or amazement, that what was so a day, a lunar cycle or even a tidal change ago is no longer the case now. Get used to it, as such is life with your lunar-driven Cancer beau or babe.

But one thing that you can expect is a lot of emotion. Cancers lead with their hearts on their sleeves. They may try to hide their feelings, but these always become apparent. Crabs do not hide their feelings well, like enigmatic Scorpio or cool-minded Aquarius. What you see is what you get — at least for that particular moment in time.

Does Cancer’s Style of Flirting Attract Many?

They don’t attract as many potential love interests as some of the other signs, but that is certainly fine with them. With Cancer, it is always about quality rather than quantity. They tend to take love quite seriously, even from its nascent beginnings.

Cancers seek out partners-for-life. They are not into dating a whirlwind of men or women and would never go out on the town each night with a new date in tow. They know what they want, so that’s whom they seek. The rest is all excelsior, and they would rather be rid of the lot of it and get to the heart of the matter.

Can You Bring the Crab Out of Its Shell?

If your concept of the ideal mate is a gentle, committed soul who will love only you, Cancer might just be the sign who will make all your love dreams come true.

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