Which zodiac signs are the most likely to become Taurus’s best friends? Why? And what does Astrology have to say about the interaction of these star signs? Have your burning questions answered in this article.

Best Friends of Taurus

sign of taurus's besties

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, which means it possesses the calmness, generosity, and consistency of Mother Nature. As such, Taurus individuals are usually humble, down-to-earth, and composed.

They mostly look for directness and consistency in long-lasting friendships. They are more likely to become friends with people who have personalities that complement theirs. For example, Taurus folks like friends who have a laid-back attitude, good communication, and fun easy-going nature.

Taurus individuals are trustworthy and warm, however, they can be possessive and jealous at times. To compensate for their possessiveness, they are reliable and a loyal companion to all their friends. The Bulls may not be the most fun person, but they are always up for spending quality time with their friends.

So expect a lot of good conversations, cute friend dates, and hangouts when your best friend is a Taurus. Also, while they have more important things to do than partying hard with you, they care deeply about their friends’ well-being. As one of the star signs that have the investor’s mindset, they like to encourage and see actual growth in their friends.

Taurus’s 5 Best Friends

With that said, here are 5 zodiac signs most likely to become a Taurus person’s best friend.

1. Cancer

taurus best friend sign cancer

Taurus and Cancer share perhaps the warmest friendship in the zodiac. It’s a tender, trustworthy friendship that can last the test of time. Cancer doesn’t mind Taurus’s quirks, and in return, Taurus will listen attentively when Cancer rants without stopping.

Cancer will pour their heart out about whatever is bothering and exciting them even in the middle of the night. And they can count on their best friend Taurus to be their listener and to provide affirmation. This is an ideal friendship considering that friends are meant to be there in thick or thin.

No friendships are perfect. Taurus’s stubbornness drives Cancer folks crazy. And Cancer’s moodiness sometimes makes Taurus want to lose their mind. But these two best friends can overlook each other’s flaws because they admire each other’s strengths even more.

Taurus and Cancer communicate on the same wavelength. Both signs are nurturers in nature so they can look after each other. A secure and cozy life is what they both look for. These two best friends often come together, synergize, and come up with a plan to achieve their goals.

Friendship tips: Problems could arise if the Bull proves to be too stubborn and set in its ways which demotivates the timid Crab. It is necessary to realize that Taurus must care for the proclivities of the sensitive Cancer, or it may forever withdraw into its shell.

2. Virgo

virgo could be taurus's bestie

Both Taurus and Virgo have Earth energy that makes them grounded and realistic: Taurus is a fixed earth sign, whereas Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Both signs are hard workers and their hardworking traits translate to all areas of their lives. When it comes to friendship, they’re the kind of people who will put in a lot of effort to support their friends. As such, the friendship between Taurus and Virgo has a lot of room for comfort, affection, security, and forgiveness.

Taurus appreciates Virgo’s problem-solving skills, honesty, and calmness. While Virgo adores how great Taurus are with finances, their appreciation of nature, their nurturing behavior, and loyalty. Some activities these two best friends both enjoy together might be taking walks in the park, dining outdoors, and camping on the weekends.

Sometimes in the movies, two people just become instant best friends over one weekend. Virgo and Taurus are the opposite of that. For the two to become best friends, it usually takes a long time. Both signs are the nurturing time and they like to nurture their friendships slowly. And eventually, after a millennium in Gemini time, they’ll finally realize that they’ve become best friends.

The Maiden and the Bull may reach a crossroads because of Virgo’s criticism and skepticism and Taurus’s stubbornness. But this is quickly resolved as the two are very realistic and don’t dawdle over one thing for long.

3. Capricorn

capricorn best friend

Capricorn and Taurus are super compatible with each other. Although cautious by nature, these two form a meaningful friendship quickly. Many of their dreams and ambitions are similar, and so are their everyday lives and expectations from them.

Both signs are ambitious and want prosperous lives. In particular, the Sea-Goat yearns for stature, and the Bull craves beauty and comfort.

Due to their common ambitions and expectations from their lives, they can often help motivate each other and grow together. Whether it’s that soft nudge when they’re feeling lazy or that rant session when they’re pent up with the drama at the office, they know what each other wants and when they need it. In other words, the two best friends compliment each other perfectly.

4. Pisces

taurus and pisces

The friendship between the Fish and the Bull is beautiful. The laid-back Pisces is cool as a cucumber. They’re calm and don’t concern themselves too much. They just let Taurus be and do their Taurus things. Pisces’s creativity and compassion are charming to Taurus. And Pisces loves Taurus’s humor, their take on things, and their calm nature.

Pisces folks are talented and they’re great at many things, mostly of artistic nature. But personal finance and wealth planning typically aren’t their strongest suit. In this area, they’re happy to get help from their trusted friend Taurus, a master of financial planning in the zodiac.

Taurus may have to put their pride aside for this one friend and never expect them to be on time, but hey, Pisces has to deal with Taurus’s rigidity too. See the differences between the two best friends melt away during movie time or when they’re playing their favorite video games.

5. Taurus

double taurus friendship

While this may be obvious, Taurus is Taurus’s best friend in every sense. They fulfill each other in every way and are dependable until the end. You will never find a more stable friendship, which is as meaningful as it is reliable. Your fellow Bull will provide precisely the stimulation you need, whenever you need it. Both your relaxed attitude and laid-back personality are a charm to the other Bull.

This friend understands your thirst to savor life to the fullest without any reservations and would love every moment right beside you. In the end, you’re both infamously stubborn, so you may lock heads now and again. However, as long as the two best friends are aware of their own stubbornness, they can work on resolving the conflict they have and come out stronger than ever.


In conclusion, Taurus has an unerring disposition and opinions, which, once formed, are rarely changed. If you’re looking for friends that change your pessimistic outlook on life, Taurus is the best at reintroducing their friends to the beauties of the world.

With Taurus, you can really see the aesthetic and consistency of nature, which is rare elsewhere and calming in itself. The Bull is dedicated to their friends, and they are willing to put the work in, which means they will never give up on you without a fight, even if you want to give up on yourself.

It is remarkable how stable and reliable a friendship with a Taurus is and how precious friends are to the Bull. It is caring, resilient, and dependable–precisely what any person would look for in a friend.

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