How to flirt with a Libra person? Is the Libra man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Libra and flirting ANSWERED in this Astrology guide.

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Libra Flirting Guide

Libra is represented by the Scales, indicating these sun sign natives seek balance in all they do and say. As the second of the trio of Air signs, Libras are good communicators. Their natural diplomacy forms a protective buffer around them when they interact with the baser versions of other Zodiac signs.

Beauty and grace are the hallmarks of Libra. It is what they project and what they seek out in others. When Libras flirt, you can expect to see them light up their little corner of the room where they hold court. Instead of sucking all of the air out of the room when they enter like some other Zodiac signs, Librans instead cast out their invisible nets and draw others to them like moths to the flame.

Libras Are Natural Flirts

It could be said that Libras are in love with love. They love the heady bouquet of a new conquest, the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling they get when they first fall head over heels for someone. Most Libras are physically quite attractive in the conventional sense of the word. Just as like attracts like, they are drawn to other handsome and beautiful types.

These tendencies to be attracted to shine over substance give Libras a reputation for superficiality. It’s an honest assessment, but it does sell the Scales short. We all want what we want in our lives, and these signs want beauty and balance in every aspect of their lives. Chaos and ugliness drive them to distraction, so don’t judge so harshly when they flit by chasing the dream.

Leaving Something to the Imagination

You won’t find many Librans acting crassly or even being overtly sexual in public. They don’t have to do that to get the attention that flows naturally to them. But don’t think for a second that they aren’t aware of their effect on others. They’ll deploy all tools in their arsenal when seeking what they want.

The women might wear suits and blouses with just a peek of a lacy camisole beneath it. Libra men who can afford it won’t buy off-the-rack suits. They favor tailored Italian suits and fine leather belts, shoes, and billfolds. Their appearances draw others to them – and that is just how they like it.

They Will Sell You What You Want to Buy

Libras can charm you right out of your clothes if they try. They are just as likely to be gone by first light and before their words ever get put to the test. Both genders share this trait and the ability to roll out the charm so that they get what they want. Rather than ply their potential conquests with alcohol or other intoxicating substances, they get them “high” on the possibility of love.

Even though they might not put their sexuality on blast in public, Libras certainly can play the field. They come by their reputations as the flirts of the Zodiac quite honestly. The sign of the Scales finds it hard to make decisions in general – and that translates to their life partners as well. Making one decision can forever close the door to myriad possibilities, so it is understandable why they may like to keep those doors propped open.

Promises, Promises

Like all the Air signs, Librans are known for having silver tongues that can talk them both into and out of trouble as needed. What this often translates to in romantic relationships is a lot of mistruths, omissions, even outright lies to their dates and relationship partners.

They might promise you the world, but don’t wait around for its delivery. Your Libra may have already taken off down the road with the next handsome lover or pretty face they see.

What Happens When They Fall in Love?

Eventually, someone is going to come into the Libra’s life who will rock them to their cores. They will fall in love and suddenly all those other flights of fancy will be just that. They will realize that those fleeting feelings they took for love were merely lust or infatuation. Libras will pull out all the stops to make sure that this one is the keeper.

Now, the wining and dining are for real. The floral bouquets keep coming and the women start mentally planning their weddings and naming children they have yet to conceive. They get it now. Finally, they see what all the romance in the world failed to produce – true and lasting love.

It is this love that turns a flirty, promiscuous Libra into putty in the hands of the one whom they have fallen for completely. This strong and fervent love can cause a cheating Libra to give up their games for good. Finally, after searching everywhere, they have found the one who completes them.

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