What Colors Are Significant for Taurus and Why?

Dark green, mauve, and pale blue are three colors that hold significance for the Taurus sign. Keep reading to find out why.

Taurus symbol and abstract background


Taurus is the fixed Earth sign. As an Earth sign, Taurus natives are practical and stable. As a Fixed sign, Taurus is resistant to change. They are perfectors and finishers, rather than initiators. People born under the sign of Taurus tend to be quiet, affectionate, determined, and practical.

The sign of the Bull, Taurus, is ruled by the planet Venus, so we can find in Taurus native a love of luxury and an exceptional creative ability. Natives of this sign enjoy the fine things in life: good food, excellent art, and other sensorial pleasures.

Taurus people are practical and very determined. Their greater strength is, in fact, their tenacity and their drive. This leads Taurus natives to achievements and success. If a Taurus would like to see something through, their endless patience and unmovable will come to play. It is likely that they will succeed.

In addition, Taurus is one of the signs associated with money – the other being Cancer. Taurus is also the sign of personal possessions. They tend to be very good with finances and don’t indulge in overspending. They are known to be possessive of the things –and sometimes people– they love.

As mentioned, the symbol that represents Taurus is the Bull. Like this animal, people born under the sign of Taurus are strong, determined, and unyielding. However, also like the bull, they can be affectionate and gentle.

Taurus’ Colors

For Taurus, we have selected three colors: dark green, mauve, and pale blue. We encourage you to incorporate these colors into your clothes, your accessories, your home, and your workplace.

1. Dark Green

solid dark green color

The first color that can get the best of Taurus is dark green. This shade represents nature, wealth, and ambition. Green is a grounding color which suits Earth signs. Taurus natives might feel at ease when surrounded by this earthy color. At the same time, it is related to abundance, but also generosity.

Taurus is perhaps the most money-oriented zodiac signs. The Bull likes to see the outcome of their hard work and finds pleasure in saving their money and spending it on objects and people that they love.

This shade of green might inspire Taurus natives to be more generous. As this hue is also linked to ambition, it boosts Taurus’ strong willpower and determination. You can wear green in your clothing or accessories.

As Taurus rules the neck, wearing a necklace with a green gemstone is a good idea.  Another way of incorporating the color green is to place plants around your home or workplace.

2. Mauve

mauve color

The second color we have chosen for Taurus natives is mauve. This color is associated with youth, femininity, and Spring. There’s also a certain regal quality to mauve. This shade is also related to luxury and creativity.

This soft hue suits the energy of the planet Venus very well. Given that Taurus is ruled by Venus, mauve is a great option for natives of this sign. This color is romantic and represents beauty, two things that Venus is famous for.

As opposed to pink, which is Venus’ stereotypical color, mauve is peaceful and brings balance. Mauve’s association to royalty and luxury suits Taurus natives very well. This is because they enjoy elegance and appreciate beauty in all its forms.

Also, this color might inspire Taurus to be more creative. Mauve can also help with one of Taurus’ traits, which is inflexibility. This soft and warm tone can help open Taurus’ mind to change.

3. Pale Blue

pale blue color block

In third place, we suggest pale blue for Taurus. It is associated with trustworthiness and reliability. This color matches Taurus natives’ energy very well. Trust and loyalty are crucial to the Bull. One of their best qualities is, in fact, dependability.

Pale blue also brings peace and calm. While the Bull is generally quiet and calm, sometimes their stubbornness gets the best of them. It is not uncommon to see a Taurus get in trouble because they cannot change their mind.

Taurus also has a tendency to antagonize other people with their possessiveness. Pale blue can help natives of this sign to achieve peace of mind.

Colors & Taurus

In short, Taurus is determined, dependable, and strong-willed. Natives born under the sign of the Bull are also quiet, loving, and stable. They enjoy the finer things in life, as they are very in tune with their senses. The colors we have chosen for Taurus are dark green, mauve, and pale blue. We suggest incorporating these shades to your outfit, home, and workplace.

Are you a Taurus? Have you tried incorporating these colors to your lifestyle? Tell us in the comments!

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