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Capricorn: Friendship

Capricorns are excellent friends, being incredibly loyal, honest, reliable, and funny. While they may not be the best sign at communicating, their actions reflect their intentions.

Goats are great at planning evenings out for their super close circle of friends, especially given their organization skills. They are also likely to plan activities that all their friends would like because the Goat remembers all their friends’ inclinations.

They may be pessimistic and stubborn at times, but they will always be there when it comes to supporting friends, whether it’s making dinner, that warm cup of cocoa when it’s needed, or cleaning an overlooked closet. Helping make their friends’ lives better is Capricorn’s true strength.

Capricorn pushes their friends to make the best of their abilities and isn’t afraid to give constructive criticism. They may want to always have a lie-in on vacation or at a party, but they will never forget your birthday or what present you would want.

Capricorns challenge and encourage their friends and expect the same in return.

Capricorn Best Friends

1. Taurus

The Bull and the Goat’s friendship is as precious as a pearl. They are a loyal, loving, and warm duo that always has the other’s back. The Bull shares Capricorn’s ambitions to live a comfortable life which one can enjoy to the fullest.

As fellow Earth signs, Capricorn and Taurus are a natural match. Being together is as comfortable and natural as a daily routine. These two are great at striving for their goals, and together, they may very well achieve most of them. Outdoor activities like swimming, walking, and running marathons are the ideal time spent for both of them.

They both have big hearts, and they are willing to forgive the other’s mistakes — only after they have sulked for a while. Disagreements may result in both of them giving the other the silent treatment, owing to their stubborn mutual streak. In the end, they will be found laughing about the ridiculous situations they end up in later.

Capricorn and Taurus both have gift-giving as a primary love language, and they love a good, thoughtful gesture. Frequent check-ins, thoughtful presents, and endless bickering make their relationship one of the most wholesome in the whole Zodiac.

2. Cancer

Cancer and Capricorn are both Cardinal signs and astrologically opposites of each other. This does not mean they cannot be good friends; on the contrary, they attract each other.

Cancer’s warm and considerate heart makes Capricorn melt. The Crab also recognizes some of their own qualities in the Goat and hails them as their kindred spirit. They bring emotional stability and intensity to the friendship. Sure, Cancer can be sentimental at times, but the Goat has its own set of shortcomings.

However, both of these two are good at balancing each other out. What one lacks in emotions, the other fulfills it and brings much more to the table. Both are logical and practical and have similar thought processes. This results in fewer conflicts and more agreements between the two.

Overall, both have mutual respect for one another. Cancer recognizes the dedication that Capricorn exhibits, and Capricorn appreciates Cancer’s persistence. Both of them also have a great sense of responsibility.

Both are also initiators and active signs and want to be the first in their own capacities. This may become the cause of future conflicts too. However, their different emotional states and approaches complement each other well.

They are big on their private lives, and while they may share it with each other, talking about them to others, especially when friends do it, makes them fall out. Cancer will think of the best way to deal with the breach of their dignity.

Capricorn will cut a friend off and fast if they need to. Both of them understand this and never breach each other’s trust. They know how important trust is and thus build secure and healthy connections.

3. Virgo

Virgo and Capricorn are a cautious bunch and take relationships very seriously. They put effort into all their goals, and the same goes for their friendships. Both of them have similar values and ambitions. They like routine and want to live a secure and comfortable life. Unsurprisingly, they take an instant liking to each other!

Both signs are introverts and prefer staying indoors. They may have an affinity for gardening and growing vegetables and flowers. Both are very loyal: Capricorn is absolutely devoted to Virgo, and Virgo never takes more than it can give.

Virgo is happy to put up with Capricorn’s perfectionist streak, and the Goat appreciates Virgo’s need for practicality and focus. Both give each other sufficient space to grow and develop while also staying close together.

Virgo’s constant stream of fears and phobias may get on Capricorn’s nerves, but they should also remember how much Virgo puts up with Capricorn’s peculiar tastes. Both will stick up for each other and have mutual respect for one another.

Neither of them likes to waste time with the wrong people, so they will always be considerate and compassionate towards the other once committed.

4. Scorpio

Ever felt like you need a friendship that feels like your old quilt: warm, nostalgic, and always there when you need it? That’s what the friendship dynamic between Scorpio and the Goat is like.

Scorpio understands Capricorn’s cautious, albeit pessimistic, outlook on life. On the other hand, Capricorn appreciates why Scorpio is secretive and cold. The sign’s tendency to hold long-standing grudges can irritate Capricorn as it severely limits their social circle, but the Goat knows they only keep the real ones around them, which Capricorn respects.

Scorpio does not like the Goat’s constant nagging and bristles at their bossy attitude, but they wholly accept it as a part of them as well.

Although very sentimental, these two are both not very talkative, and it’s comfortable and safe to share long silences together. It makes their deep talks tremendously rewarding.

Scorpio and Capricorn are congenial and warm for the most part. Both share the same dry humor and dark sense of humor. Together, they are quiet but can wield incredible power.

5. Pisces

Capricorn is the anchor in a storm for the gentle Pisces, and Capricorn is happy to be relied on. They serve as a sanctuary for each other because the Fish will always be there to hear the Goat’s call for help.

This friend is one of the few people with whom Capricorn feels safe in being emotionally vulnerable. The Fish is the epitome of kindness and compassion and has a soft spot for Capricorn, too. These two can be powerful and open in their emotional vulnerability together.

Pisces and Capricorn are both intelligent signs. They can spend hours on a discourse or talking about social issues. They can look forward to a beautiful friendship once they become more open with each other and keep fewer secrets.

Capricorn needs honesty, and Pisces may sometimes be deceptive to protect their warm friend, but it often backfires. Capricorn is never happy about being deceived. If the Fish is caught in a lie, even if it was just to save their friend some heartache, it could hurt their friendship.

The Fish also rolls their eyes at the Goat’s constant nagging and pushiness, and their tardiness drives Capricorn up the wall. Picking restaurants to eat out, ordering in, or picking a movie to watch may challenge the indecisive Fish. Otherwise, both of these two get along marvelously.


Capricorns may seem distant, but they just do not want to get invested before knowing it is worth it. They are constantly observing, gauging, if you will be as good a friend as they will be to you.

Personality matters a lot to Capricorn, and being honest, spontaneous, and working hard are all impressive skills. They may not be interested in some traditional activities, but they do positively answer connection bids. That makes their friendships very successful.

It may also feel like the Capricorn in your life is your counselor, but not only does it help to talk to them, but — owing to their logical perspectives — their advice is also very spot-on. They push you to where you want to be, even helping you with the map to get there.

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