Are you looking for the best gift for the special Aries in your life? Here are 15 excellent unisex gift ideas for your Aries lover, friend, or loved ones!

Best Gifts Aries Men and Women Love

Aries is the first of the twelve zodiac signs. It is a fire sign and is known for its passion and confidence. Find out what gifts do the men and women of Aries love to get for birthday, Christmas, etc.

1. Electronic Travel Organizer
Since the Aries is always on the go, he or she will want to make sure that movement is constant and nothing is getting into the way. That is why this travel organizer is a great gift for Aries as it prevents annoying charger and cord tangles. The men and women of Aries can grab items such as phones, tablets, and anything else that is needed right away without having to waste time looking for the item. That would only frustrate the Aries! This electronic travel organizer.

Cable Organizer | Gifts for Aries
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2. Warrior 2 Pose Yoga Pendant
The Aries sign is associated with the warrior, and nothing will resonate with your favorite Aries more than this yoga warrior pose pendant. It is made with 925 sterling silver, and it also comes in its unique gift box. This pendant will display the degree of power that the Aries has, and your favorite Aries will really appreciate this beautiful and meaningful pendant necklace.

Warrior II Yoga Pose Pendant Necklace | Gifts for Aries
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3. Fire Engine Red Holographic Nail Polish
The color that is associated with Aries is red — a powerful red. That is why this particular nail polish is perfect for the Aries woman. This fiery red boutique nail lacquer has a holographic sparkle and has no glitter at all. It is vegan and cruelty-free and also dries fast. That is a bonus because the typical Aries only wants anything that is quick!

Fire Engine Red Nail Polish | Gifts for Aries
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4. Under Armour Sideline Water Jug
Red is the color that is associated with Aries, and you know how much the typical Aries is on the go. That means they must stay hydrated and this 64 oz red water jug that is insulated is a great gift. They will have cold water or any cold beverage stored for them and ready for them to take in when needed. They need to keep going and being properly hydrated will keep them on the go.

Under Armour Water Jug | Gifts for Aries
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5. Bad Ass Bitch Coffee Mug
This coffee mug will make the Aries lady in your life laugh because she will relate to what is written on there which is Bad Ass Bitch. She knows it and she is proud because that is what being an Aries is about and she loves that aspect of her sun sign. This mug can be purchased on Amazon.

Bad Ass Bitch Mug for Aries | Gifts for Aries
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6. Mood Ring
Your Aries friend will be moody quite often, and the best way to make him or her be aware of the mood swings is to get a ring to indicate just that; Especially if the Aries friend wants to be able to manage their emotions a bit better. This ring will help, and it will bring awareness to your friend that he or she wants, and yes, this is a unisex ring. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Mood Ring | Gifts for Aries
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7. Unipack Neoprene Dumbbells
Your Aries friend will want to stay in shape and stay active. That is why this set of 6,8,10lbs which are three pairs of neoprene dumbbells is the perfect gift. When your Aries friend needs to expel some energy and wants to get into shape, then he or she can just start working out by using these dumbbells!

Red Dumbbell | Gifts for Aries
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8. Unisex Sports Tracksuit
Your Aries friend has the need to stay active due to the nature of the sun sign, and this is why this sports tracksuit set is a great gift! He or she can go workout with it in ease, and it is comfortable. The best type of clothing to wear in order to work out comfortably and in style. It is unisex so either men or women can wear this.

Billie Eilish Tracksuits | Gifts for Aries
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9. Gaming Console

The one thing about Aries is that they are very childlike and need action. This is why this gaming console is a great gift for the Aries woman or an Aries man. Not only will this take them back into time so they can reminisce about their childhoods and feel youthful again, but they will be kept busy playing the game!

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console | Gifts for Aries
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10. Ultimate Gourmet Gift Basket
The Aries has a strong appreciation for the finest foods around, and this is why a gourmet basket of smoked sausages, cheese, and spicy condiments is what they will love an appreciate. And they are going to prefer eating meat and anything that is spicy as they are fiery in nature. Your Aries friend will thank you after you send him or her this gift.

Gourmet Gift Basket | Gifts for Aries
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11. Toolbox For Him
For the special Aries guy in your life or for a male friend, he will be into the DIY thing, because the Aries individual is the type that just has to do things on their own. And what better gift can you get him other than a toolbox to help him fulfill his DIY wishes so he can stay active and powerful by building his creations?

Repair Toolbox for Him | Gifts for Aries
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12. Red Statement Earrings For Her
For the Aries woman in your life, she will want to make herself known and will do a great job with making her own statements because that is the nature of Aries. And why not get her a pair of red statement earrings that she will be guaranteed to love? She can make herself known quite well by wearing earrings that stand out and are of the color that represents her as well, which is red. This earring gift can be purchased on Amazon.

Red Statement Earrings | Gifts for Aries
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13. Aries Zodiac Constellation Necklace
What better gift can you give an Aries woman other than a necklace charm set that has to do with the constellation itself? The charms come in silver and gold, and these unique and delicate necklaces make a great statement too. This zodiac gift idea is trendy and will be loved! This can be found and purchased on Etsy.

Aries Pendant Necklace | Gifts for Aries
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14. Aries Wall Art
This wall art for the Aries will be loved because it shows by the wording on it of how the Aries is literally passionate, confident, independent, and courageous. The print can be downloaded digitally which means you can download it, print it, and then frame it, and show it off anywhere in the home! This wall art can be purchased on Etsy.

Aries Wall Art | Gifts for Aries
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15. Pinup Dark Red Matte Liquid Lipstick
Since you know how much the Aries loves red because that is the color that represents the zodiac sign, then the Aries woman will love this pinup dark red matte liquid lipstick. The color is fitting and she can make a bold statement about who she is all about by wearing it. This is a great gift for her that can be found on Etsy.

Dark Red Matte Liquid Lipstick | Gifts for Aries
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With that, we’re wrapping up the list of gifts for Aries. What do you think of these gift ideas? Do you think the Aries in your life will like some of these gifts? Let us know.

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