What Are Cancer’s Colors?

Silver, seafoam green, and midnight blue are three powerful colors for Cancer, the sign of the Crab. Keep reading to find out why these colors hold special meaning for Cancer.

cancer color guide


Cancer is the Cardinal Water sign. As a Cardinal sign, Cancer is an initiator, enterprising and outgoing. As a Water sign, Cancer is emotional and intuitive. The sign of Cancer is governed by the Moon, a satellite, called a Luminary in Astrology, that rules over emotions and intuition. Natives of this sign are receptive, sensitive, and imaginative.

Cancer individuals are kind, sympathetic, and emotional. Cancer is also the sign of home and family life. If you’re a Cancer Sun, you might find yourself seeking deep relationships. You might also feel the most at ease when you are surrounded by people you love. The symbol for Cancer is the crab. Like the crab, natives of this sign have a strong exterior that protects their soft flesh. And, also like the crab, when Cancer natives feel in danger, they withdraw into their shell.

More than any sign, Cancer is unpredictable and moody. The typical Cancerian is complex and temperamental but has a deep desire to love and protect and to be loved and protected as well. Natives of this sign can also be insecure and, being natural empaths, very susceptible to other people’s energy.

3 Colors for Cancer

For Cancer, we have chosen three colors: silver, seafoam green, and midnight blue. We recommend wearing these colors or including them in your home and your workplace.

1. Silver

two types of silver colors

The first color for Cancer is silver. The color is resemblant of the Moon’s soft moonlight and it brings about calmness and peace. It is also a powerful color in the realm of spirituality. Silver both symbolizes and complements Cancers because it reflects their intuition and its connection to the sign’s ruling planet the Moon.

Silver can calm Cancer’s emotions while, at the same time, helping them in their moments of introspection. This color, like a mirror, can help Cancerians focus on their intellect and analytical side. It helps to keep the emotional aspect of Cancer under control, which could be overwhelming at times.

Silver also represents innovation, something that Cancer natives are familiar with. Being a Cardinal sign, Cancer incites new courses of action directed towards innovation.

Finally, silver is also associated with elegance and Feminine Energy. Cancer natives possess both of these traits. Particularly, Cancer is more prone to have developed their Feminine Energy. This sign is particularly connected to the Divine Feminine and also to motherhood and protection, regardless of the gender of the individual.

Wearing silver jewelry and silver clothing can make Cancers feel empowered and balanced. Also, silver objects in home decorations provide a boost of innovation and creativity.

2. Seafoam Green

seafoam green

A second color we recommend for Cancer natives is seafoam green. This color takes its name from the seaweed found in seawater.

As you know, Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This satellite (a planet in astrological term) not only governs human emotions, but also many other aspects. For example, fertility and birth, the sleep cycle, and even aggression levels.

In the natural world, the Moon exerts its influence on the tide and animal and plant behavior. As such, the celestial body’s ruling subject Cancer natives tend to have a strong connection to nature and, especially, the sea. And this brings us back to seafoam green.

Seafoam green represents nature, good luck, health, and fresh beginnings. This color will help Cancers relax and find peace. In this sense, this particular shade of green can counteract the crab’s fluctuating emotions.

As it is also associated with good luck and health, seafoam green can help relieve some ailments that Cancer natives are prone to have. We are referring specifically to stomach issues: the stomach and the breasts are ruled by Cancer.

Cancer natives sometimes tend to suffer from their emotions in silence. This might affect their digestive system. As a soothing color, seafoam green can help in this aspect. Finally, as this hue is related to fresh starts, it might also inspire Cancer natives to put fear aside and embark on a new journey.

Wearing this color is a great option but we strongly recommend including seafoam green in your home, especially in your bedroom.

3. Midnight Blue

midnight blue

Finally, we suggest midnight blue for Cancer natives. This is the darkest shade of blue available. It’s so dark that it can be easily confused with black. While black is too strong for Cancer, midnight blue is more suitable, as it is closely related to blue, a color associated with the sea.

Midnight blue brings stability, a trait needed by the crab. Sometimes Cancer might feel unstable because of their inner emotions. However, this lack of stability is often caused by other people’s emotions.

Like a sponge, Cancer natives absorb all the energy of the people that surround them. These feelings and emotions can make Cancer feel drained. Midnight blue helps process all this energy and protect Cancer’s spirit from feeling exhausted.

This is a shade associated with health and protection. It slows down human metabolism and produces a calming effect. We recommend including this color in your wardrobe and home, so you can protect yourself.

Colors of Cancer

In summary, Cancer is a caring and kind sign, but their temperament and mood can get the best of them. While they are generous and good listeners, they might be prone to stress if they don’t protect their energy. We recommend silver, seafoam green, and midnight blue for the crab.

Are you a Cancer? Do you wear these colors? Tell us in the comments!

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