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Colors of Capricorn

Capricorn’s special colors are dark gray, emerald, and lilac. Find out why these colors hold special significance for Capricorn as well as their meanings and symbolism.


Capricorn is the Cardinal Earth sign. The element Earth is all about creating solid systems that can persist through time. The Cardinal modality is about initiating projects and being a leader who inspires others to have the energy to start a brand new project and create things that didn’t exist before.

When these two energies are combined, we get Capricorn. And Capricorn’s mission is to create an everlasting legacy. This is where their fame as career-obsessed workaholics comes from. They take their jobs very seriously, as they are creating a legacy.

A lot of Capricorns create businesses that make a difference in the world or hold very important, prestigious jobs. However, this energy of creating something that will last can also apply if they’re stay-at home parents or if they decide to focus on their hobbies. To the sign of the Sea-goat, it’s all about giving 110% to whatever they dedicate their time and mind to.

Capricornians are ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the planet of duties, consistency, and everything that comes after great effort. Capricorns generally work hard for what they have and deserve every bit of it. Things don’t come as easily for them as they do for other Zodiac signs, so they are used from a young age to be mature and smart about their habits and the way they employ their time. They have an impeccable work ethic and they are generally very consistent in what they do. They can also be rather rigid – all work and no play.

Capricornian Colors

Given their astrological personality, Capricorns will prefer colors that don’t draw too much unnecessary attention to them, as they generally prefer their achievements to shine instead of themselves as people. They also like colors that are adequate for the workplace and give the right impression to everyone who works with them.

1. Dark Gray

dark gray

Black is a great color for Capricorn for various reasons. It is muted and blends in the background. It is appropriate for the workplace and is almost never out of place when it’s the preferred choice for social occasions.

It also helps them protect their energy from any outside influence that could be an obstacle for their work life. It helps them stay grounded and realistic, something they enjoy. If they choose to wear this color, however, we recommend they choose accents in bright green or blue so as not to become too hung up on reality and have the opportunity to use their creativity and their imagination to relate to others.

2. Emerald

emerald for capricorn

Green is a great color for Capricorn, too, especially an Emerald Green. Emerald Green looks regal and distinguished. Another shade of green Capricorn natives should check out is the Olive Green. What’s great about Olive Green is it’s almost a neutral shade that draws no attention.

Green is a soothing color that will help Capricorn present themselves to others as someone who brings solutions and calm. It will also connect them to the energy of nature, with its ebbs and flows. This is something Capricorn needs to break with the rigidity of their personalities.

Green will also encourage Capricorns to be more compassionate to those around them. Instead of judging them for not sharing their work ethic, this color will encourage Capricorn to see things from a different perspective.

3. Lilac

lilac color

Purple is a more daring choice for Capricorn. In the right shade, for example the Lilac color shown above, it can look regal and expensive – perfectly appropriate for the office and other settings. It will help Capricorn present themselves as the wise and mature–just the way they are but made more visible.

Lilac also has the spiritual power that encourages you to make space for intuition, something that Capricorns definitely don’t do enough, being a sign that strongly rooted in logic. Purple is also the color of transformation, which can help Capricorns, who are generally stuck in their ways, to make some changes where it counts.


In short, Capricorn is all about creating a long-lasting legacy. In the way, they may become overly obsessed with their work or studies. They have a deep sense of duty. They are consistent, resilient, and mature. They can also be too rigid and make no time for pleasure or even intuition. They’ll prefer colors that are appropriate for their workplace.

Black is a great color because it never gives off a bad impression and will help them protect their valuable vital energy. Green, especially emerald green, are great hues of this soothing color that will connect them to the cycles of nature and encourage them to be more compassionate.

It will also help them present themselves to others as people who bring about a sense of calm. Lilac is a more unusual choice that highlights Capricorn’s maturity and wisdom. It will also help them take into account their intuition and help them change their ways if they need to.

Are you a Capricorn? Do you have any important Capricorns in your life? Do you agree with our choices?

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