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What Are Virgo’s Colors?

Brown, red, green, and teal are four special colors for Virgo. Keep reading to find out more.


As the Mutable Earth sign, Virgos are great coaches. They are able to bring their adaptability and refining skills to any situation that requires organization and strategy. They know the key to success and like to stick to what they know works, but they’re also willing to break out of the mold if they find there’s a new way to obtain better results.

Virgos aren’t daydreamers, they are analytical and pragmatic. Ruled by Mercury, the planet that represents the way we process and deliver information, those who were born under this sign are not likely to take action without analyzing, researching and categorizing the possible outcomes.

Being an Earth sign, Virgos value work above anything else. They like being hands-on and responsible. This need of being of service may come off as them being uptight, rigid, and inflexible. But they can be responsible and careful, and still let themselves go when the time is right. Luckily, as they’re mutable, they’ll quickly adapt to any new situation.

Best Virgo Colors

The colors for Virgos reflect their inner essence and also remind them that all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

1. Brown


The color that best represents Virgo’s nature is brown, since it’s one of the colors that represents its element, Earth. Similar to the Earth element, brown symbolizes grounding, comfort, nature, and warmth.

Interpreted from a different angle, the brown color can also be associated with resilience, dependability, security, isolation and safety. As such, wearing this color will make others perceive you as calm, wise, down-to-earth, and sophisticated.

Virgo’s perfectionism, sharp mind, and attention to detail are some of the sign’s biggest strengths. However, sometimes people see them as a negative thing. This earthy color will make them see those traits in a more positive light.

Brown is also a practical color that is never out of place and is easy to wash. It is a subdued color that won’t turn heads, just the way Virgo likes. In this way, brown can be a comfort color for Virgo.

2. Red


Red, as a color related to Fire, can also boost up Virgo’s confidence and motivate them to take on the world.

The mutable earth sign, Virgo, is timid when it comes to relationships and flirting, wearing red will help them get out of their shell, as this color represents passion, sensuality and love. It will let your potential partner know that –under your shy exterior– you’re passionate and deeply romantic.

Red can also give Virgo a boost of energy. This increase in energy and awareness is invaluable after a long day at work looking after the others or doing work behind the scenes.

The color also emboldens Virgo natives and help wake them up to the fact that if they don’t fight for themselves, no one will.

3. Green


Similar to brown, green also represents Earth, more precise Nature. It symbolizes growth, health, nature, revitalization, hope, abundance, and harmony. This color combines both the traits of blue and yellow. It will provide Virgo with a feeling of reassurance, relaxation, and renewal.

This is a great color for the sign of the Maiden, given that it helps to quiet the mind by bringing a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. It will reduce Virgo’s anxiety especially when it comes to the uncertainty of the future. Green is a healing color that matches Virgo’s eagerness to make others feel better and fix the wounded.

4. Teal


Teal is Virgo’s lucky color when it comes to career. If you’re a Virgo native going to a job interview, wearing teal might just give you a little extra boost. This color combines the intellectual and calming properties of blue with the energizing and prosperous traits of green.

Wearing it sends out the subconscious message that that you can provide your employer with superb communication skills and let them know you have an open mind filled with great ideas.


Virgo is practical, analytical, and grounded. The colors that best match Virgo’s logical personality are brown and green, which reflect Virgo’s down-to-earth, harmonious, pragmatic, and prosperous vision and essence.

Colors like gray and teal can highlight and make others notice their sophistication, responsibility, commitment, and intellect. This color palette can be matched with other colors with traits that Virgo lacks or needs help boosting up.

Red is a great choice to help Virgos be more confident and extroverted. If you’re a Virgo and like to experiment with different colors, you can definitely do so! In the end, there’s only one way to find out what suits you best.

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