How to flirt with a Virgo person? Is the Virgo man or woman flirting with you or they’re just being friendly? Get all the questions you have regarding Virgo and flirting ANSWERED below.

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Virgo Flirting Guide

Virgo is symbolized by the Maiden, which might give you pause when it comes to the sign’s approach to flirting. It is true most Virgos are not as brash as Aries, as chatty as Gemini or flamboyant like Leo. However, rest assured — they aren’t all that virginal, either.

But they do tend to play their cards close to their vests. As the Zodiac’s most discerning sign, Virgos are slow to reveal themselves until they feel a heartfelt and genuine connection with a partner.

Virgo’s negative polarity translates into a tendency toward introspection, even introversion. But their mutability opens them up to new experiences to share with their partners.

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Virgo’s Flirting = Mind Games

Virgos don’t toy with your emotions by playing cruel mind games. But September’s sons and daughters have very agile minds. Flirting and courtship often take place on an intellectual plane, at least initially. Most Virgos over-analyze even the most picayune interactions between them and their romantic partners. They scrutinize everything because of the lofty standards to which they hold themselves and others accountable.

What Lies Beneath

Virgos usually aren’t overtly sexual in their appearance. If you didn’t stop to take an admiring second glance, you could overlook the shapely librarian wearing glasses and with her long hair twisted up in a prim and proper bun. But when she shakes out her hair and ditches the glasses, she looks utterly smashing out there on the dance floor.

Male Virgos might also fool you. They can look and even act like buttoned-down accountants, but they love to shed that image like a bad habit and get their flirt on with chosen partners.

How Virgo Flirts in General

Virgos are the fixers of the zodiac. One way that Virgos flirt is by making themselves indispensable to the objects of their affections. Typical Virgos are intrinsically helpful souls who want nothing more than to ease your burdens and solve any dilemmas you may face. Are you moving house and need a guy with a strong back and a reliable pickup truck? Virgo has already offered his services — and he’ll likely bring the boxes.

Female Virgos are much the same, eager to be a helpmate or caregiver when you need one. They will type up your Master’s thesis, do your income taxes for you at the 11th hour and be there to pick you up from your same-day surgery.

That might seem like an unusual way to flirt. But don’t be fooled and think that their motives are completely selfless. They most certainly aren’t. Virgos’ altruism is rooted at least in part by their need to get things done right, i.e., “their way,” the first time.

They Approach Relationships Cautiously

Like the two other Earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, Virgos of both sexes aren’t the type to throw caution to the wind and get all googly-eyed over their latest romantic possibility.

All Earth signs approach life methodically, although Virgo’s measured approach might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The negative polarity of Virgo ensures that they will never be that guy at the party with a lampshade on his head. You also won’t find too many Virgo women dancing with abandon on top of the bar.

A Class Act to Follow

Virgos treat their spouses and partners well. Part of their appeal is the way they anticipate their lovers’ needs. They will surprise you with small but perfect-for-you notions, from Starbucks gift cards to the homemade baked goods they leave on your desk when you’re working late.

When it comes to the first intimacy between a Virgo man and his woman, Virgos want to be the pursuers. Later, once the relationship emerges as the real deal, these guys don’t mind at all when their women occasionally take charge in the romance department.

Perhaps surprisingly for true traditionalists, Virgo males are quick to embrace parity between the sexes. They respect women as their equals in the workplace and in social settings. They usually have good relationships with all the women in their lives — and that includes their exes.

Virgo Woman & Flirting

An old perfume commercial had a ditty with the lines, “She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never, never let you forget you’re a man.” Those simple words are an apt way of describing modern Virgo women. They know what they are good at and don’t try to hide their lights under a bushel.

When she flirts with you, Virgo doesn’t hide her agenda like enigmatic Scorpio. If she is interested in carrying things further, she will let you know on her terms. If you take a pass, her innate grace serves her well. There will be no recriminations or tears from this classy lady. She just bids you good day and moves on.

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