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Sagittarius is a loyal, fun-loving, and outgoing Fire sign. They have no problem making friends, and they are a friend who always has your back. They innately seek adventure and are always ready for one. That said, they do not appreciate drama in their lives. They won’t have a lot of patience for their friends playing games or saying one thing and doing another.

Sagittarius are incredibly loyal and expect the same of their friends. They are sincere and would never hesitate to let you know your faults or shortcomings. For this reason, some signs in the Zodiac can’t quite bear being their friends.

Sagittarius Best Friend Zodiac Signs

A Sagittarius is great at making friends but may not be very good at keeping up with them. They prefer being friends in the moment and in real-time. So even if you’re a friend they haven’t met within a while, they will be great at reconnecting. Don’t worry about small things with them. In their mind, you will always be a friend regardless of how much time has passed.

1. Aries

Aries is a Fire sign, like Sagittarius, and loves adventure and fun. These two in a friendship have unlimited energy and are great playmates. An Archer knows there’s no one better at throwing parties than the Ram, and any Sagittarius loves parties.

An Aries friend loves Sagittarius’ dry humor, and Sagittarius adores their spontaneity and mischief. Both of these signs are incredibly active, and it may be a good idea to exercise, walk or swim together. Both are also great at hyping each other up when the other needs encouragement to keep going.

Sagittarius will always have their Aries friend’s number on speed-dial when they’re just itching for a fun day out. It could be a road trip, shopping spree, or amusement park kind of day; Aries and Sagittarius will always be up if they’re going together.

There is never a dull moment between these two. However, both signs have their shortcomings in even this great friendship. Aries does not appreciate Sagittarius’ perpetual tardiness, and on the flipside, Sagittarius may get irritated with Aries’ absent-mindedness.

Both of these two also have sharp tongues, but they can work it out if they talk about their problems and show the deep love they have for each other.

2. Leo

The Lion and the Archer have a friendship built on mutual admiration and attraction within moments of meeting each other. Sagittarius adores the Lion’s warmth and generosity and their selfless leadership. The Lion loves the Archer’s sunny attitude and the zest for life they exhibit in every adventure.

Both signs are brimming with energy and share a natural passion for sports, travel, and outdoor activities. Sagittarius can be impractical and a bit delusional with their plans, but count on the Lion to bring them back to the ground. Similarly, Sagittarius loosen up their Leo friends when a wave of possessiveness hits them out of nowhere.

These quirks unique to each sign keep both of them entertained, although they may bicker at times and enjoy each other’s company for the same things. These two always support and encourage each other, regardless of the situation. Trust builds between them very naturally, so they are a fantastic match overall.

Sagittarius especially loves an independent friend, yet is always there when they need them. Little acts of service between them are the pure charm of their friendship.

3. Sagittarius

Teaming up with a Sagittarius friend is an absolute delight for those who share their sign. Not only do they obviously get the Sagittarian love for adventure in even the most mundane things, but they also get the infamous honesty.

It’s a relief when a fellow Archer won’t lecture Sagittarius on the dire or dangerous situation of the place they want to go explore. In fact, they would be glad to join! These two are very comfortable together and are likely to spend nights at each other’s homes. This is because they can talk endlessly when they both get together.

And, sure, neither would be the first one to formally apologize — but sharing in each other’s goofy smiles are enough to mend their quarrels.

4. Aquarius

There are few friendships that are as fulfilling and satisfying as Sagittarius has with Aquarius.

Aquarius is a sociable, adventurous, and philosophical sign who loves to ponder and self-reflect. They have a fun sense of humor, and they like to keep their companions entertained. Aquarius also has a ton of friends, and they cultivate as many as Sagittarius does. Chances are when both of them go out, they are likely to meet people that both of them individually know.

Since both of these two love meeting new people, they both will be found hanging out at clubs or parties most of the time. Even with so many friends, there is no jealousy or pettiness between these two, which is quite unique on its own.

Additionally, both signs like to explore unfamiliar territory together and discuss philosophies of life and nature.

While Aquarius’ stubbornness and hard-headedness drive Sagittarius mad, the Archer’s fickle nature drives them up the wall. However, this is easily overlooked between so many common interests.

Sagittarius admires how Aquarius pushes their boundaries and is always up to try new things. But to be a good friend, Sagittarius must be aware of their frankness and how the other person may not be ready to hear some truths from them yet.

5. Libra

Libras have an innate beauty and grace to them that is charming to the Archer. Their friendship can be very stable, long-lasting, and balanced.

Both signs are interested in knowledge, discourse, and achievements. Thus, each other’s achievements matter to them as much as their own do. Sagittarius is always looking for wisdom and to try out new things, and Libras help them do this while sharpening their mind.

These two can spend their time having lots of fun without plans. When it comes to these two signs, Libras can be as spontaneous as they come. It should also be kept in mind that Libras are generally people-pleasers and would not turn down an invitation to go out if they don’t feel up for it. Sagittarius should always be mindful of their friend’s comfort zone.

Sometimes, though, Libras do need that subtle nudge to try out-of-the-box things, and their Sagittarius friends are perfect at giving them that opportunity.

When it comes to disagreements, they might be a bit lucky as their natures are different. Sagittarius is terrible at picking up hints, and Libras hate confrontation. Instead, Libras tend to become passive-aggressive and annoyed at the littlest things to show they are upset. They might not say the problem out loud for long, and this can annoy Sagittarius.

Sagittarius won’t often notice they’ve done something wrong or be mindful of their friend’s discomfort unless they are told, which drives Libras to better communication. This serves as a learning opportunity for both the signs. If Libra wants a change, they will have to speak up. And if Sagittarius wants to keep a good friend, they will have to be more attuned to Libra’s needs.


If you have a Sagittarius friend, learn to be patient. They are creative and like living outside the box, and any judgement or disapproval will soon make them fall out with you. They do not like having their private lives scrutinized, but they will share the significant bits with you if you’re a friend.

They are big on gifts, and whatever present you get will always be prepared thoughtfully. They love it when they see proof of love or caring, and one of the things that show it, in their opinion, is gifts. The gesture is important to them.

They are inspiring and love to challenge themselves. As the Archer’s friend, you might feel they are fearless, but on the contrary, they choose to do stuff that makes them live. Watching them live a trailblazer life makes their friends confident too.

Archers are very intelligent and love to talk about the subject they are currently obsessed with, making their friends want to look it up too. They are also exciting storytellers. Being as honest as they are may hurt some friends because they can be brutal, but talk it out with them, and they will tone it down. All they do is care for their friends in the end.

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