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What Signs Are Scorpio’s Besties?

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio (Yup!) share the greatest compatibility with Scorpio in terms of friendship. Based on their astrological personalities, these zodiac signs are more likely to become best friends with Scorpio.

Scorpio & Friendship

Scorpio is an intense sign, ruled by the powerful planet Pluto. Scorpios are known for their profoundly complex and sentimental nature. They are an insightful sign — and maybe even one of the most nurturing and supportive of the Zodiac.

Scorpios may not be the most open about their emotions, but friendships with Scorpios are intense and deep. They often find it hard to trust. Thus, the foundation of friendship with them is about emotional conversation and intense experiences.

Expect to have all your feelings, needs, and innermost emotions laid bare when you’re friends with Scorpio. Don’t worry — they would never make you feel vulnerable; they just have a way of seeing through the facades in life and appreciating the truth.

Truth is the most essential factor for them in a friendship. In fact, only a hint of being threatened or betrayed can have your Scorpio friend losing trust and lashing out.

Scorpio Best Friends

1. Cancer

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Cancer is a fellow Water sign, and being friends with them is as natural as breathing for Scorpio.

Scorpios adore Cancer’s affectionate nature, whether it’s the big plate of dinner they fix you on a hard day or all of the little gestures. This is a beautiful thing because Cancer doesn’t like to talk much, and Scorpios are almost always able to discern their feelings.

It means a great deal to Cancer when someone can understand them without them saying a word — plus making them feel heard and seen. But it is also easy for both of these signs to withdraw into themselves emotionally and then surge back with a bang. It’s alright! Both of these signs understand each other’s mood fluctuations. Cancer and Scorpio are also fiercely loyal to each other, a fact that brings never-ending joy to Scorpio.

Cancers adore this possessive attitude as it makes them feel wanted and their friendship desired. Both of these signs have a great depth of character, and sentimentalism is an excellent part of their everyday life.

Unsurprisingly, these two love water sports and could spend hours on the beach or boating. A Scorpio’s go-to friend for creative and fun activities like gardening and baking is a Cancer friend. After all, everything they do with Cancer is within a Scorpio’s comfort zone.

2. Virgo

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The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, while the ruling planets of Scorpio are Mars and Jupiter. Mercury represents a desire to perceive and communicate, while Mars represents passion. They are a good match for each other; both are reliable, love to help others out, and are usually quiet.

Scorpio and Virgo’s friendship has Pluto’s influence, which adds depth and passion to the already sentimental Scorpio (which Virgo appreciates). And on the other hand, Scorpio appreciates the commitments and logical mind of Virgo.

For a Scorpio, Virgo is a good friend to have. Their humble and clear-cut nature can help add some much-needed perspective. Ever in need of a reality-check or some honest opinion, one could always count on a Virgo. Virgos are honest but never brutal, and their tactful opinion is not only helpful but a charm unique to them.

Scorpio’s intensity never fails to impress Virgo, and they can usually open up in front of Scorpio right back. With a Scorpion’s help, a Virgo friend can fully explore their passions and ideas.

Virgo’s nagging and nit-picking may get on a Scorpio’s nerves and test their patience… but they’ll need to remember that their ability to hold grudges tempts Virgo into almost-fist-fights too.

Scorpio values loyalty, truth, emotional trust, and reliability. Virgo desires worldly gains, clear-cut commitments, and selflessness. Together, these two can build their friendship on fulfilled promises, comfortable trust, and compatible natures.

3. Capricorn

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Capricorn is constantly in awe of Scorpio’s desire for life and passion for relishing each moment. On the other hand, Scorpio loves Capricorn’s stable nature, which brings great comfort and security to Scorpio. When the going gets hard, a Scorpio can run to Capricorn’s side for their practical advice. Their perspective is always like a ray of sunshine in a thunderstorm.

In turn, Scorpios infuse Capricorn with the passion that they have lost over time and help them rediscover themselves. Scorpio doesn’t understand how Capricorn can be so pushy and assertive while they themselves have a difficult time with the inability to let go. However, these two are both profound people with layers of depth to their personalities, and it’s fun to unearth each one.

Like all Water signs, Scorpio may feel overwhelmed at times and need to step away, and here Capricorn acts like their rock. They help sort Scorpio’s emotions and fix the lack of stability. Capricorns also push them to act on their creative ideas and fulfill their dreams too.

This is a warm friendship, and there is much to gain from it for both signs.

4. Pisces

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Pisces is more of a soulmate to Scorpio than a friend alone. The Fish really just accepts the Scorpion; it may sound simple, but to a Scorpio, it is everything. In all its majestic simplicity, being accepted for who you are is the greatest gift and privilege, and only the Fish can grant it to the Scorpion.

Both of these signs are deeply emotional, spiritual, and thoroughly enjoy talking about New Age philosophies and religion. The Fish’s wavering opinions and indecisiveness can often irritate Scorpio, but this is a minor complaint.

Don’t worry — Scorpios get back at them thoroughly when they go on and on about their love interests!

5. Scorpio

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Friendships between Scorpios work very well. Scorpios obviously share the same Sun and, under its influence, can be brutally honest and sharp-tongued at times. This is why it is normal for these two to be bickering all the time. It is playful bickering, though, because this friendship is based on genuine trust and respect.

A remarkable thing about two Scorpio friends is the sheer intensity of their bond. These partners are a home that remains standing after floods and thunderous rains. As Water signs, they may seem untouchable and harsh, but they are soft inside.

They are just looking for relationships they can give their all into. Their absolute strength of character and fierce dedication is not for everyone. Scorpios are very emotional beings and look for compatible, long-term friends with whom they want to share everything about themselves.

For this reason, two Scorpios together are a compatible astrological match because the understanding they have for their own nature is mirrored in the other. Their favorite activity is getting to the bottom of any mystery together, especially about someone they both know.

And though it may start from gossip, their conversations will soon evolve into more profound, emotionally intelligent thoughts. This develops a strong bond between them and ensures longevity in their friendship.


As a Scorpio, it’ll be an overarching life lesson to check on their jealousy — and overcome it. Scorpio’s nature may be prone to being suspicious but, at the end of the day, all of the Scorpion’s friends adore them. They’ll need to remember that it’s okay for them to have more friends, and it may not be about Scorpio at all times.

As for any other sign, if you want to find out about someone or something, Scorpio is your go-to friend! Even if it’s about someone you think they wouldn’t know, they will be bound to know more than you. They’re like your FBI friend that has all the information.

Scorpios may be hesitant to share their emotions and thoughts, but real friends will never be intimidated or lose interest if it takes them longer. With the right friends, their passion and intensity will always be cherished.

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