What Colors Are Special for Aries Natives?

Red, magenta, and mint green are three special colors for Aries. Keep reading to find out why.

Aries Colors

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Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign. They’re natural leaders, though they can be rather impulsive. As they are ruled by Mars, their anger can sometimes get the best of them. Aries also have lots of energy and tend to be very vital and lively. They also generally have a pretty healthy sense of self. They know who they are and what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. They have an endless drive and willpower. Aries are all about self-assertion and advocating for themselves and others. They are natural adventurers and pioneers, and they can be quite competitive, especially when the price is being the first to do something. One of their fears is to lose their sense of identity in a relationship. Their colors are going to reflect their fiery nature, but also help them calm down so they aren’t swept away by their rage.

1. Red

solid red color

The color that best reflects the nature of Aries is red. It’s the color of both its element, Fire, and its ruling planet, Mars. People that wear red are usually perceived as bold and decisive.

Red can also make their wearer more vital and energetic, which can help Aries finish off their massive to-do list when their energy reserves are depleted. Red can also make the wearer feel sexier. Aries is usually bold when it comes to approaching people they are attracted to. They can use red as their secret weapon to convince their crush that they, indeed, can show them a good time.

If their confidence ever fails them, red can give them the nudge they need. It will also make them look magnetic and charismatic, something a natural leader will certainly enjoy. Red, however, is a bit of a double-edge color for Aries. Seeing red is the last thing they want if they are very angry, as it will only make their anger more acute.

2. Magenta

magenta for aries

A classier alternative to red is magenta. It’s still a shade of red, but more jewel-toned and put-together. Aries may be drawn to this color because they still get to turn heads without coming off as overly aggressive.

Magenta also highlights the generous nature of Aries and their predisposition to show their loved ones how much they care for them. They can also use this color to play up their femininity, a side many Arians have trouble expressing, regardless of their gender.

Wearing magenta can lead Aries to be less self-centered and more compassionate, and understand that not everyone can match their speed and that it is okay. Magenta will inspire Arians to have more harmonious interactions with the people around them and think twice before saying something which may be harmful for the other person.

It will encourage them to be less hot-headed and stubborn. Magenta will push them to see other points of view and consider them before making a reckless decision.

3. Mint Green

aries mint green

A complementary color that Aries can benefit from wearing is mint green. This is a calming, soothing color that can help Aries with their anger issues, as well as help them think twice before losing their temper.

Mint green can also be used for an Aries person to work on a lack of Earth or Water in their charts. Green is a grounding color that connects the wearer with nature. It can also have healing effects, if the anger of Aries comes from a hurt place.

As mint green is also a color that a body of water may have, it connects Aries to their emotions and may even reconcile them to feeling sad when they need to. Mint green will drive Aries to make necessary pauses for introspection instead of being on the go at all times. If the color is a bit too bright for their taste, they can always wear a small accessory in mint green.

Colors for Aries

In short, Aries is passionate and decisive. Red can reflect their fiery nature and make them stand out from the crowd as bold and entrepreneurial, but red may also encourage Aries to be swept up by anger. Magenta is a classier alternative to red that still integrates many of the fiery aspects of this color but encourages Aries to be more compassionate and less self-centered. Finally, mint green can help Aries tame their anger and connect with other emotions, such as sadness, and can help them heal if their anger is coming from a place of hurt.

Do you have an important Aries in your life? Do they like these colors? Tell us in the comments!

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