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Colors of Sagittarius

Three colors: neon pink, burgundy, and silver hold special significance for Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer. In this astrology article, find out what do these colors mean and symbolize in general and more specifically for Sagittarians.


Sagittarius is the Mutable Fire sign. Because it is Mutable, they are very adaptable, to the point that they seek adventure and disruptions to their routine at all times, otherwise they get bored. Fire as an element is all about creativity, passion, and excitement, so it’s no wonder that they are in constant pursuit of a thrill.

Their ruling planet, Jupiter, urges them to look for expansion. Because of the influence of Jupiter, Sagittarius natives are optimistic, sometimes too optimistic for their own good. They tend to deny the harsher aspects of realities and cling to the positive. Sagittarius is also known for their brutal honesty. They tell it like it is, sometimes without sparing the feelings of their interlocutor.

They also have a hard time committing to either people, places, or jobs. They don’t want to give up their freedom and their capacity to just pick and leave for the next adventure without owing anyone any sort of explanation.

Sagittarius is also known for their wit and sense of humor. They love joking around and making people laugh. They are passionate about ideas and philosophies and love to think outside the box.

However, they may also become fanatic when they discover a philosophy that helps them explain the reality around them. People who are part of cults tend to have Sagittarius traits, so that’s an area where they must be cautious.

3 Sagittarius Colors

Because of their optimistic nature, bright colors like Neon Pink and Burgundy go best with their personalities. They don’t shy away from bright hues and rarely default to more “boring” choices like black or gray. However, silver can be an interesting choice for them, as it is a more subdued color that still has a bit of sparkle going on.

1. Neon Pink

neon pink

Neon pink is a great choice for Sagittarius as it matches their happy-go-lucky personality. It is also a color that turns heads. Sagittarius natives are rarely shy. They know exactly what they want and they go for it. That involves adopting a flirtatious attitude whenever they are surrounded by attractive people, and they’ll enjoy a bold color that draws attention to them.

Pink is also the color of compassion. Sagittarius natives tend to be honest, sometimes verging on cruelty. Pink can help them tone this aspect of their personality down and hurt less feelings (and thus, have less challenges when it comes to their interpersonal relationships). If Neon Pink is not an adequate color for a Sagittarius’s workplace, smaller accessories or even makeup in this color can also work and give a nice touch to an otherwise boring outfit.

2. Burgundy

burgundy color

Burgundy is a color that represents Sagittarius’s spirit while also being grounding and offering an appearance of self-confidence and maturity. Because of its earthy undertones, it can help overly optimistic Sagittarius be more of a realist.

Burgundy, a shade of red, is also the color of passion and vitality, which can energize Sagittarius in their numerous adventures. It will also help Sagittarius give off an appearance of confidence.

Burgundy, however, is also a more muted shade of red that communicates a sense of regality and elevated taste. It can help Sagittarius portray themselves as a trustworthy individual, both in the workplace and on first dates, as burgundy is earthy and gives the impression that the person that is wearing the color is down-to-earth.

3. Silver

silver colors metallic and nonmetallic

Silver is a great color for Sagittarius to explore a different side of themselves without sacrificing the glamour they like so much. Silver will invite them to get in touch with their own inner voice and be more receptive to all the wisdom present in the Universe.

It will also encourage them to think twice before acting, as Sagittarius are known to be quite reckless at times. Wearing silver on a daily or weekly basis will encourage Sagittarius to think twice before leaving a person or a situation in a reckless manner. It will also temper their passion so they don’t burn out too fast.


In short, Sagittarius is all about adventure and expansion. They are optimistic to a fault, sometimes to the point of denying what’s actually happening in reality. They can be brutally honest and afraid of commitment.

They are also passionate about ideas, but they can become fanatic if they don’t remain cautious. A color like Neon Pink will help them be their extroverted selves as they turn heads. It will also help them be more compassionate towards others and temper their extreme honesty.

Burgundy will help them stay grounded and give the impression that they are trustworthy. Silver is an interesting color for Sagittarius as, without being boring, it can help them stay in touch with their intuition and encourage them to think twice before acting recklessly.

Are you a Sagittarius? Do you have an important Sagittarius in your life? Do you agree with our picks?

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